I tip hair extensions pros and cons to know now

Just like other types of hair extensions, I tip hair also comes with its pros and cons. Knowing its advantages and disadvantages will help you decide whether you can go with it. So in this blog post, we will dwell on I tip hair extensions pros and cons. Scroll down for more details.

I tip hair extensions pros and cons

Pros of I tip hair

The hair extensions of convenience

I-tips are glue-free, threadless, and heat-free extensions. Their installation takes only a few hours – no more than three hours for a bundle of 100 pieces and up to eight hours for the whole head. And what if you decide you no longer want them? Your hairdresser can take them out in just one appointment of two hours.

I-tips are a wise decision because they give you simple access to your scalp. In contrast to sew-in weaves, your natural hair will be completely unaffected when the majority of it is braided down behind the extensions. As a result, you’ll see the stylist less frequently.

Without the restriction of braids, your natural hair may move freely and “breathe.” You have more significant movement because the extensions can be pulled into a simple, natural-looking ponytail or topknot. They are heat and color-resistant as well, allowing you to style them the same way as your actual hair. They may be washed, blow-dried, curled, and straightened.

I tip hair extensions pros and cons
I tip hair extensions pros and cons

Less damage to your hair

Many people think that wearing extensions may harm their natural hair. However, if done correctly, using I-tips hair extensions will not harm your lock. The reason is that the installation of I tip hair does not involve using heat or chemicals. Therefore, your natural hair will not endure damage after you attach the hair extensions to your head.

I-tip hair is considered an ideal alternative to hot fusion because they are cold fusion. They are not at risk of melting away as you do not need to use any kind of heat tool on them.

It can be reused

I tip hair can be reused several times as long as you keep the hair in good conditioner when not using. This helps you to cut some costs on buying new hair.


I-tips are practically undetectable. The beads and the I-tips totally lie under the hair, so you won’t find them easily. Thanks to this, you can wear the hair up high into your favorite ponytail and buns.

I tip hair extensions pros and cons
I tip hair extensions pros and cons

Cons of I tip hair

Long time of installation

Skilled stylists can finish the installation in 2-3 hours. However, the national average application can be between 4-6 hours, which is rather time-consuming. Furthermore, the installation and removal must be done properly so as not to harm and break hair.

Unpleasant to scalp

It can be unpleasant because the microbeads can make you feel uncomfortable and itchy scalp, especially in the first few weeks following application.

It requires extra care

You must learn how to brush your hair again after using I-tip extensions. The truth is that they’re still within, regardless of how inconspicuous they may be. Don’t brush the hair carelessly because you will risk brushing out the I-tip hair extensions.

To keep the extensions in place while your hair grows, you should visit the salon frequently. Maintaining your I-tip hair extensions at home might be a bit complicated. You will need to invest a little time in caring for the hair.

They can be costly

I-tip hair extensions can be pricey when compared to other semi-permanent hair extension techniques. The cost of repairing hair extensions can reach $1,000, and ongoing care can increase the costs even further.

I tip hair can be costly
I tip hair extensions pros and cons

Not an option for fine hair

The installation of I tip hair involves using metal microbeads, which can be heavy for fine hair. If your hair is thin, it cannot hold the beads, either.

Should I choose I tip hair extensions?

I tip hair extensions are great to wear and a stunning way to complement your look. However, let’s consider I tip hair extensions pros and cons carefully before you go with it. Hair extensions, in general, is an investment, so think about your purpose, hair type, and budget before you make the decision.

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