Which short hairstyles should plus size women make?

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Who do say that plus size women cannot have beautiful short hair? Maybe, your body is not as slim as models or your face is too big and fat, it doesn’t mean that short hairstyles are not suitable for you. In this article, we will help you to change this prejudice with short hairdos that make big size girls have the most wonderful appearance.

short hairstyles should plus size women make

1. Sweet curly short hairstyle

Curly pixie

Don’t worry that pixie hair will make your face looks fat and unbalanced. Curls will make wonderful volume and help you to make highlight on hair instead of on face. Therefore, you can completely feel self- confident and full of vitality without worrying your face will be lowly appreciated.

Sweet curly short hairstyle - Curly pixie

Pixie hair with long curly side bangs

Making impressions with long side bangs is also a good way for girls with plus size to display their character. Long bangs will cover unexpected big parts of face whereas curly hair will make puffing and naturalness for your appearance. In addition, you should combine with suitable accessories and clothes to get the best result.

Pixie hair with long curly side bangs

2. Curly short bob

Many women have quite big body but beautiful and balanced face, they will have more chance to make attractive short hairstyles. Curly short bob is one of their popular styles. It gives soft, pure but fresh and outstanding images. You can combine this hairstyle with bangs or not and still give the most beautiful appearance.

Curly short bob

3. Curly ends

This is a wonderful short hairstyle for plus size women. You don’t need to make all hair with curls because it is still beautiful and attractive with curls just at the end of hair. It can help cover oversized cheeks and a part of full chin so that your face will look smaller and more attractive. It actually works very well so that it is loved very much, especially with young generations.

Curly ends

4. Loose wavy short hair

Wavy short hair is never the bad idea for plus size women who want to have an attractive short hairstyle. Hair waves give young, smart and active images. You can keep this wavy side- parting style to cover the unbalanced part of your face and make the good highlight. This hairstyle can be suitable for women at different age groups so that it will never go out of fashion.

Loose wavy short hair

5. Long bob

If you don’t like a bob style which is too short and can’t help you to cover your big face and full chin, you can choose long bob to renew your short hairstyle. Long bob hair can embrace both sides of your face so that it cover unexpected parts of chubby cheeks. If you have high and wide, you can combine with bangs to hide this weakness.

Long bob

6. Curved bob

Curved bob is also one of the idea kinds for plus size women to try. Hair is curved at the end and thanks to that it can cover big side parts of face and make it smaller as well as more balanced. Curved bob is very widespread all over the world and it is appropriate for different shapes of face so that girls with big size can completely feel secure with this style. However, you had better not to make bangs for this hairstyle because bangs can make your big face looks shorter so that the face will look bigger. Off course, plus size women never like this result.

Curved bob

7. Short hairstyle with highlight colors

Natural black hair sometimes does not make impression with others. Moreover, it makes big size girls’ face become easier to get attentions. One of ideal ways for solving this problem is making impressive highlights on hair. Various colors of hair highlights not only make your hair more attractive bit also help your face look brighter. If you are a girl with pro- active and rebellious characters, you will actually like this hairstyle. It gives the much better image and better result.

Short hairstyle with highlight colors


For now, don’t feel inferior about your big face as well as your big body more. Every girl have right to be beautiful in their own way without worrying about others’ looks. These short hairstyles will partly help you feel more self- confident and outstanding in the crowd. Therefore, don’t mind changing hairstyle to have better image for yourself. If caring, trying the newest short hairstyles for this summer or for prom right here.

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