Using Water Wave Hair Extensions of Luxshinehair for a new appearance

Not every woman owns nice and thick hair, which can be available for them to make impressive hairstyles. In these cases, using real human hair extensions is the most useful way to transform their bad hair into a new amazing appearance. Among types and textures of hair, wavy hairstyles are the most popular because they not only give beautiful images but also look extremely voluminous and natural.

Today, let’s  discover water wave hair– one of the most outstanding kinds of wavy hair extensions together with Luxshinehair! Perhaps, you will be the next person who fall in love with this charming hairstyle.

1. Information about water wave hair of Luxshinehair


Water wave hair of Luxshinehair is an absolutely special texture of wavy hair extensions. It is also called “water body wavy hair“. Hair waves are made into very big and curved S- lines of hair. Thanks to that, they are easily to be recognized when we compare them to other wavy textures like deep wave, body wave or natural wave.

Because hair waves are big and clear, they can help you to have a new appearance of hair which look softer and much more natural. They are also useful to make your thin hair become more voluminous and charming than ever.

Black long water hair waves

Wonderful qualities

Luxshinehair is a famous and prestigious brand of hair extensions in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience so that we always guarantee that our hair products have the best origin and quality. We collect hair in nationwide from trustworthy hair sources. All hair are carefully checked to make sure that they are 100% Vietnam real human virgin and remy hair. Obviously, they will be made into wonderful extensions of water wave human hair or water wave virgin hair.

beautiful hair waves

In the process of making these wavy hair extensions, we use both manual technique and machine technique so as to make perfect products. Skillful blue- collars take in charge of cleaning hair and ignoring bad things of hair such as white hair, weak hair, damaged hair and  non- remy hair. Whereas, modern machines helps making types of hair extensions become speedier and more regular. Besides, you can feel secure because problems of hair like bugs, bleached or dyed hair before and hair tangles completely do not exist. We commit to bring to you the most beautiful and wonderful hair extensions with the best quality.

Beautiful colors

Colors of Luxshinehair’s extensions are also very diverse. We use the most natural and basic hair dyes to make hair extensions with the most real images. In addition, because hair is totally real human hair, it absorbs hair dyes very well and naturally. You will never need to worry that your hair extensions with these colors will look awkward when being used.

We suggest you to buy water wave hair extensions with black or dark brown hair if you love soft images. Or else, you can try applying more outstanding hair colors such as shades of ash brown, blonde, even red. Recommendations of ombre hair or piano hair can also make you feel completely satisfied.

Types of hair extensions with water wave hair

As we have mentioned above, we are a famous brand of exporting hair extensions so we can supply all types of hair extensions will any hair texture you want, including water wavy hair. Apart from main types of hair extensions for wholesalers such as  bulk hair and weave hair, we also sell a lot of other types of hair extensions for diverse demands.

For the convenience, you can choose to wear clip in hair or tape hair extensions. You can apply them on your real hair only in some minutes. For longer time, using keratin hair, lace frontals or hair wigs will actually be ideal choices.

Benefits of water wave hair

Almost women using hair extensions because they want to have new appearances of hair which look thicker and more beautiful. Body wave hair can give the most wonderful effects on your hair.

Firstly, they are made from real human hair, your hair after being worn with hair extensions will look very real and natural. Hair is nice, smooth and sleek without tangles, shedding or bugs so that you can you can freely posture with them like with your own real hair. Of course, each type of hair extensions of Luxshinehair has its proper application to stay stably in hair without being broken or left out.

Secondly, water wave hair strands are absolutely impressive and eye- catching. They give images which are mild and full of vitality that you can’t get when you use rebellious hair textures like deep curly hair or kinky hair. In addition, they make your thin hair look much more voluminous and stunning. If you have thin or bad hair that need covering, these hair waves will be extremely useful.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if the hair length size you want is short or long because our water wave hair extensions can meet all of these demands. Luxshinehair have hair with various length from short 6 inch hair to  very long 32 inch hair. In some special cases, hair can even be longer than that. That is so amazing, right?

using water body wave hair

With tons of these advantages, why don’t you buying them immediately and transform your unexpected bad hairdo into a more gorgeous hair style than ever?

2. Comparison with other brands’ water have hair extensions

If you find for water wave hair extensions on the Internet, you can feel a bit surprised because they can look different from our descriptions. Those water hair waves are like messy deep waves or romantic curls. So they make you feel suspicious, right? Don’t worry because each hair brand has its individual name for their products and Luxshinehair does too. We consider water wave hair as S- line shaped big wavy hair. It also has another names called ” water body wavy hair” or “water body wave“. Images of Luxshinehair’s water hair waves are very clear and easily to recognize, aren’t they?

Brazilian water wave hair

On the other hand, if you would like to find for hair extensions which are similar to figures on the Internet, you can completely visit our website and store to find for deep hair wave, deep hair curls or romantic hair curls. Our hair textures are extremely various so that you can discover more wonderful hair extentions according to your hobbies.

3. Other variations with water wave hair

These days, apart from products of traditional water wave hair extensions, you can find for water wave braid hair. It can be designed into water wave crochet hair or freetress water wave hair.

These styles are like deep hair curls and they are often used to make more hair volume and hair curls for women hair, especially African American women hair. Thus, if you are curious with these styles, try it for a new thing. However, let’s make sure that you need to take care of hair frequently to keep hair always in the best condition.

We hope that you will love water wave hair after reading this article of us. If you have any demand for these water wavy hair extensions or any other types, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We are always ready to serve you!

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