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Women these days are likely to change their hair as quickly as they change their outfits. Whether it is the big stars like Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian, or icons like Rihanna, Mandy Moore, etc. All these women are runway-ready with different hair looks, supporting different outfits and destinations. And we all know their no-secret assistant is hair extensions.

Hair extensions are such a great addition, helping us experiment with different hairstyles. There is a full range of hair extensions and if you are in search of perfect, natural-looking ones, you cannot go wrong with U tip hair extensions.

You have looked around on the Internet and heard positive things about U tip hair extensions. But before spending your hard-earned cash on them, it is necessary to walk through some information: What are tip hair extensions? How to apply U tip hair extensions? How to care for them properly?  We have them all here. Keep reading on to learn more.

How to apply U tip hair extensions properly

What Are U Tip Hair Extensions?

Before delving into the world of u tip hair extensions application, let’s see what u tip hair are. U tip hair extensions, also known as hot fusion hair extensions, are a well-liked method of hair extensions. This method is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a permanent type of hair extension and don’t want to worry about taking them out every night.

What Are U Tip Hair Extensions
What Are U Tip Hair Extensions?

As the name suggests, U tip hair extensions are made of hair that is tipped with a keratin bond in a U-shape. They are one of the most sought-after choices of celebrities because of the following reasons:

  • Natural look: The extension is attached to the roots of your hair, leaving some space to give your hair a natural look and movement.
  • Long-lasting: If given proper care, U-tip can last up to six months. This makes u-tip hair extensions one of the semi-permanent hair extensions.
  • Thick hair: This type of hair extension is suited for coarse, thick hair. Because the hair extensions can perfectly hold onto your thick hair without causing pressure on the roots, they can be used to add volume or color to your hair.
  • Undetectable bonds: U tip hair extensions are attached at the tips close to the hairline and smoothened by hand, making the bonds virtually undetectable.
  • Easy application: Compared to other application techniques, the u-tip is easier to apply. All you need to do is melt the keratin bond and fix it with your natural hair.

So you have it all – these positive things about U tip hair extensions. Let your imagination run wild about your new appearance when we tell you how to install u tip hair extensions.

How to apply U tip hair extensions?

How to apply U tip hair extensions
How to apply U tip hair extensions

The method is quite similar to a soldering iron that constantly stays hot, unlike its cold fusion counterpart, which only activates its power when you press the button.

The installation process:

  • Firstly, your natural hair is freshly washed with a clarifying shampoo. This helps the keratin bonds grip firmly on your hair.
  • Then your hair is divided into 4 sections: top, bottom, left, and right sides. The stylist will start the process from the bottom section, then move up.
  • Next, the U tip hair extensions are placed underneath your hair, about ½ inch from the root. Then the keratin bond is melted and mixed into the natural hair by the rolling method. When the keratin is cool, it creates a hard bond that fuses your hair and U tip hair extensions together.

This can take several hours of application time for a full head and can be quite messy. Therefore, it is always recommended that the application process be done by a professional.

How to care for U tip hair extensions?

When you have U tip hair extensions installed, you are going to be very excited about your new, beautiful, voluminous locks. But to keep the hair shining, it does require some care. Scroll through to learn what you should do to maintain your U tip hair extensions.

How to care for U tip hair extensions
How to care for U tip hair extensions

Brushing U tip hair extensions

When you have extensions fitted with your hair, it is necessary to fix tangles and knots as soon as they appear with the right tools and techniques. Do remember to use wide-tooth combs that are specially designed for hair extensions instead of regular brushes. It is because a regular brush can weaken the extensions’ bonds, making it slip out.

Washing U tip hair extensions

The biggest thing that people aren’t used to after getting fusion hair extensions is washing. The fact is that the less you wash your extensions, the longer they last. Instead, you can use dry shampoo and wash your hair every three or four days.

Styling U tip hair extensions

Styling is one of the best parts when it comes to things to do with your hair. But watch out when you use heat-styling tools. High temperatures can cause the bonds to melt. So do remember to keep the heat away from the bonds.

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Going to bed with U tip hair extensions

Before sleeping, your hair should be put up. You can braid your hair or pull it off in a low ponytail. That is the best way to go to sleep with extensions without causing matting.

Now that you have all the basic information about what U tip hair extensions are, How to apply U tip hair extensions, and how to care for them, are you ready to make a hair change with that type of hair extension? They are amazing, and you will be very happy afterward. Even though they do require a bit of maintenance (like long natural hair), it is well worth the trouble! Give them a try and see for yourself.

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