Hand Tied Weft Extensions Cost And Factors That Influence It

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Hand-tied weft extensions have transformed the world of hair transformations when it comes to achieving beautiful and voluminous hair. However, one common lingering worry for those considering this luxurious improvement is, “How much do hand tied weft extensions cost?” Many people are concerned that the cost of hand-tied weft extensions will be prohibitively expensive, prompting anxieties about breaking the bank. Fortunately, this apprehension is unjustified.

In this hair blog, we will delve into the complexities of hand-tied weft extension pricing, dispelling the myth that they are expensive. Hand-tied weft extensions, contrary to popular belief, are not only a worthwhile investment but also reasonably priced. We will look at the numerous elements that influence the cost of hand-tied weft extensions, as well as why they are regarded as a worthwhile investment. Let us investigate the pricing of these extensions.

How much are hand tied weft extensions?

In contrast to machine weft, hand-tied weft is pricier as it demands additional time and labor. However, the positive aspect is that it doesn’t excessively strain your budget. The expense of hand-tied weft extensions can fluctuate depending on various factors. On average, you can anticipate spending between $200 and $500 for a complete head application.

While this cost may not be considered economical, the seamless, elegant, durable, comfortable, and virtually undetectable finish of hand-tied weft justifies it as a valuable investment for individuals seeking a long-term solution to fulfill their hair aspirations.

Hand tied weft extensions at Luxshine Hair
Hand tied weft extensions at Luxshine Hair

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Factors that influence hand tied weft extensions cost

The cost of hand-tied weft extensions might vary depending on a variety of factors. Here are some of the elements that influence the cost of hand tied weft extensions. 

1. Quality of Hair

The type and grade of hair have a considerable impact on the cost of hand-tied weft extensions. Virgin, remy, or unprocessed human hair is more expensive because of its natural texture, durability, and ability to be styled like real hair. Furthermore, the collection method for such high-quality hair is difficult, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, contributing to the higher price.

Non-Remy hair, on the other hand, is less expensive due to a misalignment of the hair cuticles and is of lesser quality. Synthetic hair, which lacks human hair’s natural texture and styling adaptability, is much less expensive. As a result, the different grades of materials used in hand-tied weft extensions directly correlate to price disparities.

The quality of hair directly affects the cost of hand tied weft extensions 
The quality of hair directly affects the cost of hand tied weft extensions

2. Source of Hair

The origin of the hair is critical in establishing its market worth, with a direct relationship between the quality of the source and the overall cost. When derived from a healthy donor, the price of hair tends to skyrocket.  Hair collected from people who take care of their hair and are in good health is of high grade. A balanced diet, adequate hair upkeep, and overall health are all aspects that contribute to the premium character of the hair strands.

If the hair is retrieved from a salon, a different set of decisions must be made. The quality of salon-sourced hair can vary depending on the establishment’s standards and methods. While it may have a wider variety of textures and styles, the pricing may be lower because to issues such as chemical treatments, exposure to styling agents, and potential damage caused by regular styling procedures.

The hand tied weft extensions cost depending on the source.
The hand tied weft extensions cost depending on the source.

3. Length of Extensions

Longer lengths naturally require more hair, which contributes to an increase in the overall cost of the extensions. Each strand is meticulously selected and attached to ensure a perfect mix with your natural hair. Longer lengths necessitate more intricate craftsmanship, as stylists labor diligently to achieve a balanced and natural appearance. If you want a head-turning mane that falls down your back, be prepared to spend a little extra money to reach this length.

Each length of weft hair is priced differently.
Each length of weft hair is priced differently.

4. Installation Technique

The installation technique is important to achieving a flawless and natural appearance, and it is typically performed by a specialist. The stylist in charge of the installation’s ability and expertise can have a significant impact on both the outcome and the cost. Stylists with extensive knowledge and specialization in processes such as hand-tied weft extensions get higher fees.

Having a skilled stylist install your hand-tied weft extensions is an investment in the overall quality of the product. While the initial expenditure may be higher, the seamless integration and natural finish provided by the extensions can have a considerable impact.

5. Brand Reputation

Prices for established brands with a reputation for quality and innovation may be higher. While it may be tempting to make a low-cost choice, investing in a reputed brand ensures longevity and a more authentic appearance. To improve the performance of their products, reputable brands frequently prioritize research and development. This dedication to quality can lead to improved functionality, longevity, and overall product satisfaction.

In a word

After reading this essay to the conclusion, I hope you have a better understanding of how much hand tied weft extensions cost. Hand-tied weft extensions stand out as a luxury and natural-looking option, although they are not as expensive as we believe. While the price may appear high at first, the quality, longevity, and sheer beauty they provide make them a worthwhile purchase. You can make an informed decision that fits your budget and beauty goals if you understand the elements that determine the cost. Unlock the key to effortlessly gorgeous hair by embracing the transformative power of hand-tied weft extensions! If you require assistance, please contact Luxshine Hair! We specialize in providing high-quality Vietnam hair extensions, which will definitely not disappoint you.

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