Top 9 short hairstyles for women with thin hair

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Are you a girl with a strong personality? Have you grown up with thin hair? If you are looking for a hairstyle suits you, short haircut maybe is a great suggestion for you.

  • Why should you choose a short haircut for thin hair?

Many people worried that haircut will make your hair looks thinner and manly. Actually, there are many short hairstyles make your thin hair look full and thick. A good haircut in a short length is bob, lob, pixie or tomboy cut-their styles are the best ideal for thin hair. You will always very beautiful and sexy everywhere, so there is no reason not to love your short hairstyles.

Here are the top 9 short hairstyles for women with thin hair that you can refer to.

1. Shoulder-length cut for thin hair

It is a classic and safe hairstyle for women who don’t want to change too much. You will look so sweet and very girly with this hairstyle. With the girl who has thin hair, you can curl lightly waves to create the fullness for your hair. This hairstyle also easily mix with any dress what you love.
Shoulder-length cut for thin hair

2. Smoky Pixie cut for thin hair

If pixie cut style is already with many girls, strange hair color is a new trend now. Although to dye these hairstyles are quite difficult, many young people love this style. Not hard to understand the reason why this hairstyle is so attractive. Pixie cut with smoky gives you strong and modern beauty, as the shortness allows for some natural volume, the smoky color will unique your style and their combination is amazing.
Smoky Pixie cut for thin hair

3. Short hair tangled

You can comb your hair to create a bump for hair roots or tangled your hair too short hair becomes thicker and natural. It is a simple style and you can do it at home in a few minutes. One tip for you is choosing energetic costumes when you cut this hairstyle.
Short hair tangled

4. Red pixie with long bangs

Cut your thin hair short to the chin but not trim your hair into layers. The upper hair section is naturally cut straight. Make the highlights choppy and thick with impressive red hair color in order to let more of your floating color show through. If you don’t want to dye entire your short hair, you can also dye only a few parts of the hair. For long bangs is a tip for girls who have a round face to help your face become slimmer. You will become extremely attractive when you mix this hairstyle with a body dress or a set of tight jeans and a two-piece shirt.
Red pixie with long bangs

5. Layers mess for women with thin hair

The mess layers will fool you as it creates a natural thick effect for your hair. Styling layers of delicate hair and combined with a winter colored hair would be marvelous with this hairstyle. Sure you always will feel confident even if you have very thin hair. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that you can combine it with freestyle.
Layers mess for women with thin hair

6. Short hairstyle with perms

You can make interesting perms if you have long bangs. Now long bang is a new trend. Instead of pinning them, you can a mini hair curler to make perm. Your short hairstyle will become very unique and not duplicated. These perms also make your hair flutter and thicker.
Short hairstyle with perms

7. Cute style for short thin hair

Most girls with the momentum choose this style for their short thin hair. This hairstyle is often cut shoulder length and curl lightly to look more fullness. There are some accessories that you can combine with this style like bobby pin, turban or flower headbands. That’s so cute!
Cute style for short thin hair

8. Medium wavy hairstyle for thin hair

There are so many styling ideas for the medium haircut! Medium haircut is always a good choice because the medium hairstyle is always trendy and you can easily change it if you want. Hair waves make your hair look so perfect with ideal thickness.

You can transform the hairstyle to suit each situation like going out with friends or going to work.
Medium wavy hairstyle for thin hair

9. Choppy lob hairstyle for women with thin hair

Lob hairstyle has a short shoulder-length, layered haircut for thin hair are a foolproof route to take. Choppy lob hairstyles above the shoulder are a quite good choice for the office lady.
Choppy lob hairstyle for women with thin hair

Bonus: How to take care of short hairstyle for women with thin hair?

To keep your short hairstyle always beautiful and strong, you should spend more time to take care of your hair more carefully. Below are some simple tips for you.

–    Comb hair by hand

One of the reasons that make your hair is weak is you use hair comb too much. So, if you have short hair, you should try to comb your hair by your hand.

This routine is quite beneficial for hair and helps your hair not thinning every day.

–    Use styling tools

Short hair easily loss shape. To fix, the advice for you is used styling tools to keep your hair form is always perfect.

–    Don’t forget to moisturize your hair

When you have a short and thin hair, moisturizing becomes extremely important. You can use essential oils and special hair serum.

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The above suggestions are pretty good to choose suitable short hairstyles for women with thin hair. However, another opinion that we want to introduce for you is used hair extensions for thinning hair. We Luxshinehair provide a full range of products with high quality and good service for you. There are many good choices for hair from the length, colors to styles. Let’s contact us and enjoy it.

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