How to keep weave from tangling?

Every time you think about a new look you experience the whole gamut of emotions. You love voluminous hair and are considering Afro sew in hair extensions. But this type of hair weave often gets a bad rap because of their reputation for knotting, matting, tangling and the uncontrollable frizz. This makes you scared to give it a go, doesn’t it?

But worry not! Although the Afro sew in does require a higher level of care, it is possible to keep your hair away from tangling as long as you take good care of it. Follow us to learn how to build a healthy regime for your Afro sew in hair.

Why does your Afro sew in get tangled?

Before we start with the trick to prevent hair tangles, it will be better to know the reasons for this common headache among weave hair extension users.

As you may know, a weave is made up of dead hair that doesn’t get the natural oils from the scalp. This can be among one of the main reasons that cause your weave to get tangled and damaged.

There’s another thing is that hair quality does matter when it comes to tangling situations. A high-quality natural afro sew in weave is never affected by the weather. But a poor one can be. So, it is worth spending a little much more money on high-quality hair weaves.

How To Keep Your Afro Sew In Away From Tangling 1
How To Keep Your Afro Sew In Away From Tangling

Last but not least, not taking proper care of your hair weaves will eventually cause them to tangle. 

So, tangling is a very common problem that can lead to an unprofessional and messy look, which is not something you want after you’ve spent hundreds of dollars to get it. Here we are sharing some practical solutions to keep your hair weave from becoming tangled. 

How to keep your Afro sew in away from tangling?

Taking care of your Afro sew in hair weave need not be a chore and with a few tips for daily care, styling and washing, you could sport your Afro sew in hair for at least a couple of months or longer.

Detangle your hair weave

Afro hair texture is actually very fragile and prone to break. This is where the wide-tooth comb comes in to save the day. Due to the teeth specifically spread apart, knots in your hair could be detangled pretty easily. When you start detangling your hair, it is ideal to slowly do it from the bottom, then go up instead of randomly jumping here and there to save time.

How To Keep Your Afro Sew In Away From Tangling 2
How To Keep Your Afro Sew In Away From Tangling

Deep conditioning your hair weave

We have to say that the conditioner is a useful savior of Afro hair. Not only is it an essential step in any hair routine, but it is also one of the most crucial ones in reviving a tangled weave. Conditioning creates favorable conditions to open up your hair cuticles to penetrate the strands with hair conditioners, bringing back the softness your weave once had. When conditioning your hair, you should also brush through it to ensure there are no existing tangles. 

How To Keep Your Afro Sew In Away From Tangling 3
How To Keep Your Afro Sew In Away From Tangling

Sleeping with your hair weave

Keep in mind that never sleep with a wet Afro sew in. This will encourage tangles and knots. Also, the weave will have a foul smell. So, what should you do with hair weave when sleeping? Just style it in a loose braid. This not only helps to prevent matting but also to create lovely beach waves in the next morning. 

How To Keep Your Afro Sew In Away From Tangling 4
How To Keep Your Afro Sew In Away From Tangling

As you can see bringing your weave’s groove back is pretty simple and easy. With proper care, however, you can revive your beloved weave, leaving it looking and feeling fresh. Do you have any other tips and tricks to detangle your Afro sew in? Share with us in the comment section! And we are together beautiful!

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