How to make a lace front wig

Have you ever thought that you can make a lace front wig by yourself without asking for the help of anyone or buying an expensive wig at the hair store? It sounds impossible but this is exactly the thing Luxshinenhair would like to introduce you in this article.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a luxurious wig, making a wig right at home will be a wonderful idea that helps you to save a large amount of money as well as make the most suitable lace front cap for your head. Let’s discover “How to make a lace front wig” together with us!

make a lace front wig

1. What is a lace front wig?

The description

Before deciding making anything, you need to know what exactly it is. In simply speaking, a lace front wig is a special kind wig that is attached with the lace frontal hair extension. It fits perfectly with the front edges of your head, along the hairline where there is often a lace panel.


Wearing this type of wig is also very simple and it is very useful when you want to have the most natural hairstyles to hide shortcomings like short, thin, sparse hair, also hair loss. It can help you to cover almost parts of hair so that many beautiful and impressive hairstyles are made with it such as hairstyles with bangs, side- part hair, middle part hair, etc. Even, some outstanding styles like a lace front braided wig or baby hair on a hairline of wig are completely possible

The difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig

A lace front wig  

As we knew, a lace frontal is a kind of half wig that goes from ear to ear when putting on the head. The hair strands are hand sewn into the holes of the lace to give the truest and most natural images for the hair front part. Of course, to have a complete lace frontal wig, apart from having the lace frontal, you will need to use a lace cap and hair weaves for the rest parts on the wig cap.

the difference between lace front wig and full lace wig

A full lace wig

A full lace wig is also called a wig. Hair is totally hand sewn into the lace and cover all head instead of only a half like the lace frontal. However, it takes a lot of efforts of the maker and the price is also very expensive. Thus, it won’t be a good idea if you want to make this full lace on your own.

2. Necessary things to make a lace front wig at home

So as to make a perfect lace front wig as well as not to spend too much time, the preparation is very important. However, you also don’t need to worry about this. Materials for making this type of wig are very easy and cheap to buy. Note them on a paper to make sure that you won’t forgot anything!

A lace frontal or a lace closure: Of course, this is the thing that can’t be missed when making a lace frontal wig. We encourage you to use a lace frontal to have the better result.

Some bundles of other hair extensions: It is up to your head’s size and the thickness of hair that you want so that you attach the suitable hair amount. Using hair wefts can be the best and quickest way. Otherwise, you can use other types which you love the most.

A mesh dome style wig cap: You will need it to install hair extensions in and make a perfect wig.

Needle and thread (or glue): To have hair fixed on the cap, using the sewing method is the best way. If not, you can use glue instead.

Pins, scissors, wig combs, wig band : to fix the hair wig when necessary

Wig head: you can use a mannequin head or the more convenience when making the wig.

Wig pole/ stand: to secure your wig head.

All things is ready for making the lace front wig. However, to keep them for a long time, you should choose to buy these materials from prestigious suppliers, especially hair extensions need to be real human hair so that it will look the strongest, natural and impressive.

Luxshinehair is exactly the supplier that you need to find for the best hair extensions. Please visit our store to have more attractive suggestions.

3. How to make a lace front wig?


You should know that to make a good lace front wig cap by yourself, you not only need materials. The important thing is that you need to have skillful hands, good eyes and the patience to make the end- hair product with the best quality and the most beautiful image. If not, you can damage it anytime as well as waste all time, money and efforts before.

Of course, it will be very difficult to have a perfect lace front wig in the first time you make. Therefore, don’t feel annoy or upset if you can’t make a good wig. Finishing the hair product as well as possible is the best achievement that you can completely feel proud.

Once you are absolutely ready, it’s time to make a lace front wig at home!

Step 1: Preparations

Fix the wig head: Firstly, you need to notice the wig head. It should be fixed on a wig stand to make sure that the following stages which use the wig head will become easier.

Measure your head: There will be a big trouble if you complete the wig without using because it doesn’t have the size that you need. Therefore, this stage is very necessary. Let’s wear the available lace front cap on your head and use a pen or any similar thing to trace two positions which are in front of your ears. The line linking these traces is to out the lace frontal in.

Place the wig cap on the wig head: This is the next stage after you traced essential positions. Don’t forget to define the front and the back part of the cap when putting it on the mannequin head to avoid making an inside out and wrong wig. Then, using T- pins to fix the wig at traced places to make sure that wig is firm and easy to make next steps.

Step 2: Sewing the lace frontal in

-You put the front lace along to the hairline and then fix it with some small pins. Overturn hair to the front part of the wig head and use other pins to fix the back part of the lace frontal.

– After that, you start to sew the lace into the wig cap with specialized needle and thread. Sewing it along the edge of the lace frontal. Don’t forget to make tight knots at the beginning and the ending part to secure the lace. Then, take pins off after you finish sewing. You also need to notice that we won’t sew the edge of lace that is at the front hairline part because we will need to cut off its corresponding beneath part of the cap afterward.

Sewing the lace frontal in
Sewing the lace frontal in

Step 3: Sewing the rest part of the wig

As mentioned above, the ideal method is using hair wefts or hair weaves to make full of the rest part of the wig. You need to sew hair wefts with appropriate sizes and density into the wig cap. Sewing them according to horizontal lines is the most beautiful and easiest way so as to complete the lace front wig. Sewing the last weft so as to fit with the edge of the lace before and then you can finish the sewing process. Let’s make sure that you secure these hair extensions with firm knots and cut off the excessive tracks.

Step 4: Taking the lace front wig off the wig head

– Although the lace front wig looks quite nice, it hasn’t been completed yet. You need to cut off the excess wig cap that is peeking from under the lace. However, you need to be careful because if you cut it too close to hair, you can immediately ruin the wig.

– Then, you need to sew wig combs inside the cap to make extra securities to the wig. You should use at least two wig combs on both sides and one at the back part of the cap to have the perfect attachment. Besides, you also need to sew a wig band to fix the back part of the lace front wig.

Taking the lace front wig off the wig head
Taking the lace front wig off the wig head

Step 5: Making style for the lace front wig

Basically, the lace front is completed. However to have beautiful impressions for hair, you can make different styles with it. This is exactly the strong point that many other hair extensions can’t do. You can make various hairstyles like natural style, side- parting style, middle- parting style, hairstyles with bangs, etc.

By now, you can apply it in your head and have a completely new appearance!

4. How to make a lace front wig look natural?

The most important thing when you install the lace front wig in your head is that it has to look real and natural like your own real hair, isn’t it? In this section, Luxshinehair will point out the most useful suggestions to help you to answer questions like “How to make a lace front wig look real?” or “How to make a synthetic lace front wig look natural?” etc.

The hair source is from real human hair

The first thing is that the lace front wig looks the most natural when it is made from real human hair. You should choose prestigious suppliers to buy high quality real human hair that can give you wonderful effects when making into lace front wigs as well as applying them in real hair. Luxshinehair takes pride in bringing to you the best hair extensions. We have all kinds of lace frontal, lace closure, hair weaves and many other types. They are 100% Vietnam virgin and remy hair so that you can completely feel secure that it is always nice, strong, smooth and natural.

Using suitable cosmetics

The hair lace can easily be seen if it isn’t hidden carefully with the same tone of your skin. Therefore, you should use good cosmetics and foundation cream which have the same tone with your skin to smear in the excess lace part.

Using lace front wig with bangs

In addition, you can also use a little of your hair bangs to hide it. Of course with the lace front wig, you can have hairstyles with available bangs to make it look real and more natural.

Don’t try to make awkward hairstyles

Don’t try to make hairstyles which are too fussy with the lace front wig. Because, you can make hair weaves as well as hair laces be exposed. Then that will make you feel embarrassed.

How to make a lace front wig look natural
How to make a lace front wig look natural

With these helpful tips, having synthetic lace front wig on your head will also not make your hair more unnatural. In contrast, it still look very beautiful and natural. Even, you can do comfortable activities without worrying that it can be fallen out like some other kinds or synthetic hair products with low quality.

If you have skillful hands and don’t want to spend too much money for expensive hair extensions or wig, you can make the lace front wig right at home. You will actually not have to disappoint because effects that it brings back is perfect. Don’t hesitate to contact Luxshinehair – Vietnam human hair wholesaleto have the best hair extensions that help you make impressive lace front wigs.

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