Top 9 short naturally curly hairstyles for girls with round faces

There is a truth that we cannot deny that people owning round faces will meet more difficulties in choosing a suitable short hair. Especially, if you love natural curls, you will have to consider. Some hairstyles of them can release your shortcomings on face such as chubby cheeks, big face, etc. Therefore, to help you to deal with these problems, we introduce top 9 short natural curly hairstyles for round faces in this article.

short natural curly hairstyles for round faces

1. Short loose curly hair

Instead of choosing to make deep curls, making a style with loose curls is a wise idea. Round and fat face can be very easy to be seen when you use deeps curls because they make strong impressions and make your face become unbalanced. Whereas, short loose curly hair gives comfortable and gentle feelings. It covers skillfully chubby cheeks and thanks to that, your face looks smaller and brighter. You can choose a hair color which is suitable for skin tone so as not to make clear contrasts which can damage all your attempts when using this style.

Short loose curly hair
Short loose curly hair

2. Short Layered Curly Hair

An asymmetrical short curly haircut like this short layered hair is always not a bad idea for round face. It can help you to cover some bigger parts on face so that your face looks slimmer. Combining with accessories and appropriate hair colors can create great impressions.

Short Layered Curly Hair
Short Layered Curly Hair

3. Medium layered curly bob

If short layered hair can be a bit rebellious, this medium layered curly bob hairstyle will be a good choice for girls with softer character. A shoulder length haircut with layered curls in a free way so it looks extremely impressive. Moreover, medium curly layers can be the useful coverage for girls with big and round faces and you will not have to worry about these weaknesses.

Medium layered curly bob
Medium layered curly bob

4. Romantic short curly hair

With this hairstyle, curls with disordered textures can make great impressions so that other people can notice them more than your round face. Moreover, romantic short curly hair is charming and attractive enough to make you become the highlight of some party, you will never have to doubt about that.

Curly short hairstyles of the famous actress Meagan Good are also wonderful suggestions for this romantic short curly hair. Don’t ignore them!

Romantic short curly hair
Romantic short curly hair

5. Wavy curls

If you feel that traditional curls are too tedious and ancient, you can choose to make a short wavy curly hair. It makes your appearance looks nobler and more enchanting. With this styles, you had better not to keep bangs to make round face become longer and more balanced. More important, this hairstyle will never be out of order because it gives very modern and fresh images.

Finding more variations of Indian short hairstyles, they can be suitable for you.

Wavy curls
Wavy curls

6. Lovely curly ends

You don’t need to curl all of your hair because sometimes they can look unnatural. In those situations, curly ends can help you to have a more lovely and natural image. Girls, even famous people sound like this hairstyle more because it is beautiful, soft and luxurious. It is also a good way to cover round face, especially chubby cheeks and make the face become so young and cute.

Lovely curly ends
Lovely curly ends

7. Voluminous curls

Making more volume for curly hair not only help your hair to look thicker but also be a useful way to cover shortcomings of the round face. This puffing up hairstyle is very popular because women at every age groups can apply without worrying that they are unsuitable or awkward.

Voluminous curls

8. Curled bob with side bangs

Many girls worry that bangs can make their round face become bigger. However, making short bouncy curls and a deep side bang help to slim wide cheeks and help to draw attention to the cute chin area. Therefore, your face will look younger and more attractive.

Curled bob with side bangs

9. Short curly lob

Messy wavy curls of this lob hairstyle are also a creative way for girls with round face try. They look a bit longer and softer than curly bob so that they can cover parts of fat cheeks and chin. If you want a lovely image, you can combine this style with bangs. It fits perfectly and modernly.

Short curly lob


For now, our girls have had wonderful suggestions for your short curly hairstyles no matter your face shapes are round and a bit big. These hairdos can guarantee to give your most beautiful appearance for special occasions and still look very natural and impressive. Try them if you like and don’t forget to share your results with us!

How should you make short hairstyles if you have both round face and big body? Luxshinehair has the best ideas to help you here, visiting this page if you want to get more information. Don’t forget that long hairstyles are also effective suggestions to cover big size body, you can make one if you want another hairstyle instead.

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