What do you know about Overtone Rose Gold for Brown Hair?

Have you thought about coloring your hair? It can’t be denied that it is a great way to hide your hair flawless and give yourself a new and fresh appearance. But, you should also know how to transform your hair at home to protect your healthy hair. If you follow the instruction, you will be amazed by the result. Today we would like to introduce Overtone Rose Gold for Brown Hair. If your natural hair color is brown and you have a desire for rose gold color, why don’t you try it?

Rose Gold for Brown Hair

1. What do you know about Overtone?

Speaking of hair color, overtone is a line of color depositing conditioners which is used to keep the color of hair bright and bold. Even though this product is able to transform your hair color, don’t confuse overtone with hair dye. It can be used to deposit color on to natural colored hair. Overtone is made with 100% vegan ingredients and cruelty-free formula, so it is definitely safe for your scalp and your health, as well. Instead of going to salon which can be expensive and damage your hair at the same time, this product will be your best choice.

Overtone Rose Gold for Brown Hair

2. What is special about Overtone Rose Gold for Brown Hair

Speaking of Overtone hair coloring system, what words will cross your mind? The desire of pastel color seems never ending, but it can be a daunting for brunettes. However, the appearance of one brand tend to be a game-changer. Overtone – a company making color-depositing conditioners, has introduced a rose gold for brown hair. It claims that your hair dream of rose-gold hue will become reality without prior bleach. The product looks brightest on light brown hair and obtain delicate tone on medium and dark brown hair. The shade of rose-gold is an incredible formulate to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy.

special about Overtone Rose Gold for Brown Hair

3. How to use Overtone Rose Gold for Brown Hair

In order to get the maximum benefits from your hair product, there are few things you should be mindful of using this product.

Step 1: Overtone is able to apply on wet or dry hair. However, in order to get maximum color deposit, you should apply it to dry, clean and unconditioned hair.

Step 2: For the best result, leave on for 10 – 15 minutes. Please don’t forget to watch the clock.

Step 3: After letting the treatment soak, rinse out with warm or hot water. You can style your hair as usual in this step.

Step 4: You can maintain color every time you want with Daily Conditioner. It’s necessary to reapply it whenever your hair need a surge of extra color. Your dream of rose gold shade will become true with this excellent product.

overtone hair

4. Overtone rose gold for brown hair before and after

Generally speaking, it is difficult to achieve rose gold hue without a light blonde base. In the old days, you had to endure some bleach damage to reach the dream hair color, but it is quite harmful for your hair. Overtone is known as the product without bleach and 100% free-damage. Take a look at the hair of girls before and after using overtone rose gold for brown hair to see the difference.

Having said that after using overtone rose gold, her hair looks brighter and the hair color is quite attractive. It is absolutely suitable for those who fall in love with this trend, but don’t want to bleach their hair.

Overtone rose gold for brown hair before and after

5. Overtone rose gold for brown hair reviews

It is important to know how other people feel when they decide to use this product. People said that the smell of the product is pleasant. It smells like a sort of flowers. The rose-gold colored tone of hair is gorgeous. Nonetheless, depending on your natural color, the result of rose-gold hue on brown hair can be different. Don’t worry because the color looks vibrant as its own way. What do you think about the review of this product? Why don’t you experience it yourself and let us know the results?

Overtone rose gold for brown hair reviews

Having said that the product is bleach-free and has no lightening agents. So, if you have dark brown or black strand, Overtone will be your perfect option. If you have any queries, please send Luxshinehair your questions via our social media or in the comment section below and ask for verification. If you need assistance, contact Luxshine Hair, a Vietnamese hair vendor! We are always ready to help you!

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