What Could You Learn From Dove Cameron Hair Styles?

Before going around to have a look on Dove Cameron hair styles, you may want to know who she is.

How Well Do You Know Dove Cameron?

Dove Olivia Cameron born in January 15, 1996 is an American actress and singer. She is famous for characters in the Disney Channel teen sitcom Liv and Maddie. For that sitcom, she won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in Children’s Programming. She has also played Mal in the Descendants film series.

Cameron made her debut as a singer with the soundtrack album Liv and Maddie (2015). In the same year, her debut single “If Only” was released for Descendants. In 2019, she published her debut EP, Bloodshot / Waste which is one of her all-time favorites.

How is Dove Cameron Hair styled for events?

Medium straight platinum blonde hair


Dove Cameron’s platinum blonde are cut blunt so that it pasts her shoulders to perfectly frame her triangular-shaped face. This looks so simple but luxurious for red carpet events as well as active at any other occasion. The hair color should be go well with any color and style of outfit.

Women with thick and straight hair should give it a try as the hair looks so shiny and healthy with the blunt ends.

Long Wavy Light Blonde Hair


Dove Cameron hair looks thicker with those beautiful waves moving from the mid – length to ends. She highlighted the style with a mall bundle of strands pinned on one side to complete it perfectly. You may braid those strands to make them look more like a princess concept. To apply this hairstyle, make sure you know well how to prevent split ends for the best smoothness.

The style looks good on many face shapes such as round, oval, heart and triangular; but if you have got a large forehead, just think about additional frontal hair. You could seek for more wavy hair style at this adress

Short blonde hair with loose waves


Dove Cameron appeared with her fabulous loose waves in a deep right side part.

She would purposely have smoky eyes as beautiful as her signature long lashes to perfectly combine with the hairstyle. Her bight color of lipsticks, finally, completed her elegant and awesome look.

 Dove Cameron Hair Styles on street

Platinum Blonde Wavy High Ponytail


Cameron looks extremely active and fabulous with her bare charming forehead. The hair is kept neat and fluffy with long light waves. You would better apply it with soft bands not to break your strands texture nor create unpleasant folds. It is ideal for young girls and medium – age women who own an oval, heart and triangular shape of face. If you love to go for a walk when it windy outside, so why don’t you have a look on it?

Light wavy blonde hair

01 dove cameron hair

This style looks so easy yet appealing on street. If those light waves could not make your hair look thick enough, you should use your tool for wavier hair or have yourself some hair extensions that you could learn more here.

Seeing how perfectly it fits Cameron’s face and fashion style, you are suggested to apply this if your face is either round or oval, heart – shaped or triangular – shaped. 

How does Dove Cameron hair look like in Movie and TV series?

Straight purple long hair with frontal

02 dove cameron hair

Cameron’s role in Disney Descendant 2 is so cool with colorful straight hair. We usually see that she have her hair dyed with outstanding colors mostly in Movie and TV series. However, active girls who love to try a new thing should pay attention to this style.

Looking good on almost all type of face shape, it should especially applied for women with a round face. Make sure your hair is not too thin to be straight. Hair extensions may resolve this issue. On the other hand, you should consider if the hair color could go well with your skin color and what kind of outfit you will pick to make a completely perfect appearance.

Wavy hair dyed


Dove Cameron appeared in Disney Descendant 1 and 3 with her wavy hair dyed which is just past her shoulders. A braid on the right side made her look elegant and still active. The hairstyles could be well applied in real life especially for women at young and medium age with bright skin color. 


Now you could know thoroughly Dove Cameron hair styles in different occasions. Whether Cameron is your favorite artist, we must agree that her mindset on hair fashion is no joke. The article shall hopefully give you some suggestions for your plans to change your appearance.


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