Why Luxshinehair?

1. Instant new hairstyle

With hair extensions, you can have a new hairstyle almost instantly. These products are effortless to use.

Instant new hairstyle
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2. Always look fresh

You can style and color our hair extensions to make a new style. Having a new hairstyle every day is now possible with products of Luxshinehair.

3. Natural Hair Only

Luxshinehair says no to synthetic. 100% hair we use is natural human hair not to affect your health.

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4. No shedding, no tangle

We use only Remy hair with hair cuticles in the same direction, therefore you don’t have to worry about hair shedding or tangling.

5. Soft and smooth

The hair we use to make products is high-quality hair collected from Vietnamese women. The hair is strong, and has great softness and smoothness.


6. Highly durable

Hair extensions of Luxshine have so good quality that can be used for a very long time. You can enjoy using these products for 2-3 years on average.

7. No bugs, no insects

Our quality control teams check every single hair extension with caution to make sure there is no risk of bugs or insects.

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8. Various products

Luxshinehair offers you a variety of products verified in different categories. You can choose a product based on the hair end standard, form type, texture, color, length or size.

9. Excellent services

Not only supply the best hair extensions, we satisfy you with excellent sales and after-sales services. We guarantee to use the best delivery services so the products will be brought to you in the shortest time.

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10. Good price

Luxshine offers customers high-quality hair extensions at reasonable prices, especially when you purchase products wholesale.

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