Top 5 beautiful types of perms for thin hair

Perms or permanent waves, is a process where hair is treated with chemicals to alter its structure from straight hair to curls or waves. Although they are beautiful, not all types of hair are suitable for them, especially thin hair because it is very weak, lifeless and easy to be damaged.

beautiful perms hairstyles that fit for thin hairThis is exactly the trouble which a lot of girls, who have thin hair but want to change their style with perms meet. Don’t worry, Luxshinehair will help you to solve this problem by pointing out the top beautiful perms hairstyles that fit for thin hair.

1. Wave perm

Wave perm hairstyle has the origin from Western countries and spreads other regions, especially Asian countries. This hairstyle makes loose curls like slight waves. It has a liberal nature and a youthful and dynamic appearance that make the hair both graceful and charming. Moreover, it helps to conceal thin hair flaws and make more magnificent movement for hair. Big and loose curls are suitable for most faces and ages but are especially suitable for women who want to find an image of mature and attractive. You can also make this hair more youthful by using outstanding dyes.

Wave perm


2. Pin curl perm

Pin curl perm is obtained by curling sections of hair with the help of curling pins and some hair gels. Chemical treatments are not necessary so that it can be appropriate for thin hair to give a natural look. This style displays pro- active and self- confident characters of modern girls in any condition.

Pin curl perm

3. Stack perm

Stack perming is when curls are added only to the end of the hair. This is a exquisite style for women who own long hair but want to make more impression for their hair. We can do it with the help of perm rods of different sizes and shapes such as tight curly hair, gentle curly hair, etc. so that girls can freely choose the suitable style for their own without worrying about tediousness.

Stack permBeside, thanks to its soft curls, this tail- curled hairstyle makes femininity and also makes the hair thicker to see. To make your face look younger, you can combine this style with thin bangs or bright dyes like honey brown or light brown.

4. Perm bob hair

If you think that the short perm hair doesn’t look as beautiful as the curls with bigger volume, you are completely wrong . Images of a lot of famous people nowadays prove that bob hair with perms gives the ladies an extremely beautiful and impressive look.

Perm bob hairAs for this style, the long hair with the curly hairline is bulged to cover the tops of the hair that is sparse. The original straight bob hair will looks softer, more natural and charming. It is also a bad idea if it attaches with dreamy spare fringe.


5. The inside- puffed perm

With hiding puffed hair, perms will look thicker so women with thin hair can be more confident in their appearance. However, if you do not want the hair to become tangle and thinner, then skillfully curl the outer layer of hair and proceed to scratch the hair inside. The hairstyle puffed inside not only helps the hair become thicker but also makes your appearance more lovely and  attractive.

The inside- puffed permActive girls will actually love and would like to change their hairstyle with this new and unique style.

We can see that it still has many choices for thin hair to combine with different and beautiful perms no matter they are long or short curls. We hope that these suggestions will help you to choose a suitable style for yourself. Don’t forget to keep in mind that you should combine them with light-colored hair tones to avoid getting old- fashioned. In addition, save and care about your thinning perm hair to keep it always beautiful and glamorous!

Hair extensions for thinning hair

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