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Hair extensions, slowly but surely, have become an indispensable part of our beauty arsenal. Not only are they affordable, but many of them also help us achieve the precise look that we always yearn for. However, hair extensions are not something you can just set and forget. In fact, most hair extension specialists would stress the importance of caring for your hair extensions since they do need more attention and love than your real hair. This is why for today’s post, we want to help you take good care of your much-treasured wefts, wigs, and single strands. Follow our tips in the Luxshine hair extensions aftercare guide and you will never have to worry about the lifespan of your products.

A good Hair extension Aftercare Practice can make a big difference for your hair
A good Hair extension Aftercare Practice can make a big difference for your hair

These 10 killer tips will help you secure the health of your future purchase. Many people fear that your hair extensions care regimen would consume too much time or energy. Some even fear that the products to care for these hairpieces would have exorbitant prices. Now if you actually go through all of our advice and tips, you will realize that these concerns are unfounded. Keep everything simple and organized and you too can enjoy whatever types of hair you purchase from us for up to two years.

 Tip 1: Keep a sparse washing schedule

Overwashing your hair is not something you want to do if you have some hair extensions installed. For most of our clients and end-consumers, washing hair twice a week is sufficient to keep everything in good condition.

As some of you may know, your hair extensions can not receive any sebum or nutrients from your scalp. If you wash your hair constantly without replenishing the much-needed nutrients and protection, the hair will become dry and lackluster.

Not only do you have to get used to a new washing schedule. We think you should learn some new washing techniques. By holding your hair extensions in an upright position while washing, you will make sure you are not disturbing the integrity of the bond and attachment.

Tip 2: Be extra careful when it comes to conditioner

You should not co-wash your hair, especially the part of hair with bonds
You should not co-wash your hair, especially the part of hair with bonds

Depends on the type of hair extensions you are wearing, your strategy with hair conditioner will have to adjust accordingly. If your hair extension is keratin-based or adhesive, like tape-in wefts and invisible tape products, you most likely need to be careful with the hair conditioner. The oil and chemical in the hair conditioner will easily eat away and dissolve the bond that is formed by the adhesive. This is why if your hair requires conditioner, we advise that you only apply it to the lower part of your hair, and stay away from the roots or all the areas where there might be hair extensions.

Tip 3: Do not run your hands carelessly through your hair

It is not a good idea to just run your hands through your hair aimlessly. Even if this is how you usually detangle your hair, this is not the recommended method if you want to do so when you have something extra in your hair. To have a clear idea of how to detangle your hair, continue to read some of the tips below.

Tip 4: Don’t use a blow dryer on your hair extensions

Use Blowdryer Can Damage Your Hair Extensions
Use Blowdryer Can Damage Your Hair Extensions

A blow dryer is always a great convenience, especially if you have an oily scalp. They let your hair become dry quickly without having to worry about dampness, dandruff, and fungi. They are also particularly helpful when you want to style your hair in various ways. However, it is not recommended to constantly use your hair blow-dryer, as this would lead to dehydration. 

Tip 5: Make sure your hair is dry before bedtime

Your hair extensions shall not be wet when it is time for you to hit the hay. You should always remind yourself of this simple tip when planning for your nightly routine. Be sure to plan ahead for enough time so that when it is actually time for bed, your hair is dry. Going to bed with wet hair will actually make your hair tangled, which will lead to shedding and breakage eventually. 

Tip 6: Brush your hair carefully

Use Blowdryer can damage your hair extensions
Use Blowdryer can damage your hair extensions

You should always try to brush your hair extensions carefully to not disrupt the hair as well as the bond. To start brushing your hair, you should always try to separate each hair extensions strands from each other first. Afterward, you can start combing from the bottom and then slowly work your way up as your hair becomes detangled. Be very gentle and send your hair some loving energy! Brush your hair, while seemingly simple is an integral part of a healthy Hair extension Aftercare Guide.

Tip 7: Remember to carry all of your gear with you when going outside

Raise your hand if you have a mental checklist in your head when you walk out the door. Key, wallet, phone, and money may be all the essential items these days and ages. But if you are wearing some form of hair extension, don’t forget a hat, a scarf, and visors! Any sorts of external factors can easily degrade your hair and the bond between your hair extensions and the real hair. 

You shall not let all the sun, rain, wind, snow, or dust mess up your beautiful hair.  Wear all the necessary gears based on your local weather and your hair wefts and wigs will thank you for your constant effort.

Tip 8: Only re-dye your hair extensions when you absolutely have to

Redye your hair extensions are not really recommended in most case
Redye your hair extensions are not really recommended in most case

Now not every hair extension is meant to be re-dyed. Some can take coloring better than the other, but that doesn’t mean everything will work just fine. If you buy hair from suppliers that have some synthetic hair mixed in, the hair would not be pure enough to be colored. 

If you are somebody who loves having different colors at different times, we suggest that you alternate between a few wigs and weaves color between wear. This way, your hair extensions can keep their health and integrity while you don’t have to be bored with just one color.

If the color you are aiming for doesn’t exist and you have to be the one who makes those colors happen, we suggest you test out the dye on a small piece of hair to see whether the results can satisfy you. Another much safer alternative is to take your single strands extensions and hair wigs to a colorist for further consultation.

While a set of hair extensions is always a costly investment, ranging between 250$ to 1000$ upward, you can certainly increase its usage value by prolonging its lifespan. If you play your card right, your hair extension will worth every penny and can last up to 2 years. Instead of getting a new one every 4 months, you will now be able to rock great hair for such a long time that money stops being such a big concern anymore. Treat your hair weaves and hair wigs like they are your own hair. We hope that our tips are of great use to you. Bookmark this page if you want to keep our hair extensions aftercare guide handy.

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