How To Wash Your Weave Hair Properly?

Thin hair is not attractive at all! No one wants to have thin/fine hair or unexpected hair loss. So they find weave hair extensions as the quickest and most effective solution for covering hair’s weaknesses.  Applying weave hair takes us quite a lot of time and efforts, and of course, taking care of it is not easy at all. Especially, when having a weave hair wash, you can make hair get tangles and breakage anytime if doing carelessly.

Understanding that anxiety of many women, Luxshinehair will instruct you how to wash weave hair properly at home right in this article.

1. How to wash weave hair before installing

After receiving new weave hair extensions, you can see that they look so beautiful and smooth. However, it is still necessary for you to wash weave hair before installing on head. This act helps you to verify whether hair is good and healthy or not. In addition, unexpected dirt, fallen hair and uncomfortable fragrant of new weave hair extensions are also maximally removed. After shampooing human hair weaves, hair will look sleeker, smoother and much more impressive.

wash weave hair before installing

Step 1: Prepare washing solution

As the way you are going to wash your own sensitive hair, let’s prepare the washing solution first instead of applying shampoo on hair directly. You need to have a sink of cold warm water, then pour a sufficient amount of specialized shampoo for hair extensions. Dissolving them and you will have the available washing solution.

You can ask hairstylists for buying a suitable kind of shampoo. Commonly, you should use shampoos for dry hair because their ingredients are very moisturize and nourish hair better than other hair care products. However, you should ask your hair vendor everything about your weave hair extensions to choose the most suitable products.

Prepare washing solution

Step 2: Soak weave hair into the washing solution and wash hair softly

Let’s gradually dip hair weaves into the washing solution and wash hair carefully. You need to use a hand to hold the weft line and the other hand to brush and wash hair. Because sew in hair is easy to get tangles and breakage, you shouldn’t wash hair strongly like the way you wash clothes. Let’s make sure that weave hair extensions absorb the washing solution so that hair will become cleaner, brighter and more aromatic.

Wash Hair Properly×5-5-deep-curly-hair-light-brown-color

Step 3: Rinse hair with clean water

Of course, you need to rinse hair again with clean water to remove remaining shampoo bubbles. Don’t change hair’s initial direction since you can make unexpected tangles. Hair will look the most beautiful and sleekest as when they are made.

Take note: You should use the cold or lukewarm water only. Hot water will dehydrate your weave hair extensions which leads to dry hair, breakage and split ends.

Rinse hair with clean water

Step 4: Dry hair naturally

Let hair dry naturally is the best way to make hair always look beautiful and healthy. Hair extensions need enough time to back to the initial texture so that don’t hurry to dry hair with the hair dryer when it is not necessary.

You should put weave hair extensions on a clean and dry tower. The towel absorbs water very well and helps hair dry faster. In this step, you can use a kind of styling products to make hair look softer, smoother and in-shape.

Take note: Do not scrub your hair at all mean or your hair will get tangle and damage. At the same time, you should not using brush to comb your hair. Use your fingers alternatively.

Dry hair naturally

Step 5: Hang weave hair up

Because hair extensions are very easy to get tangles, you should hang hair up after hair is dry and then save it for the coming installation on hair. More importantly, hair is always protected on the best condition.

Hang weave hair up

2. How to wash weave hair after installing

After applying sew in hair extensions, you can keep them on your natural hair for about 2 to 3 months, even longer. However, you can’t keep hair always dry and clean without washing hair during those months. Therefore, there always have ways to wash hair even when you are wearing hair weaves.

Washing weave hair after installing on hair is also like the way you wash your own hair. However, every acts need your skillfulness and subtlety. You can dissolve shampoo into cold warm water and wash softly to remove dirt and unnecessary breakage. Or else, you can also apply shampoo on hair directly and wash hair carefully.

The thing you need to notice is that weave hair extensions are very easy to be tangled and fallen out because they are sewn in hair cornrows. Only by a bit carelessness can you make bad problems on these weaves. Therefore, you’d better go to prestigious hair salons to have the best care.

If you wash hair at home, make sure that your finger nails are completely cut to avoid making hair tangles as well as make your scalp be damaged.

wash hair properly

Every caring method will become useless if you use wrong hair extensions. Luxshinehair takes pride in being one of the most prestigious and famous brands of hair extensions in Vietnam. We supply not only human hair weave but also many other types of human hair extensions with the highest quality and the most beautiful images. Don’t regret spending some time visiting out Luxshinehair store if you have demands of these impressive hair weaves.

We hope that the above information about how to wash weave hair partly helps you have useful experience to take care of your hair as well as hair extensions. If having any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to ask her for more information.

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