All necessary things about Coarse hair

Does Coarse hair mean thick hair or curly hair?

It’s really a fun question that not many people know the answer. In fact, a lot of us misunderstand these definitions that causes some unexpected effects for treating their hair’s symptoms. With the aim of helping you have a clearer and more thorough look of coarse hair, in this article, Luxshinehair will show you all necessary things about this kind of hair. There are many things you haven’t known about this term yet so that don’t hurry to ignore our useful information.

1. What is Coarse Hair?

Of course, the first thing that we would like to introduce you is the most right and fullest description of Coarse hair.

As mentioned, it is not thick hair or curly hair but it has some similar features so that people often easily get wrong with these kinds of hair.

coarse hair

Coarse hair is considered hair with thick hair shaft. It is not thick to the extent of hair density but to the extent of hair circumference or hair’s diameter. However, coarse hair usually goes with thick hair and people who own both two characteristics of hair have a lot of choices to make beautiful and impressive hairstyles.

A full coarse hair contains three layers like other normal hair named cortex, cuticle, and medulla. However, these layers are thicker and stronger. With good protective layers of hair, it is considered the best choice for making real human hair extensions.

2. How to determine Coarse hair and its advantages

Indeed, after reading the above description, you can completely determine the difference between coarse hair and other hair types like thin hair or medium hair. For better knowledge, we will put them in this individual part.

Determined by your eyes

If you put three different hairs of thin hair, medium hair and coarse hair on the same flat, you will clearly see that coarse hair’s diameter looks much bigger and thicker than the other ones. Even sometimes, it is blacker and thicker than the thread that make you feel surprise.

Coarse hair determined by your eyes

Determined by your hands

Let grab some of your hair and pull it to another side. If you have fine and thin hair, your scalp can be clearly exposed. In contrast, coarse hair often does with thick hair so that it is quite difficult to see the scalp beneath your hair.

Coarse hair determined by your hands

Determined by your feelings

Take a hair shaft and roll it between your fingers, you will feel that coarse hair is relatively strong and hard. When you use your fingers to stretch hair out on both sides, hair’s elasticity and durability help it to be more difficult to get breakage like thin or medium hair.

Coarse hair determined by your feelings

It can be seen that coarse hair has a lot of advantages of good hair which is thick, strong and durable. Of course, it is not maximally elastic as curly hair and cannot much like thick hair but things we see of it is very impressive.

3. Disadvantages of coarse hair

Although this hair type has quite a lot strong points, it still exists some unexpected shortcomings. Firstly, because of the thickness so that it is more difficult for hair dye to absorb in hair. Thus, you will have to wait more time to have your favorite hair color.

Secondly, that coarse hair is stronger than other kinds doesn’t mean that it can’t get damage, breakage or shed out. Your hair can still have to deal with split ends, white hair or damaged hair if you don’t care for it.

In addition, many people say that coarse hair is very rough and hard so that it makes your hair look fuzzy and unnatural. Of course, it also takes much more time for you to make complex hairstyles with this hair type than that with other type.

4. How to take care of your coarse hair

Don’t worry about these problems because everything has its solution. You have a lot of methods to take care of coarse hair and make your hair always looks gorgeous.

Washing process

We know that coarse hair is a bit drier and harder than other hair so that you need to wash hair for longer time with suitable shampoos and conditioners. Moisturizing hair frequently is necessary but it doesn’t mean that you need to wash hair too much. Washing hair every two days is the best idea. No matter what type of your scalp is, oily or dry, or any hair problems you get such as dandruff, you shouldn’t shampoo your hair every day.

Always take notice to choose good shampoos so as to avoid making damage for your hair as well as your scalp. Using some natural hair treatments like coconut oil, rice water or essential oils, etc is not a bad idea.

washing coarse hair

Trimming hair 

Trimming hair is the best way to reject unexpected split ends of hair. It not only helps hair to have a new appearance but also nourishes hair from inside. Fresh cells of hair will be born to make hair become more beautiful and stronger.

Trimming hair frequently

Making styles and dyeing colors for hair

Keeping hair with the most natural texture and color is always stimulated. Even when your hair is coarse and thick, it is also not good if you often make hairstyles and hair colors. Thus, to avoid unnecessary damage, let your hair relaxed on the best situation.

Of course, no one wants to have a normal and ugly hairstyle, you can completely make styles and hair colors according to your hobby. However, let’s reduce them as much as possible!

Beside, your coarse hair is more difficult to absorb hair dye so that you should start to dye hair with dark color tones instead of having colors which are too bright and outstanding. If you have both coarse and thin hair, why don’t you use colored hair extensions of Luxshinehair? It both helps to protect your real hair and has many choices of color for your different demands.

Making styles and dyeing colors for hair

Having a balanced diet

Caring for hair from inside is very important. You need to nourish your hair as well as your whole body with balanced and full meals to make sure that your hair is always taken care on the best condition. Don’t forget to drink water frequently and avoid bad foods to make hair look gorgeous!

Having a balanced diet

These are all things we would like to show you about coarse hair. We hope that these details will be useful for you to determine whatever your hair type is. Thanks to that, you will have suitable solutions to take care of your hair as well as possible. For more information about hair, don’t regret spending a little of time visiting out Luxshinehair website!


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