Tyra Banks and rare times she appears with her real hair

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Talking about Tyra Banks, almost of us know that she is really a multi-talented celebrity of American Showbiz. She is a model, actress, singer, producer and MC for many famous series and programs. People know her best through the long- running reality television series America’s Next Top Model and America’s Got Talent. Even, Banks is one of four African Americans and seven women to have repeatedly been ranked among the world’s most influential people by Time magazine.

Not only does she have endowed talents but she has an attractive appearance as well. Tyra Banks always appears in public with the most charming and beautiful images. Especially, her hair is a topic which is discussed the most. BanX’s hair styles are extremely diverse and eye- catching but whether all of these styles are made from her real hair or just be the product after being relaxed or worn with hair extensions? Today, let’s check out rare times of Tyra Banks real hair together with Luxshinehair! We think that some of you will feel surprised!

1. What is Tyra Banks real hair?

As you know, Tyra Banks is an American African woman so that it is not too surprising if her real hair is black with bouncy hair curls. Actually, Tyra Banks real natural hair is that. This celeb’s hair is essentially black, thick and strong with natural kinky curly hair strands. Of course, they can’t be as beautiful as voluminous hair curls which are styled by specialized machines but they are specific and unique.

Tyra Banks real natural hair

Tyra Banks had mentioned about her hair on “Larry King Live” that “My natural hair texture is very kinky. You felt my real hair texture? This is straightened. This part is straightened. This part is not, inside. But, I mean, hair for black women, we spend $9 billion a year on hair products — black women do…. but I felt it was my responsibility to show as much of my real hair as possible”.

She is so gorgeous! We mean she never feels inferior to other because of her strange hair. As for some people, her real hair can be a bit ugly but as for Tyra Banks, her kinky curly hair is always unique and worthy. Of course, being a famous person, she needs to show the world the most diverse and attractive appearances so that is the reason why she often changes her hairstyles instead of keeping her own real hair. However, as she said that she it had been her responsibility to show as much of her real hair as possible, it was not difficult to find out pics of Tyra Banks real hair these days. Although these pictures are not too many but they are really interesting images.

2. Tyra Banks real hair pics

Tyra Banks real hair on Instagram

On her Instagram, Tyra Banks can freely show her style and also her own personality to her fans. Expressing her real natural hair is exactly one of them. She wrote in the caption of this picture that “Me…because sometimes the wigs and weaves need a vacation”.  That was so lovely, isn’t it? No woman wants to wear artificial hair on her whole time and our BanX does too. She is completely comfortable when showing her relaxed black kinky curly hair to all others. This is really a good and wise choice to protect her real hair in the best way. Let’s see! Her real hair is impressively voluminous and black.   Tyra Banks real hair on Insta In another picture below, we can see a humorous Tyra Banks with her natural kinky curly hair. We can recognize that her natural hair is relatively bad. Hair looks frizzy, rough and tangled.  That can be caused after many times she used hair styling methods or dyed hair. Almost of celebs have the similar problem like hers so that it is necessary to take care of hair more as well as protect hair more skillfully. Of course, she still didn’t forget messaging her fans with this picture “Sunday Funday, but make it fashion”. Tyra is really an interesting and lovely women! Tyra Banks real hair

Tyra Banks shows off her real hair in public

In the past, Tyra Banks had ever shown off her real hair for many times. She proved that the naturalness always gives the most comfortable feeling. This picture of Tyra Banks real hair straightened was the most specific illumination. When her hair was wet and slick, it looked quite thin. Therefore, BanX always need to care for it carefully and frequently so as to make sure that her hair will not be worse damaged. Tyra Banks natural hair

On her Emmy-winning talk show in 2009, Tyra shared “I’ve worn weaves, and wigs, and pieces… since I was 17, 18 years old,” Banks said to her live audience. “And I wanted to show the real me. I wanted to show the raw me.” This must have been the thought of a lot of African American women who want to be themselves with the most natural beauty.

Tyra Banks hair show

3. Tyra Banks uses hair extensions

Being a celebrity, Tyra Banks always need to change her own image to attract fans. Thus, using hair extensions instead of keeping her natural hair is necessary. Perhaps, they sometimes give uncomfortable feeling for her but we can’t deny that wearing hair extensions helps Tyra Banks become extremely energetic, young, beautiful and charming

Tyra Banks uses hair extensions 1

It is not the matter whether she wears wigs, hair wefts or any other types of hair extensions with any hair texture like straight, wavy or curly, Tyra Banks always looks gorgeous with them. Each style can give Tyra a special appearance and that is really a wonderful thing that her natural real hair can’t have.

Tyra Banks hair extensions

We hope that you like and feel satisfied with these sharing lines of Tyra Bank real hair. Obviously, we respect to the natural beauty of every woman but if you feel that your natural hair is not beautiful enough, don’t mind using hair extensions to renew your appearance. Luxshinehair will actually your trustworthy choice for you. We are prestigious in supplying all types of real Vietnam hair extensions with the best image and quality to customers all over the world. Find out more about proper hair care routine to take care of your hair the best.  

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