Raw Hair Vs. Virgin Hair- What’s The Difference Between Raw Hair and Virgin Hair?

As the ubiquity of hair extensions develops, buyers are getting increasingly educated about the choices accessible to them with respect to cost, quality, and assortment. With so numerous diverse sorts of hair expansions on display nowadays—from wigs to bundles, raw hair to virgin hair, and so much more—it gets difficult to get the genuine meaning of what’s truly out there in hair expansions. Tune in, whether you are a newbie or a connoisseur of extensions, there are some essentials you need to know. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about The Difference Between Raw Hair and Virgin Hair. I know as you’re perusing this, you’re likely considering to yourself, “Wait a minute, aren’t they the same thing? In reality, they have some differences. So let’s plunge right in!

What is raw hair?

Rawhair is a material for hair extensions that is precisely as the title suggests: raw, natural, 100% human hair. After you think about nature, this implies it has not experienced ANY chemical, warm, or steam processing. Raw hair is the purest and most normal type of hair accessible on the showcase. They are incredible in that the quality is outstanding and can actually last you a long time. Most givers are from India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. So raw hair is ordinarily accessible in two styles of texture: straight and characteristic wave, or wavy.

There are the most well-known sorts of crude hair:

  • Vietnamese Raw Hair: popular and favored by clients; it is super smooth and ideal for those smooth smooth looks. 
  • Indian Raw Hair: a little crude, of course, and comes in those lighter brown colors.
  • Cambodian Raw Hair: most known to have curlier styles available
Raw hair
Raw hair

What is virgin hair?

Every hair extensions company boasts about offering virgin hair, but if they don’t handle it properly, you could end up being scammed and losing a significant amount of money. That’s not something we tolerate! Virgin hair refers to hair that has never undergone any chemical treatments, such as coloring, perming, fading, or bleaching. It comes from a single donor, ensuring a perfect match with your natural hair. In contrast, regular hair sourced from multiple individuals can be difficult to dye or bleach consistently due to the variations in each strand. With virgin hair, you can be confident about the quality of the hair that you receive.

In reality, the supply of virgin hair is limited due to the much higher demand than the available supply. Let’s visualize this: Each donor usually contributes only 150–200 grams of hair at a time, making it difficult to meet the huge demand with just a few donors. As a result, the price is significantly higher! 

There are some types of virgin hair that exist on the market, including:

  • Vietnamese: silky, soft 
  • Peruvian: coarser, thicker, and solid
  • Brazilian: light, sparkly, sleek
  • Malaysian: heavier, milder, silkier
Virgin hair
Virgin hair

 What is the difference between raw hair and virgin hair?

To gain a clear understanding of the difference between raw hair and virgin hair, let’s refer to the table provided below!



Raw Hair

Virgin Hair


Individuals ( 2-5 givers)

Only one 

Process by chemical, steam process 




70$ per bundle

Higher, approximately 100$ per bundle


1-2 years

1-2 years


High quality but have difference between strand of raw hair bundle

The best quality and the strand are exactly same 


A bit difference after bleached, dyed process

Mix well with natural hair even through bleached, dyed process




The table presented a comparison between raw hair and virgin hair, revealing that virgin hair exhibits superior quality through specific criteria. Notably, virgin hair blends seamlessly with your natural hair. We encourage you to make an informed decision and select the option that best suits your preferences and requirements. 

How to check if the hair is real virgin hair

Virgin hair is among the top-quality hair extensions to purchase. There are numerous brands that offer virgin remy human hair extensions with a gigantic price tag. It’s fundamental for you to guarantee that you know how to tell if the extensions are genuine virgin hair. Luxshine has some tips for you to check which is real virgin hair.

Examine the hair for the presence of hair cuticles

Virgin hair that has not been chemically prepared ought to have hair fingernail skin. Attempt the hair fingernail skin feel test. To feel for the hair fingernail skin, run your fingers all through the hair shaft. The strand of hair ought to have a smooth feel that’s going downwards towards the course of hair development. On the other hand, you ought to feel a bit of resistance once you move your fingers within the inverse course. In case you are doing feel resistance, at that point it is not virgin hair.

Examine the hair for the presence of hair cuticles
Examine the hair for the presence of hair cuticles

Check for left-over chemicals

True virgin hair ought not to have any chemical preparation. Chemical handling incorporates perming, unwinding, and coloring. Anything that’s past water and warm preparation is regarded as chemical handling. On the off chance that the hair was chemically prepared, perform a speedy test. Start by wetting the hair bundle, adding a little amount of neutralizing shampoo, and then rubbing it into the hair. On the off chance that you take note that the cleanser causes the froth to turn pink, then chemicals have been set within the hair. You’ll also be able to perform a sniff test to see on the off chance that you distinguish any chemical odors such as perm or relaxer.

Conduct a smoke test

To perform this test, use a lighter and set the ends of the hair on fire. In the event that the hair is genuine, it’ll turn into fiery remains. In the event that it’s manufactured, at that point the hair will turn into a sticky surface, which can solidify when it cools down. On the off chance that you take note that the hair burns with white smoke and turns into fiery remains, at that point it is typically a sign that the hair is human and there are no manufactured filaments showing.

Conduct a smoke test
Conduct a smoke test

In the nutshell 

Understanding the difference between raw hair and virgin hair is crucial for anyone seeking high-quality and authentic hair extensions or wigs. Both raw and virgin hair are prized for their natural attributes and minimal processing, but they do have distinct characteristics that set them apart. When choosing between raw and virgin hair, personal preferences and budget play a significant role.  

Ask yourself, Do you like marginally raw or virgin hair? There are pros and cons to each, and in both sorts, you’re reaching for extraordinary hair on the off chance that you buy your hair through an incredible hair company such as our own. Luxshine Hair is a hair factory in Vietnam that supplies both virgin and raw hair at wholesale prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We could help answer any questions about Raw vs. virgin hair, knowing the contrast, selecting what’s best for you, and more!

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