If you are a big fan of American film series, you must be familiar with the comedy series Community and the drama series Mad Men, in which Alison Brie landed the role of Annie Edison and Trudy Campbell, respectively.

The American actress was born in 1982 in Hollywood, California. It can be said that her outstanding talent and her seductive appearance have contributed dramatically to taking her to the pinnacle of success. In 2013, she was voted one of the 11 sexiest bodies on the planet.

alison brie new blonde hair new look 2

Like other celebrities, Alison Brie has to try different haircuts, different hairstyles and different types of hair extensions on a regular basis to meet the demand of her work, but she rarely changes her hair color. Instead, she seems to stick with her brunette hair for most of her career, ranging from short hair to medium length hair to long hair. However, a few days ago, she posted a selfie on her Instagram as a means of showing off her new hair color. Her caption revealed that the reason for this switch-up is her starring role in the upcoming horror film named The Rental. It was also a recommendation from her husband Dave Franco.

alison brie new blonde hair new look 3

When summer comes, a lot of celebrities decided to lighten up their hair color.

Bella Hadid debuted her dirty blonde while Rachel Brosnahan chose strawberry one. Both Lea Michele and Jennifer Love Hewitt decided to add light blonde highlights to their dark brown bases. Alison Brie also added her name to the list of celebrities with blonde hair. She is now really a blonde.

Some golden highlights were added to Alison Brie’s dark locks so as to make her signature wavy bob with side-swept bangs more eye-catching. The side-swept bangs flatter her face shape in an effort to soften the overall look.

alison brie new blonde hair new look

Many people say that the combination of side-swept bangs and shoulder length hair is unbeatable. Shoulder length hair is medium, which makes it be considered one of the most versatile hairstyles. There are tons of things that you can do with your shoulder length hair to switch up your look. However, this hairstyle also helps you to save a lot of time in comparison with long hair. Why do not you go for a shoulder length hairstyle this summer?

The 36-year-old actress received tons of compliments for her hair color transformation after uploading the photo to social media. It is undeniable that her appearance looks stunning in this hue. Undeniably, new blonde hair leads to her new look.

In fact, the majority of actors and actress wear wigs or go for hair extensions for their new film roles rather than changing their natural hairstyles and colors. Alison Brie belongs to the others as she was not afraid to have her natural hair dye blonde.

Another fabulous blonde hair of Alison Brie

Her new look reminds us of her fabulous look with blonde hair in a photoshoot for Wired Magazine in 2013. It absolutely shocked her fan with total new image. Can you realize your beloved Hollywood actress?

alison brie blonde hair

Playing role as Marilyn Monroe, Alison Brie is so charming and gorgeous that people cannot take their eyes off her photo. As professional she is, we absolutely can see the image of famous American actress in 50’s, Marilyn Monroe perfectly via this photo of Alison.

Different from daily life or red carpet images, the Hollywood star wear thick makeup with red lipstick. However, it cannot hide her beauty thanks to delightful and bright smile. Instead of having a modern and fashionable style as her latest photo on Instagram, Alison now becomes a truly classic woman in 50’s. 

Does Alison Brie’s new blonde hair inspire you to change your look when summer 2019 is coming? You can choose a wig alternatively to transform yourself rather than bleach your hair. Thanks to that, you can save your natural hair. If you still want to go blonde with natural tress, there are 6 things you need to know before going blonde. Read more to stay fun and safe.

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