Wedding hairstyles for short hair of African American women

Many people think that short hair can’t make girls look beautiful and outstanding on the wedding day. However, they are totally wrong! Short hair is always trendy and eye- catching so that they are very popular and loved much, especially with African and American women. Today, let’s with Luxshinehair to discover these inspiring African- American wedding hairstyles for short hair!

1.Shoulder length curly hair

How do you think about shoulder length hair blowout with bouncy curls? It will not be a bad idea if you want to have an impressive short hairstyle on your own wedding. Not using too much complex methods to make styles, this style only uses loose curls to make highlights. It sounds simple but you can make hundreds styles with it such as side part hair, middle part hair, hair with bangs, etc, which are up to your different hobbies.

No matter your skin is black or white, your character is soft or energetic, this short hairstyle can make you look perfect. Don’t forget to beautify your appearance with some lovely flowers, you will become the prettiest bride!

Shoulder length curly hair

2. Sleek braided crown hair

African and American women usually love sleek hairstyles because they bring outstanding and impressive images for the others right at the first sight. Thus, there will be a big shortcoming if we don’t mention hair with sleek braided crown for the bridal hairstyle.

You don’t need to have long hair to make this style perfectly, the stylist will help you to have it only with short hair. Obviously, the braided crown will look slimmer and softer while sleek hair makes it bright and noticeable in the ceremony. What a wonderful bridal short hairstyle, right?

Sleek braided crown hair

3.Pixie hair with finger waves

A lot of active girls, even celebrities chose this short hairstyle for their wedding day since it look absolutely impressive. Pixie hair brings self confidence and activeness for girls while finger waves are unique and trendy. Nothing can prevent this style become popular with bridal hairstyles.

The stylist can make finger hair waves which are suitable for your hobby as well as your shape of face to have the most beautiful pixie hairstyle. Thus, never mind if you are owning super short hair!

Pixie hair with finger waves

4. Pixie hair with long side part bangs

Sometimes, you only need to make highlight on your hair bangs instead of all hair to have the outstanding image for your wedding day. Having a pixie hairstyle with long side part bangs is exactly the typical example for that.

You can combine pixie hair with any kind of long side part bangs you want such as straight bangs, curly bangs or wavy bangs. They are all perfect and help you to have an extremely fresh on your wedding day.

Pixie hair with long side part bangs

5. Blonde curly short hair

Blonde hair color is the symbol of European women and it look very outstanding and attractive. Thus, there don’t have any reason that African- American women can’t use to have new and charming images in their important day.

Combining it with a short hairstyle which is styled with deep curls will make your appearance look the most wonderful. Don’t mind make yourself this special change of hairstyle, we make sure that you will have beautiful memories with it.

Blonde curly short hair

6. Half up half down wavy short hair

Don’t think that half up hairstyle is only suitable with long or medium length hairstyles. You can have perfect short hairstyles with it. You only need to take small hair strands on both sides of your head and twist them together according to your hobby. This style is simple but the effect that it brings is extremely beautiful.

It will be very wonderful if you combine it with the suitable hair color and some twinkle flowers and accessories. You will be the loveliest girl in the wedding dress.

Half up half down wavy short hair

7. Short hair with micro braids

Short hair with micro braids for wedding day is never out of American- African women’s attention because of its originality and impression. If you have time, don’t ignore making this style to have an absolutely attractive appearance on your wedding day.

Short hair with micro braids

8. Low bun

With short hair, you can completely have perfect styles with low bun. This hairstyle bring charm, fashion and nobleness for African American brides. Only with a little of skillfulness and softness to make an impressive low hair bun and some ornaments to beautify your hair and no one can defeat your beauty.

low bun

How do you think of these short wedding hairstyles for African and American women? We believe that they will be useful suggestions for bridal short hairstyles. Besides, if your hair is too short or thin, you can consider having hair extensions to have impressive hairstyles with every length size and texture you want. Luxshinehair will always be ready to help you become the most wonderful bride!

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