8 inch hair extensions The perfect choice for dynamic girls

You worry that your hair is thin and short, don’t you? You desire to have a better and more beautiful hair but don’t know how to do?

Luxshinehair can help you. We supply hair extensions with high quality and diverse patterns for your choices. In terms of hair length guide, we supply hair from 6 inches to 12 inches for short hairstyles.

Being one of the most ordered hair extensions’ sizes of Luxshinehair, 8 inch hair extensions will actually not a bad idea for your short hair.

1. What are 8 inch hair extensions?

The length of 8 inch hair extensions is defined when they are maximum straightened. 8 inch hair is not long which is just about 20 centimeters. Therefore it is a suitable choice for short hairstyles.

How long is 8 inches of hair ?

It is up to the position that you apply these extensions in hair that you can make hairstyles with short size, shoulder length size or even a bit longer. With these images, the best choices are straight hair or kinky hair so that you can keep hair as long as possible.

If you want to have curly, wavy styles of 8 inch hair extensions, you should order the longer real length such as 12 inch or 14 inch. Hence, the hair after permed can get the right length you want. Let’s remember to talk with our consultants carefully to avoid unexpected misunderstandings.

2. General descriptions of Luxshinehair’s 8 inch hair extensions

Similar to hair extensions with other sizes, Luxshinehair’s 8 inch hair extensions are totally made from 100% virgin or remy human hair. Therefore, they look very natural, smooth and burnished. These are plus marks that synthetic or other mixed hair can’t display.

Moreover, you can keep them in long time which is about 2 or 3 years, even more if carefully. You can also comfortably choose appropriate hair colors that you like. We have basic black hair color and other tones like dark brown, light brown and cold colors that can meet your satisfactions.

About hair standards, Luxshinehair has 4 main standards. They are Single drawn (A), Double drawn type 1 (A+), Double drawn type 2 ( A++) and Super double drawn (A+++). Respectively, the amount of adding shorter hair in bundles will be less and the amount of long hair with right length will be much more. Besides, we also have one donor hair which is virgin hair from 1 donor. As a result, it will look the most harmonious and natural. It is up to your demands that you can choose a suitable standard.

3. Suitable types of 8 inch hair extensions

With the longer length compared to 6 inch hair extensions, you will have more choice for this 8 inch of hair.

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Bulk hair

This is the most basic and traditional type of our hair extensions that you can order with any length. Bulk hair is only tied into small bunches about 100 grams by solid elastic rounds, you can’t attach it directly on head for hair extensions. This is often the choice of wholesalers so that they can use bulks to make other suitable types for customers.

If you need bulk hair extensions with the best quality and pattern, please contact our company, Luxshinehair will guarantee to supply products that make you satisfied.


Weft hair

This is the type of sew- in hair extensions. All 8 inch hair weaves are sawn in a long weft to keep it fixed and smooth as well as possible. You can go to a prestigious salon to apply this hair type. They will sew wefts on  positions on your real hair to make your hair look thicker and more natural. Besides, there are some ways to install it such as gluing or micro ring.

Clip in hair

This can be one of the most popular types of hair extensions because it is safe and easy to use. Luxshinehair’s 8 inch clip in hair extensions are attached by fixed and solid clips so that it can easily put on hair and make hair look natural and perfect. You can also take them off whenever you don’t want to use. There for, you can feel comfortable without worrying any hurt or damages to your tresses and scalp.

Tape in hair

Like clip in hair, this type is also safe because you only need stick hair tapes on hair positions that you want to make it thicker. After that, you can take them off when you feel something inconvenient. However, with tape hair, you should also be careful because sometimes, solid tapes can make you meet some unexpected trouble.

Keratin hair

8 inch hair length can also made into keratin boned tip hair like V- tip, U- tip, I- tip and Flat tip. With the keratinized tops, you can attach them on necessary positions. There will be a little bit of differences if this is the first time you try these types. However, you will like them when you use them fluently.

If having any question of using these type, you can contact us to get the best directions.

tip hair

Lace closure and Lace frontal

From 8 inch length toward, you will have two more types of hair extensions to choose, they are Lace closure and Lace frontal. Hair will be crocheted on a flat net with the big coverage. You can use these laces for making bangs, side- parting or any types you want. Lace frontal is bigger than lace closure and you can use the one that you feel it suitable.

For now, are you ready to make a new appearance for your short and thin hair? Our 8 inch hair extensions will actually make you feel satisfied. If having any inquires, don’t mind asking us for more details.

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