Thinning hair is a source of discomfiture whether you are male or female. While many people choose to wear a wig or hair extensions as their saviors, some of the others, instead of abusing wigs and hair extensions, try to ferret out the causes of their thin hair in an effort to find out the most appropriate solutions that can tackle this issue.

If you are among those who are wondering “Why do I have such thin hair?”, you have come to the right place because this blog post is on the point of providing you with some of the main reasons leading to hair thinning.

The cause of this thin hair

Serious physical health condition

In many cases, hair loss is a symptom of a serious physical health condition. Therefore, if you find your hair thinner significantly compared to the previous time, you should see a doctor for a diagnosis.

Thyroid problems: Thyroid hormones take responsibility for the growth of your hair, nails and skin. Accordingly, your hair will become brittle because of thyroid disorders.

Polycystic ovary syndrome: Another disease that can be blamed for thin hair is polycystic ovary syndrome. The disease increases facial and body hair, but it can also cause hair thinning in some women with follicle sensitivity.

Lupus: Lupus can cause thin hair as it leads to widespread inflammation, including your scalp.

Serious physical health conditionPoor mental health:

Hair loss can be also caused by poor mental health. On the one hand, poor mental health can have negative impacts on physical health. On the other hand, it can directly lead to thinning hair.

It is undeniable that thin hair can be the result of stress, according to a psychiatrist from Mayo Clinic named Daniel K. Hall-Flavin. You can get stress at work, at home or any where else.

However, he claims that your hair will start to grow again as long as stress is removed.

Poor mental health

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Wrong hair care habits

Have you ever asked yourself whether you are taking care of your natural hair the right way? The fact is that those who have the right hair care methods will certainly get soft, shiny and fabulous hair. On the contrary, the wrong hair care methods will result in hair loss and many other hair problems.

Let’s check to see whether you make the following mistakes or not:

Using wrong shampoo and conditioner: Using shampoo and conditioner which are not suitable for your hair makes you more likely to suffer from hair thinning and hair loss. Especially, products with sulfate in their ingredients tend to damage your hair more and make your hair issue become seriously.

Combing wet hair: A person who surf the Internet every day perhaps read a lot of bog posts about how combing wet hair tortures our hair. Needless to say more, human hair is the most susceptible to damages when it is wet.

– Over-heated impacts: Heat is absolutely an enemy of our natural hair. It is not only the cause of dehydration and split ends, it also consequences in hair loss. The resources of heat include hot water, sun, styling tools, etc.

Wrong hair care habits


Unbalanced diet

If you notice your hair become thinner and finer over time, please think of the quality of your diet. Lacks of protein, vitamins, iron and zinc in the daily diet can be considered to be the serious cause of hair thinning.

Unbalanced diet

Some remedies for thin hair

Improve your health physically and mentally

Your health is the most important thing in this world. Having healthy life not only makes you happy but also beautiful. You hair, for instance, is affected directly from them. 

For physical health, you need to do exercise frequently and have a balance diet.

For mental health, you need to release your stress. Each people have their own way to low down the pressure such as eating, shopping, playing, etc.

Provide nutrients 

There are 2 ways to supply necessary nutrients to your hair. The first one is to eat healthy food and the second one is to apply directly to your hair. For the former, we are not qualified enough to give you advise here, but for the latter, we can give you some suggestions. You can use some moisturizing products, lotion and cream to make your hair stronger. Or else, diy natural recipes work well.

Get right hair care

As far as we know, shampoo and conditioner are vital in hair care. Thus, you need to buy the suitable one for you hair and take 2-3 hair washes for a week. If you have time, a nighttime routine should be applied for better hair condition. Besides, you should limit your hair to contact heat from hot water, sun and hot tools.

Now you have your answer for “why do I have such thin hair?”, right? We hope that the information above is helpful for you. Please show us your status by dropping a comment below. If you want to get more guideline in hair care or details about hair trend as well as hair extensions, don’t forget to follow our blog now.



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