Invisible Tape vs Regular Tape: Never-ending Battle

When it comes to adhesive tapes, there are countless options available on the market, each with its own unique set of properties and purposes. However, one debate that has raged for decades is the one between invisible tape and regular tape. Both types of tape have their loyal fans and staunch detractors, with arguments ranging from functionality and durability to appearance and ease of use. In this article, we will delve into the never-ending battle between invisible tape and regular tape, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each and ultimately determining which one reigns supreme.

What is regular tape?

Regular tape-in hair extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extension that uses double-sided adhesive tape to attach wefts of hair to the natural hair. Human hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, textures, and colors to blend in with the wearer’s natural hair.

The tape used to attach the extensions is typically strong and durable, allowing the extensions to stay in place for several weeks or months before needing to be re-taped. Regular tape-in hair extensions are popular with people who want to add volume or length to their hair without the commitment or maintenance that other types of hair extensions require. They can be styled, washed, and treated just like natural hair, making them an easy and versatile option for those looking to improve their appearance.

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Normal tape in

What is invisible tape?

Invisible tape hair extensions are a type of hair extension that attaches to your natural hair with a thin, transparent tape. Unlike other types of hair extensions, the tape used in invisible tape hair extensions is nearly invisible, resulting in a more natural appearance. 

The extensions themselves are made of high-quality human hair that has been taped down. After that, the tape is applied to your natural hair, sandwiching it between the tape and the extensions. This attachment method is less damaging to your natural hair than other methods of attachment, such as glue-in or sew-in extensions.

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Invisible Tape in Extensions

The battle between regular and invisible tape: pros and cons

Regular Tape 


  1. Last longer: Tape-in extensions can be used in three to four different ways and have a lifespan of up to a year. Reusing hair extensions is extremely beneficial, especially if they were custom cut or colored for you. Because high-quality tape extensions can be reused, it’s worth a shot.
  2. Hair safety: Because they are attached to your natural hair with a tape strand, tape-in extensions are safe for it. Your natural hair is sandwiched between the wefts as they are applied row by row. Any tools or chemicals, such as microbeads or sewn-in weaves, do not stress or harm your natural hair.
  3. Less expensive: In general, regular tape is less expensive than invisible tape.
  4. Durable: Regular tape is quite thin and lightweight, it is surprisingly durable and long-lasting. It can withstand normal wear and tear, as well as changes in temperature and humidity.

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  1. Visible: Because of the way regular tape-in extensions appear at the top of the extension, they are more visible when placed closer to the top of the hair. Furthermore, as new hair sprouts or grows, the extensions may become loose on your hair.
  2. Damage: Because regular tape can be too heavy and cause damage, it is not recommended for fine or thin hair.

Invisible Tape In


1. Discreet: The main advantage of using invisible tape extensions is that they have a natural look when applied properly. They blend in seamlessly with natural hair, making them an ideal choice for those who want to add volume, length, or highlights to their hair.

2.Easy to transport: Wearing hair extensions all day can be tiring, and many hair extension techniques are only suitable for short-term use. These Vietnamese tape-in hair extensions, on the other hand, are as comfortable as you could imagine. They are lightweight, so they won’t irritate you even if you wear them all day.

3. Perfect for Thin Hair: People with thin hair use hair extensions to boost their confidence. Some people, on the other hand, are concerned that the attachments will be visible and that everyone will notice that you are wearing extensions. This is not the case with invisible hair extensions because the tape is translucent and thus blends in well. 4. Hairdressing: Invisible tape is practically invisible and can blend in with natural hair seamlessly. Because the tape is secure and unnoticeable, you can style your hair as usual.

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  1. Cost: High-quality products come at a higher price, and the same goes for the tapes here.  Invisible tape is more expensive than regular tape.
  2. Hold: Invisible tape may not be suitable for thick or coarse hair because it does not provide a strong enough hold.

Bottom Line

Despite their similar appearances, invisible and ordinary tape serve different purposes. Invisible tape, like magic tape, has a matte surface and is invisible. It vanishes when applied and remains undetectable over time. While regular tape is more durable, it has a glossy surface that attracts attention. It can be used for any general purpose. We hope that the information we provide will assist you in selecting the best hair type for your needs!

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