Wonderful haircuts for girls with round face and thin hair

A lot of girls feel shy and inferior because they own a big face but thin hair. This makes the face become bigger and unbalanced. Moreover, it is very difficult to find a haircut with fits the face and cover unexpected shortcomings. However, you needn’t worry about that. Luxshinehair will help you to deal with this problem. Only with some changes for your hair will you feel very surprised. Let’s consider the most wonderful hairstyles for girls with round face and thin hair right now!

1. Short bob hair

Many girls are afraid of his style because it can easily release their shortcomings. However, it is not right. Bob hair is one of the most popular and charming hairstyles nowadays that girls with round face shouldn’t ignore. You only need to make good marks for hair such as tangling, curling, boobing or layering so that it will be perfect. These kinds not only make the hair look thicker and more beautiful but make your appearance look modern and charming. Let’s find truthful consults from your friends to have the best one which is suitable with your face.

Short bob hair


2. Wavy long hair

If straightened long hair can make your face look thinner, wavy long hair is absolutely not. All girls can be suitable with this hairstyle, including girls with round face. A natural wavy hair with round face will actually brings exquisite effects. This hairstyle marks on maturity and attraction but the round face you give you the young and age- hacking. You will even feel that you are so lucky because of having this wonderful advantage.

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Wavy long hair


3. Stack perm hair

With this style, you won’t have to worry that it will be out of fashion or unsuitable for your face. This is a variation of short bob hair but a little longer so that thin hair will not be the serious problem. In addition, it displays feminity and covers the round face if it is too big or rough. Almost parts of hair are kept natural and the ending part of hair is perned with loose loops to make comfort and balance for the face. This fresh and soft haircut is very appropriate for girls  with feminity and simpleness but it still beautiful enough to make impression on others.

Stack perm hair


4. Side part hair

Almost girls with big and round face are not suitable for keepin bangs because it makes the face look shorter and unbalanced. However, side part hair without bangs will make the face look fine and more balanced. It will carefully cover the big face as well as make the highlight so that Itother people will not care about your thin hair. It is exactly the idel choice for girls who want to get out of cute image and build a more mature and charming appearance.

Side part hair

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5. High bun hair

High bun hair is the style which is popularly loved by many famous star with round face. Simply, you only need to bun on the top of head, tangle and let it be natural. With girls having long thin hair, bunned hair looks thick and beautiful. Moreover, bun hair will make girls feel cool an comfortable in hot weather day as well as make more self- confidence and impression. You can also curl some long bangs to make it softer and more attractive.

High bun hair


6. Pixie hair

Regardless of its modest length, pixie hair is extremly suitable for girls with round face and thin hair. This style not only fits for active or tomboy girls but fits cute anf lovely girls who want to try a new change on hair. This style is outstanding enough to cover thin hair and round face so that girls can feel completely secure. Belive in  us, this is actually very impressive and beautiful.

Pixie hairDon’t forget to highligh your style to attract other people’s attention such as some tiny but beautiful accessories like hair- grips, colorful strings or a suitable haircolor. They will be very useful to helps girls with round face and  thin hair to be brighter than ever. Even if, you feel that your hair is too thin and you are absolutely not confident in yourself, why don’t you try using hair extensions to cover this weakness. Luxshineis always ready to help you to choose a suitable and impressive styles.

haircuts for thin hair and round faceThese are all things we would like to share with you about haircuts for thin hair and round face. We hope that you will be satisfied with them and find a suitable one.  Don’t forget that you are the best when you can be yourself. Let’s always be confident and bright!

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