U-tip Application Steps

The application method is quite similar to a soldering iron that constantly stays hot, unlike its cold fusion counterpart which only activates its power when you press the button.

The installation process:

  • Firstly, your natural hair is freshly washed with a clarifying shampoo. This helps the keratin bonds grip firmly on your hair.
  • Then your hair is divided into 4 sections: top, bottom, left, and right side. The stylist will start the process from the bottom section and then move up
  • Next, the U-tip hair extensions are placed underneath your hair, about ½ inch from the root. Then the keratin bond is melted and mixed into the natural hair by the rolling method. When the keratin is cool, it creates a hard bond which fuses your hair and U-tip hair extensions together. 

This can take several hours of application time for full head and can be quite messy. Therefore it is always recommended that the application process be done by a professional. 

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