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As for black girls, having braid styles for hair is no longer too strange. They are really try-worthy styles which both give comfortable feelings and bring to eye- catching images for the owner. Whether you have known all the most unique braids for black girls or not? Do you want to find out more about them? Let’s stay here together with Luxshinehair and check out Ultimate guides for black girls braids!

1. Various types of black girl braids

Micro braids

This style can take your whole day for making because each micro braid is often very small and long. However, you can completely feel secure about the result that they bring to your hair. Black girl micro braids are made subtly and meticulously with tiny and regular sizes so that hair looks very natural, soft and catchy. The longer your hair is, the more impressive micro braid styles are.


Box braids

If you want to have some more changes and creations on your braided hair, why don’t you try having black girl box braids? Parting your hair into box shapes according to your hobby and then braid hair in each box into impressive braid strands. What an interesting hairstyle for black girls!

Box Braid Hairstyles


Cornrow braids

Cornrow braided hair is the ideal style for black girls who own thick and strong hair. You need to braid hair which is close to your scalp into braided lines right on your head and then the rest is braided like the way you microbraid. Of course, you can have more or less these black girl cornrow braids on your scalp so as to make your favorite styles. We make sure that you will get wonderful images thanks to them.

cornrow braids

Goddess braids

Generally, Goddess braids are similar to cornrow braids but they are bigger and firmer as their name. Because black girl goddess braids are impressively big, they give images which are really eye- catching and easy to recognize. Parting hair sections is up to you so let’s freely create so as to make your hair become the most outstanding in the  crowd.

Goddess Braids

Combined braids

Black girls love braided styles with strong images instead of soft appearances of white girls. Therefore, they often combine global loose braids with their own braided style. For examples, black girl french braids is the combination between normal French braided style and impressive Goddess braids or cornrow braids. As for black girl braids to the side, they choose to have jumbo braids or side braids with outstanding micro braids, etc. Anyways, they are wondeful creativenesses that only African American girls like them can look the best.

jumbo side braids

2. How to make black girl braids look more impressive?

Black girls look completely attractive even when they have braided styles with their natural black hair and their relaxed down hair. However, changing their images is necessary to have more outstanding styles. Let’s see their gorgeous ways that they have done to make their braids become the best right here below!

Changing hairstyles with braids

Instead of always keeping braided hair down with soft and traditional images, black girls know how to renew themselves with diverse hairstyles such as ponytail braids, high bun braids or the combination between some hair braids with natural hair curls.

ponytail braids


Each style helps them have different images so as to be suitable with each situation in life. It can be a  Thanks to that, styles of black girls with braids are never tedious and they are always highly appreciated about their creativeness.

cornrow braids with hair curls

Adding accessories on braided hair

Braids styles for black girls are various so that attached ornaments with them are also updated frequently.

black girl braids with beads

Black girl braids with beads can  be considered the most popular ones. Beads are wonderful accessories with unique shapes and impressive colors. You have thousands ways to design hair with them and their effects will actually not make you disappointed.

Besides, you can also use colorful strings or yarns so as to wind over hair braids and make interesting shapes. Accessories for black braids are very popular and diverse so that don’t feel worry if your natural black braided hair is not outstanding enough.

braided hair with strings

Adding outstanding hair colors

Of course, we can’t ignore the method of dyeing hair to have more impressive braids styles for black girls than ever. Black girls’ hair is essentially thick and black so that  it is very difficult to dye and bleach hair into bright colors. In addition, using chemicals can make their hair get serious damage and breakages.

colorful braids


Therefore, instead of dyeing hair directly, they often buy braided hair extensions with available colors to wear or braid hair with colorful yarns. They are wonderful ways that both help black girls to protect their own hair and help them have hair colors they want.

braids for little girls

You can completely make these braided styles for your cute kids. We make sure that images of braids for black little girls will actually not inferior to older girls.

We hope that these ultimate guides for black girls braids will give you useful suggestions for your next braided styles. Please visit and support our Luxshinehair blog for more unique information of hair as well as hair extensions!

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