Useful Tips On How To Lighten Dyed Hair That Is Too Dark

Someone said that “if you can’t change your surroundings, change your hair color”. Exactly!  It is undoubted that hair is one of the perfect ways for all of us to show personality as well as to make a statement with our figure. That is the reason why choosing the right color to dye your hair plays an important role. However, sometimes, your dye job at home, or even at a salon hair, can go wrong and give the undesired shade although you follow exactly what the instructions say. One of the most popular troubles many women meet is the dyed hair that is too dark after dying. So, how to deal with this problem? Don’t worry! Everything has its own solution. Today, Luxshinehair is here to help you. Find the ways on how to lighten dyed hair with us to get the hair shade as you desire. Maybe you are curious about these methods, aren’t you? Don’t let you wait anymore! Let start.

how to lighten dyed hair

How To Lighten Dyed Hair With Clarifying Shampoo?

When you realize that your hair, which has been dyed, is too dark, do something immediately. As a matter of fact, the color molecules of the dye just set into your hair within 24 hours. That is the reason why you should act right after it shows the dark shade that you don’t expect. Using a clarifying or lightening shampoo can be considered as one of the effective ways on how to lighten dyed hair that is too dark. Filled with surfactants, these shampoos will strip your color effectively, which can help you to reach closer to your desired hair color. As mentioned above, the sooner you use this kind of shampoo immediately after your failed dye job, the more color you can remove from your hair. How To Lighten Dyed Hair With Clarifying Shampoo Firstly, apply the classifying shampoo freely and wait for some minutes. After that, rinse it thoroughly. In addition, it is advised to use a deep conditioner following the clarifying shampoo treatment. To increase the effectiveness, add a protein pack into your conditioner before you apply it on your dyed hair because a conditioning treatment that is rich in protein can contribute to getting rid of unwanted color. In short, using a clarifying shampoo to lighten dyed hair is the method that you should consider.

How To Lighten Dyed Hair With Hair Dye Removers?

Hair dye removers can also be one of the solutions to lighten dyed hair you might want to use.  However, be careful with these products. Although the remover is able to reduce the dye’s intensity and makes the color less dramatic, it is exactly a chemical process that can cause several unwanted damages for hair to some extent. How To Lighten Dyed Hair With Removers Thus, if you decide to use the remover for lightening dyed hair, keep in mind choosing those with the gentlest formulas to limit damage as much as possible. In addition, using dye removers too frequently can lead to breakage as well as weaken your hair. Therefore, you shouldn’t overuse the dyed hair remover. The best way is to get a hair colorist to neutralize the color as well as renovate your hair to the shade you like.

How To Lighten Dyed Hair Naturally?

How To Lighten Dyed Hair Naturally Another way to lighten dyed hair when it is darker than expected is to take advantage of DIY solutions. These natural methods not only help make your dyed hair more lightened but also limit additional damage. Hence, if you are looking for something safe and effective for your hair, why don’t you apply DIY solutions?

Lemon Juice

Lighten Dyed Hair with lemon juice Do you know how to lighten hair dyed too dark with lemon juice? As can be known, lemon juice is one of the simplest and practical ways to lighten your tresses. At first, find a spray bottle and put some lemon juice into it. Then, spritz the juice on your hair thoroughly and spend some time sitting under the sun. Why should you do so? It is the fact that the warmth of the sun can make the cuticles open so that the citric acid in the lemon juice can penetrate inside, lifting some pigment. As a result, you hair will become lighter and lighter after at least 1 or 2 weeks following this method.


Lighten hair with Honey Not only is honey good for health but it is perfect for hair. If you have dyed hair that is darker than you has expected, honey can help you. In fact, the hydrogen peroxide in honey can be used as a marvelous natural remedy to lighten your dyed hair effectively. To start with, take 1/3 cup of honey and ¼ cup of conditioner and then mix them thoroughly. Apply this mixture on your damp hair. You can comb your hair to make sure it is coated completely with the remedy. After that cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for 8 hours before washing out. It is likely to add some lemon juice or cinnamon into the mixture to get the faster result.

Vitamin C

Lighten Dyed Hair with Vitamin CLike lemon juice, vitamin C also contains the citric acid that helps to brighten hair. How to make this simple remedy? Firstly, squash about 15 or 20 vitamin C tablets until you get a fine powder. Then, mix it with a little of anti- dandruff shampoo. The next step is to apply the paste you have made on your damp hair and massage it softly. Use a shower cap to cover your hair and leave it for 1-2 hours before rinsing. You can also use a deep conditioner to prevent dry-out. In brief, Luxshinehair, a Vietnam hair supplier, has shown you several amazing tips on how to lighten dyed hair that may be useful for you. If you are getting trouble with your dyed hair and don’t know how to brighten it, consider the above-mentioned methods. You can find out more about other wonderful hair care tips by continuing to read our articles in on this website. Wish you have healthy and beautiful hair with your favorite color. Thanks a lot for your reading!

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