How To Hide Hair Extensions In Thin Hair Effectively

As for many people, especially women, thin hair is always a threatening obsession that makes them feel uncomfortable and inferior. To hide this shortcoming as well as make a different appearance, a lot of women use hair extensions so that their hair can look stronger and thicker. However, some do not know how to use these hair extensions for good effect.

In this article, we will show you how to hide hair extensions in thin hair effectively. Scroll down to find more info.

how to hide hair extensions in thin hair

Tip #1: Choose the right extensions

To have the perfect cooperation between thin real hair and hair extensions, the first thing we need to mention is choosing the suitable extensions. Color, style and quality of hair extensions need to look similar to real hair. Furthermore, hair must be constructed firmly to avoid being fallen out when wearing on hair. Among hair extensions, tape hair for thin hair is a great choice.

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#Tip 2: Find a safe place for the wefts

This is the area on your head where the clips will not be seen. Wefts of hair extensions need putting in the appropriate position on the head to avoid being  seen as well as fallen out. Draw an imaginary circle around your head from one eyebrow to another; anywhere below that circle is where your wefts are going to be clipped in. However, for people with thin hair, you ‘d better put wefts a little lower than that hairline, even closer to the nape to leave more real hair outside. Thanks to that, your hair will look thicker and more natural.

Find a safe place for the wefts



#Tip 3: Using the suitable amount of wefts

Don’t use all of the wefts from the full head set if they are too thick. Figuring out the suitable style and deciding how many wefts you need for the hairstyle to make it appear beautiful and natural.

Using the suitable amount of wefts

#Tip 4: Make a solid base for the wefts

There are many way for you to make your real hair bobber so that the hair extensions will be better covered.

  • Using dry shampoo or hairspray for root grip

This is one of the top tricks to add volume and texture for your thin hair. Above the hair extensions, you gradually and constantly use the shampoo to make your hair puffer for the more voluminous hair and then massage sprayed positions to make them more natural. This act is very simple and easy to use but the result is very attractive.

Using dry shampoo or hairspray for root grip


  • Using specialized comb- Back combing brush

Using back coming brush instead of simple comb is a smart choice. To help disguise your wefts and clips, real thin hair needs this backcomb. Be sure to focus on the root section of your hair to begin with and work downwards until you reach the wefts which are at the highest point on your head.

Using specialized comb- Back combing brush



  • Using a mini hair crimper

This is an useful alternative to give instant root lift. You just need to hold the real hair which is on the root section of hair for a couple of seconds and then you will have you hair puffed naturally. After that, let it fall over wefts of hair and finish the process.

Using a mini hair crimper


# Tip 5: Layer your extensions

With this tip, you had better need a support from another one who know well of layering wefts to get the best result. Your hair extensions may be not fit with your real hair. It can be too long or too thick that makes your hair become unnatural. However, this method can cause high risk, even serious damage for the hair extension. Therefore, make sure that your hair maker is professional to get the most beautiful effect.

Layer your extensions

Hair extensions for thinning hair


# Tip 6: Fix the whole hair again after clipping hair extensions

This step will help to make harmony between real hair and wefts of hair of yours. No one can see the differences if they fit perfectly. This act is like brushing your hair but you need to be careful to avoid hair extensions’ clippers being fallen out.

Fix the whole hair again after clipping hair extensions

After complying with these above tips, we make sure that you know how to hide hair extensions in thin hair. They are extremely effective to bring in a natural look. Don’t continue hesitating, find the appropriate hair extensions to save your thin hair and get more self- confidence for yourself.

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