Best Types Of Hair Weaves For Thin Hair

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Have you ever been in this situation before? You tried to follow a Youtube hair tutorial video very closely. You take all the notes and gather up the supplies. Follow the instructions to the tee only to find out that your hair doesn’t have what it takes to pull off the looks? Yeah, thin-hair girls would for sure know this pain. So Hair weaves for thin hair will be a thing you need to know.

All the tips hair care blogs promise you to solve your thin hair problems seem to only make the matter worse. Your girlfriends constantly tell you to try out hair extensions as the last resort. But where do you even start? We decided to give you all the basic details to transform your thin flat locks into full-bodied hair. After finishing this post, you will know the right section to pick out the best weave for thin hair.

Add volume to your thin hair has never been easier

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If you want to add volume to your thin hair, you should consider weaves. Choosing weaves instead of volumizing products means that you are ready for a big change. You can skip the pitfalls of everyday styling and live worry-free at last. Say goodbye to constant hair worry and start living life to the fullest.

While thousands of women can vouch for weaves, choosing the right kinds might not be simple. All the hair extensions available in the market these days can add volume and bulk to your natural hair. But that doesn’t mean they would not harm or fit with your lifestyles. Not all hair weave will appear seamless or integrate well with your natural hair.

Add on to that fact is the little hair you have, which can be a limiting factor. Knowing this, you should be extra careful to get the kind of weaves you always want. After all, too many choices ain’t always a good thing.

Some general advices for thin hair girls

Who should pick out the right weave for you?

We know that this might sound like a strange question to ask. But sometimes this person might not be you. Especially if you are new and inexperienced with the hair weaves biz. Depending on where you are, you should at least try to see a hair extensions specialist.

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Hairstylists who have expertise in these matters are well-trained for these tasks. They can easily get to know you and your situation. After all, you will need someone with experience to make sure you got what you need . They know what is best for you and your situation. They can give you all the viable options to experiments with new hairstyles.

Work with people who know the in and out of YOUR hair

Along with that, a knowledgeable hairstylist will make sure you know how to care for your new weaves. This will also help you get your money’s worth. We think you should steer clear of the “one size fits all” type of recommendations or service. Seek out people with passion and expertise. They are the ones you would always feel elated to be working with.

Even though, personalized consultation is still king when it comes to hair decisions. There are still some products you should not waste your time to even consider. Of course, these are just some broad generalizations, and you should exercise your own judgement.

Three types of weave that shouldn’t make your shortlist

Girls with thin hair should not even consider clip-in hair extensions. To make clip hair work you need a fair amount of hair to start with. Your hair should be backcombed as well to make the clip hang onto your hair easier. Anybody with thin hair will not provide a strong enough strand for your clip to hold onto. This is why the clip should never make your shortlist.

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A sew-in weave is another hair type that gets a no from most thin hair girls. And this is where it gets tricky.  The sew-in option would not work for many women since it’s hard to cover the track. This is especially true if you only wear a few weave tracks at the nape of your neck. If your hair is too fine, you run the risk of having your weave track poking out.

You also need a fair amount of hair for your hair to hold onto for the weave to be secured enough. These factors make it an unpopular option among women with thin hair. Yet, some women still manage to make sew-in weaves work. This is especially true for African American. Sew in weave with leave out is how some women rock flawless bob days in and day out.

To make Sew in work for thin hair girls, there are always a few tricks. These women have to use net caps and sew the weave directly to the caps to make it work. Stay tuned as we will give you all the low down on this art form, because this is always another highly requested topic.

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Micro ring is another option that doesn’t get our vote. The hair is attached via a small metal ring. For thin hair, these can be hard to conceal and become visible. The hair extensions can even slip out if the hair is too thin or the sectioning wasn’t done well.

What is LUXSHINE’s pick for a Hair weaves for thin hair?

One solution to rule them all

LUXSHINE’s pick for this category is tape-in hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions, as far as we’re concerned, are the best match for anyone with thin hair. While not everybody will agree on this, but to us Tape-in hair triumph for several reasons.

The weight of your hair is equally distributed across the weft. This will minimize the pressure put on your hair. At the end of the day, your hair is already thin, you don’t want to put unnecessary tensions on your hair or your scalp.

Tape hair extensions can be concealed and do not poke out of your hair. Due to their sandwich structure, this means the tape lay flat and doesn’t add any uninvited bulk to your whole look.

Reusable, fast, and painless

Any decent hairstylist can easily blend your tape in wefts with your natural hair. They would cut and customize the size of the weft so you can get the looks you always want. Be sure to use 100% Remy hair extensions as they guarantee a tangle-free experience. With Luxshine’s tape collection, you can be sure there would be no shedding or tangle.

Each tape-in weft can be reused up to 3 times and they can be installed in a jiffy. A full head of hair can be done in about an hour. The hair extensions will be moved up as your hair grows out for optimal looks and feel.

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Some clients who have short hair or hair that have little layers tend to be a tough candidate for weaves. To make the matter worse, thin hair girls can sometimes create a vicious cycle of dependency. You have thin hair so you use hair extensions. But with each time you need more and more extensions due to the hair damage and hair loss that come along.

Getting the voluminous hair you always wanted is a satisfactory feeling. Luxshine- a Vietnam hair factory- is so happy to bring volumizing locks to both clients and hairdressers in the past 20 years. No matter what types you choose, you should do your best to care for your hair extensions and your natural hair. Check out our comprehensive guide on the best hair extension hair care tips so you know what to expect.

Be sure to examine all the types of weaves out there to know well your options. After you have got the info you need, just put your hair in the hands of the right person. Keep those locks flowing and your spirit high. We hope you can always shine, no matter what types of hair you are rocking.

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