Why double process color is your best choice?

It can’t be denied that girls are addicted to dying their hair these days. Because it’s one of the effective ways to express themselves and show off the unique sense of style and fashion. Thinking about hair color, highlighting, single process color and double process color might cross your mind. But, do you know which one is better for you? In fact, if you meticulously look at photo of celebrities, you will realize that their hair is not only one shade. What is the secret behind the beautiful hair color? Take a look at Double Process Color and here are few things you ought to know about it.

double process hair

1. What is double process color?

There are a lot of things you need to consider before and after making hair change. In order to achieve your ideal hair color, you should have basic understanding about double process color. Speak to hair color, it refers to two or more than two colors are combined together. Generally, fashion hair colors such as double process requires that you have to bleach natural hair to a very light blonde before you apply the final color.  If you opt this hair color, you have to take care of your hair more than other color options. On the contrary, your hair will be more natural-looking and you will get lovely tone sur tone look.

double process color

2. The difference between single and double process color

Single process color

A single process color refers to any color service which is done in one step. Typically, it is a permanent color and has ability to cover up your gray hair, change hair tone and add shine. Many girls choose single process color because it won’t damage your natural hair and can turn dull hair shiny and sleek.

single process hair color

What are the main differences?

There are times in life that we want to check out effects of single vs double process color. Even, we sometimes  can’t decide the best color for your style. Double process color involves both highlights and all-over color. To gain this shade, girls have to blench their natural hair color. Unlike double process hair color, single process hair color will help you gain lighter or darker shades than your natural hair. In fact, this process changes the entire color of your head and gives you one-dimensional tone for your beautiful hair. It’s also a great choice if you aim to boost your skin tone and beautify your trendy hairdo.

unique hair color

3. What do girls look before and after double process color?

Dying your hair can seem like an easy way to change your look but different skin tones look best in different tones of hair color. Moreover, double process always brings girls an amazing appearance. Their hair looks brighter and grab other’s attention.

Let’s look into this picture of double process color before and after. Who can keep their eyes off the gorgeous hair color like this? A fresh double-process is like bringing a totally different head of hair. So, are you ready to transform your look and try new hair color this year?


before and after double process color

4. What is the most noticeable thing?

It can’t be denied that double process is absolutely suitable with various types of facial structure. There is also a point girls should pay attention to. The process of maintenance is high, but the fashion color fades fast. Therefore, the individual has to be carefully prepared to not only pay for the initial bleaching but also keep moisturize hair every week. There is a point worth noting about double process is that healthy hair keeps color better.

If you want to maintain the vibrant color of your hair, it is important to say goodbye to harsh shampoo. It would be better if you use botanical therapy treatments and a color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

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hair coloring process

5. Gorgeous double process color ideas

There are various color ideas for double process hair color, so what shades are you looking for? Double process color is absolutely amazing because you are able to mix any two color together. This combination will create a unique and fashionable look. Here are some ideas for you.

Do you like blue shade? The mixing blue and white shade make girls look so attractive.

blue and white shade

If you need to do something way-out to stand out in the crowd, double process color with pink or green pigments will be your ideal option. Girls look super cool in these hair colors.

pink or green pigments

If traditional blonde seems too boring to you, why don’t you try this below hair color? Be one of the most attractive girls this year with these gorgeous hair color.

white black hair

Even though it’s a long road to ideal shade, Double Process Color won’t make you feel disappoint. If you have any queries, please send us your questions via our social media or in the comment section below and ask for verification. Luxshinehair would love to hear from you, and we wish to stumble across your story as soon as possible.

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