What Is Silk Base? Types Of Silk Base Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the easiest and quickest methods to change your hair. Have you ever tried them? Which kind of hair extensions do you like the most? No matter the types you choose, the first and foremost thing all women desire for is to get a natural look with these products. So, hair extensions using silk base like wigs, or sew-in weaves that come with a closure, frontal or 360 frontal are the best choice. These hair products not only give you an extremely natural-like appearance but also are a means of protecting styling. When it comes to some types of extensions like wigs, closures, frontals or 360 frontals, we often think about the materials that are used to make a lace under the hair.

What Is Silk Base
What You Need To Know About Silk Base

It is obvious that all we know about these hair products. But how many people do really know about the differences between a normal lace and silk base wig/closure/frontal? That is what I will show you now. Today I will provide you with the necessary things about silk base as well as some popular silk base hair extensions like full lace wigs, closures, frontals and 360 frontals. Continue to read this post for interesting information.

I. What Should You Know About Silk Base?

1. What Is Silk Base? 

Firstly, find out what a silk base is to have an overview about it. In term of its definition, the silk base is made from “a layer of lace and pure fabric on the top of the cap”. The knots of the hair are sewn under the silk base and are hidden between the layers. Maybe many people don’t know what knots exactly are. In fact, the knots are when hair strands are tied to the lace base using a knot. Then the hair is injected through the silk, which gives a feeling of that the hair is growing from your own scalp when you apply it. By this technique, the knots look completely invisible so that you don’t need to worry whether other peoples recognize them or not. 

What Is Silk Base 1
What is silk base?

In brief, the silk base is regarded as the best way to bring the most realistic scalp. With the hair extensions uing this material, you don’t have to bleach the knots as well as use any kind of concealers to cover them.

2. What Are The Differences Between Silk Base And Common Lace?

I will summarize all differences between a silk base and a common lace for you. There are something you should remember before deciding choosing wigs, closures or frontals. Let start!


Differing from common lace products, silk base lace hair extensions are constructed with a silk base. This can give a much softer and more comfortable feeling when you touch them. 

Hair Line and Pre-Plucked Part

Generally, not similar to the regular lace front wigs that are often all pre-plucked, silk base wigs don’t require pre-plucking. Instead, you will use hand to pull some hair strands to create much natural hairline.

Black Knots

For normal laces, knots are easy to be recognized because they are often dark, large and visible, giving an unnatural appearance. Meanwhile, silk base lace, as mentioned above, will not reveal any the knots from the silk base lace part. Using the silk base hair extensions, you can throw all worries about being afraid of that other people will realize your secret.

The difference bewteen silk base wig and normal lace wig
The difference bewteen silk base wig and normal lace wig

Color Options

Common laces often includes transparent color, light brown, or medium brown, etc. These colors are nearly similar to the color of human skin and but sometimes still need bleaching. However, silk base lace hair extensions are extremely close to the color of your own scalp and you even don’t need to bleach the silk lace. Therefore, we nearly can’t recognize the difference between of them. In short, the silk base is more natural than normal laces.

Lifespan and Price

For more strengths, it is obvious that the price of a silk base lace extensions like wigs, closures or frontals are more expensive than a common lace one. Furthermore, the silk base lace’s lifespan is also much longer.

Next, find out the hair extensions using silk base. I will introduce to you some common types namely wigs, closures, frontals and 360 frontals in this post. Keep reading and you will make a decision about which types of hair extensions that are better for you.

II. Silk Base Hair Extensions

1. Silk Base Full Lace Wig

What Is A Silk Base Full Lace Wigs?

What Is A Silk Base Full Lace Wigs
Silk base full lace wigs

What do you know about silk base full lace wig? As a matter of fact, it is a kind of wig using a silk base instead of a normal lace. This is the highest quality hair system supplied on the market today. Because of being built with the silk fabric on the top of the wig cap, silk base full lace wigs gives wearers a very natural look. Besides, all the knots are concealed under the layer of lace, making it invisible in any situations. Undoubtedly, it offers you a very realistic look that is the same as the color of the real scalp. Therefore, you can feel definitely confident and secure when using them. If you are facing to the thin or fine hair problems, full silk base wigs are the best choice for you.

Why Should You Use Silk Base Full Lace Wig?

Silk base wigs are regarded as the best hair extensions because they are tied by hand, making it more flexible. That is the reason why they have high quality that satisfies all demands of customers. With these hair extensions, you are able to separate it anywhere you want. Besides, it is possible for you to create some simple hairstyles like a high or low ponytail when using the full lace wig with silk base. Silk base human hair wigs create an illusion of that the hair is growing out of your skin as well as a realistic scalp. Different from normal full lace wig, the silk material on the top of your head offers an unrecognizable hairline. For this reason, you don’t need to meet some troubles of blending, hiding or bleaching the knots. Specially, silk base full lace wig remy and virgin hair will never disappoint you.

What Are Silk Base Wig Review?

Only by searching “silk base full lace wigs”, can you see hundreds of good reviews. We can understand that these extensions are all the rage among customers all over the world. They not only give you a full look but also have flexible parting space. Their silk base wig cap can blend seamlessly with the human skin color, bringing a natural look. You can ask your hair vendors to make the wigs based on the length you want. And they will always try their best to meet your requires in any circumstances.

Other Wigs You Should Consider

Although silk base wigs have more advantages, a variety of people still love types of regular human hair wigs for its convenience and beautiful styles. If you want to purchase high-quality human hair wigs, Luxshinehair is a prestigious brand on the market now. Come here, you can find a lot of beautiful wigs in different colors, lengths and textures like straight, wavy and curly hair. All of them are made from 100% remy and virgin hair of Vietnamese women. As can be known, this type of hair is the highest quality hair that is very soft, smooth and strong enough to style and color. There are a lot of colors for you to choose like blonde, black, brown, and so on.  Thus, you can find the most suitable wig more easily.

In addition, Luxshinehair also offers many other kinds of human hair extensions like bulks, weaves, closures, frontals, clip-in hair, tape-in hair, keratin hair extensions, etc. These hair product of the company have never made customers disappointed for their quality and styles. I believe that you will feel totally satisfied with their human hair extensions as the way I do.

2. Silk Base Closure and Lace Closure

Generally, a closure piece is often applied for sewing-in installation. If you put it in a proper place, it is possible for you to wear a full weave and give the appearance of a natural scalp area as well. So, what are the big differences between silk base closure and lace closure?

Silk Base Closure and Lace Closure
Silk base closure and lace closure

A Lace Closure

When it comes to a lace closure, we will think about that its base is made with a thin lace in which hair strands are embedded into the very small holes. Therefore, lace closures will give a quite natural looking hairline.

A Silk Base Closure

Meanwhile, a silk base closure is constructed with a silk base with the hair embedded through it via the tiny holes. As mentioned above, silk base is known as a nude and skin-like silk material. It is thicker than a normal lace, which makes it hard to see the natural scalp underneath as well as gives you a more natural hairline. However, the silk base closure needs a super flat application as they are a little thicker than a regular lace closure. 

Which is better silk or lace closure
Which is better – silk or lace closure?

The question here is “Which is better – silk or lace closure?” It depends on your desire because both of them have pros and cons. If you want a hair extensions that gives you a very natural look and can last for a longer time, silk base closure is for you. But remember, this kind of hair extensions will cost much more for its higher quality.

3. Silk Base Frontal and Lace Frontals

A lace frontal is quite familiar to us. It is a kind of extensions with the hair fixed on a lace. Normally, it can go from ear to ear; therefore, the entire front is fully covered. A lace used to make a frontal has many types. But silk base is the best material for its outstanding advantages. A silk base frontal often comes with weaves to make a full installation. Therefore, you can buy silk base frontal with bundles of weaves which promise to fulfill your figure as the way you want. Giving a natural hairline that exactly looks like the color of your scalp, concealing the knots perfectly, lasting for a longer time are what customers can get when using silk base lace frontal.

Silk Base Frontal and Lace Frontals
Silk Base Frontal and Lace Frontals

4. 360 Silk Base Frontal

What do you know about 360 frontal? This is one of the hair extensions with lace pieces which a variety of girls fall in love with due to its convenience and ease to apply. They are very popular today and come in diverse styles, giving customers more choices. As its name, this is just a half-hair wig and requires some weaves to obtain a full look. If you don’t want to spend much money purchasing a full hair wig, 360 frontal extensions are really an ideal option. Designed as a special closed lace piece, 360 frontals can hide your hair weaknesses like fine or thin hair and add more volume for your hair as well.  

360 Silk Base Frontal
360 Silk Base Frontal

360 silk base frontal looks like a regular one but the difference is that it is made with a silk base instead of a normal lace. Like many kinds of hair extensions constructed with silk base, it has all outstanding advantages as mentioned above. Therefore, this is a worth-trying hair product for girls who are really fond of hair extensions.

I have shown you the most helpful information about silk base. Now, you can know more about the silk base hair extensions like wigs, closures, frontals and 360 frontals. What do you like the most? No matter which types of hair silk base extensions you choose, they will always help you to complement your appearance with beautiful hair. Wish you get the most suitable hair extensions!

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