Top 10 Must-Knows For Anyone Considering Hair Extensions

Are you sick of searching for “how to grow hair faster” or “how to get longer hair”? Well, fear not my friend, Luxshine has got your back. The solution to your hair might just be hair extensions, instantaneously and conveniently. But before you go running to the salon, there are 10 must-knows for anyone who is considering hair extensions. Pour yourself a glass of tea, relax, and digest some wonder-filled facts about these hair extensions. Are you ready?

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are strands of synthetic or human hair that are attached to a person’s natural hair to make it look longer, fuller, or thicker. Hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths, textures, and colors. It can be attached to natural hair in a variety of ways, including clip-in, sew-in, tape-in, and fusion methods. Hair extensions can be used for a variety of purposes, including adding volume and length to fine or thin hair, experimenting with different hairstyles and colors without damaging natural hair, and addressing hair loss or thinning due to medical reasons.

Real hair extension
Real hair extension

What are the pros and cons of hair extensions?

If you’re considering obtaining hair extensions, you may be weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each variety. If you’ve never had hair extensions before, determining which ones are best for you can not be easy.

We’ve collected a summary of all the advantages and disadvantages of various types of hair extensions to help you make the best selection for you!

Pros of hair extensions

  • Give a natural look: Great hair extensions give users a natural look that is virtually indistinguishable from human hair. To look this good, they are usually made of 100 percent human hair, installed properly, and perfectly match the color of your hair. Adding hair extensions can boost your confidence and make you feel more attractive and self-assured.
  • Add length and volume: Hair extensions can add length and volume to your natural hair, allowing you to experiment with various hairstyles and hairdos. With hair extension, you could indeed say goodbye to limp, lifeless hair! They certainly assist to thicken fine hair and also provide long-lasting fullness.
  • Long-lasting: Depending on the method used, hair extensions can last 3-4 months. When the time comes to have your hair restyled, the cost is half as much. Hair extensions can be reused multiple times if properly cared for. It’s a long-term, low-cost method for achieving your hair goals without breaking the bank that you should invest. 
  • Versatility: Hair extensions come in multiple shades of colors, textures and lengths which allows you to switch up your look without damaging your natural hair. They can match all the different tones in your hair, give you any length of hair that you desire and ensure a seamless natural hair texture match simultaneously. 
  • Instant gratification: Depending on the type of extension and the amount of hair being added, the installation process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Hair extensions allow you to achieve the desired hair length and volume without waiting for your hair to grow naturally, making them an ideal choice for those who want to change their look quickly.
Long hair extension
Long hair extension

Cons of hair extensions

Everything has two sides, and hair extensions are no exception. Aside from the numerous benefits, hair extensions do have certain backward, including: 

  • Cost: they can be expensive, especially if you opt for high-quality and luxury hair extensions. Additionally, you may need to invest in maintenance products to keep your extensions looking good.
  • Damage: In order for hair extensions to be applied, adhesive, tape, or keratine must be used. This can cause damage to your natural hair leading to breakage, thinning, and other issues. To avoid it, you should require help from a professional to remove them.
  • High maintenance: Hair extensions require frequent maintenance for example washing, detangling, or styling which can be time-consuming and effort-intensive.
  • Allergic reactions: Some individuals may be allergic to some materials used in hair extensions (itching, redness, and other skin responses).

What is the most effective method of hair extension?

The ideal hair extension method is unique to each individual, and the optimal way for you will be determined by your specific needs, such as your hair type, level of commitment, purpose, or budget. 

  • Sew-in (hair extension weave): known as the most common type of hair extension. They are attached to the scalp by braiding natural hair horizontally from ear to ear and then sewing the weft of hair into the braid. Sew-in extensions typically cost a minimum of $25 plus $75 for each track sewn in.
  • Clip-in extensions: these are the quickest, simplest, and least expensive type of hair extension. They are simple to apply and remove, making them an excellent choice for special occasions or experimenting with new looks. You can do it yourself in 10 to 15 minutes by securing the band of hair to your scalp. Clip-in luxury hair extensions can range in price from $100 to $300.
  • Tape-in extensions: these are a quick and easy method to apply that gives you perfect photos with thicker hair. These extensions are attached to your natural hair with a small piece of double-sided tape and cost as low as $200 for partial extensions or more if you have very thin hair.
  • Pre-bonded (fusion hair extension): using a keratin bond, small strands of hair are attached to your natural hair. It is a more expensive option, normally ranging in price from 150$ to 500$, but with proper care, it can last up to 6 months.
  • Micro-link: using small beads or links to attach small sections of hair to your natural hair. The duration of micro-link hair extensions lasts up to 3 to 6 months with proper care and maintenance. The cost them tends to run upwards of $400.

If you’re unsure which hair extensions are right for you, consult with a professional stylist who can help you choose the right method and ensure that the extensions are applied properly.

The most effective method of hair extension
The most effective method of hair extension

How long do hair extensions last?

Human hair extensions can last up to a year if properly cared for. Particularly, the tape in and sew-in last between 6-8 weeks before they need to be reinstalled. Micro link and pre-boned can last between 3-6 months, but they require more maintenance than other types of extensions. The time-consuming sew-in is shorter than other extensions from 2 to 3 months.

Is it difficult to maintain hair extensions?

Most of us know that hair extensions are the way to get hair longer without waiting for the strands to grow. However, the maintenance way of them is mentioned, not commonly. 

According to our experience, it is true that hair extensions require just as much maintenance as you would do with natural hair and are not too hard to take care of them. The key things are keeping them clean by washing them with shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis and storing them properly when not in use. 

How to Care for Hair Extensions

As we mentioned previously, hair extensions can be treated easily. However, there are a few things that you should pay more attention to before going for these products:

  • Wash your hair extensions correctly: Investing in specialized hair products (shampoo, conditioner, oils) is the first thing you need to do. Ideally, hair extensions should be washed no more than 2 – 3 times a week.
  • Reduce heat damage: Despite the fact that hair extensions are made from human hair, they are not nourished by natural nutrients from the scalp. As a result, unless you are careful with using heat on your extensions, they will damage your hair.
  • Never go to bed with wet extensions: The rule of thumb is never to sleep with wet extensions since you will face hair problems with tangled and matted roots or extensions that have fallen out. Remember to brush your hair with care and detangle them before you sleep.
  • Store the hair: when not in use, place your hair in either a storage box or hang it in the wardrobe to keep them far from dust as well as out of reach of children. 
How to care for hair extensions
How to care for hair extensions

Do hair extension damage hair growth?

Hair extensions can potentially harm hair growth if they are not installed, maintained, or removed properly. Inadequate installation or maintenance can cause traction alopecia, a condition in which the hair is pulled too tightly, resulting in hair loss. Furthermore, the weight of the extensions can put a strain on the scalp and hair follicles, potentially causing damage to natural hair.

Who should avoid using hair extensions?

While hair extensions are a wonderful method to enhance your appearance, they should be avoided using in some situations.

If you own very fine and thin hair, it is not ideal to use hair extensions as heavy ones can damage your natural hair and scalp. Besides, thin hair doesn’t have coverage enough so it won’t cover the hair extensions that you installed. And they can’t give you the ultimate realistic look. It is preferable to use lighter, more natural-looking extensions or to look into other hair-enhancing options such as wigs. 

For people who have a sensitive scalp, hair extensions can cause irritation, itching, and inflammation, leading to further scalp issues. You should avoid or limit using them if you are one of these people.

How often you should replace hair extensions?

If you place hair extensions in your hair, you must remove them after a set amount of time. The frequency of changing hair extensions is mostly determined by the duration of the extensions discussed previously. Tape-ins and sew-ins should ideally be replaced after 6-8 weeks. Whereas, the removal time for micro link and pre-bonded is after 3-6 monthsThe lifespan of sew-in extensions is are shorter than other types of extensions, and they can be removed 2 to 3 months after use. 

How do you sleep with hair extensions?

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping with hair extensions is much easier than it appears. To sleep with hair extensions, follow some tips below!

  • Before going to bed, brush your hair thoroughly. This will aid in the removal of any tangles or knots that may be causing discomfort or damage to your hair extension.
  • Tie your hair up in a loose ponytail or braid and secure it with a silk scrunchie. Ideally, you should also rest your head on a silk pillowcase or wear silk night sleeping caps/ bonnet which are a great alternative to pillowcases. They will reduce the risk of tangling and hair damage.
  • Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you go to sleep and never go to bed when your hair is wet. Wet hair is more prone to tangling, which can harm your extensions.
what is hair extension
What is hair extension

Is permanent hair extension possible?

Permanent hair extensions are a sort of attachment that, if properly cared for, can endure for years. They provide the highest quality and instantly add volume, length, color, or all three to your natural-looking hair!

Can you shower while wearing hair extensions?

The short answer to the question “Can you shower while wearing hair extensions?” is ‘’Yes, you can”. However, showering while wearing hair extensions is generally not recommended because water can damage the bonds or adhesive used to attach the extensions to your natural hair. Furthermore, water can cause clip-in or tape-in extensions to slip or come loose.

If you must shower while wearing hair extensions, you must take certain precautions to keep them safe. Wear a shower cap, for example, to keep your extensions dry, or wrap them in a towel or scarf to keep water from soaking them.

Does your own hair grow with extensions?

Many people are afraid that the strands can not develop well when wearing hair extensions. But it’s not true. Your natural hair will continue to grow since hair extensions are typically attached near the roots of your hair and have no effect on the hair growth cycle. So you don’t have to be concerned. However, for healthy hair development, be sure to take proper care of your natural hair and hair extensions.

Do hair extensions fall out?

Hair extensions do fall out, but this is based on factors, including the quality of the extensions, application techniques, and how well you take care of them.

If the extensions are installed and cared for properly, they should not fall out easily. However, if not, they may become loose and fall out. Furthermore, if the quality of hair extensions are poor, they may lack a firm grip and slip out more easily.

To keep your extensions from falling out, make sure you follow the care recommendations supplied by the stylist who installs the hair for you. Regular maintenance appointments with the stylist can also aid in keeping the extensions in place and looking their best. 

Can I exercise while wearing hair extensions?

Should be removed hair extensions (like tape-in, clip-in,…) before exercising. This will keep them from causing damage or discomfort to your natural hair.

In some cases, (such as with sew-in), you can still exercise with them, but make sure they are clean and dry by typing your hair back. Doing so will prevent sweat and moisture making the extensions become tangled or loose. Wear a sweatband or headband to keep your hair out of your face and absorb any sweat is a good idea also. 

Can you brush your hair with extensions?

Yes, you can brush your extensions, but you must be gentle and careful not to damage the extensions or your natural hair. Brush your hair extension at least twice a day. Always begin at the ends and work your way up the length of your hair to the roots before returning to the ends.

My fellow hair enthusiasts, let’s conclude our journey through the Top 10 Must-Knows for Anyone Considering Hair Extensions! We defined what hair extensions are, explored pros and cons, the maintenance tips as well as concerns while using hair extensions, we’ve covered all of them. By arming yourself with this information, Luxshine – raw hair vendors in Vietnam hopes you can make an informed decision about whether hair extensions are right for you. And if everything else fails, simply keep in mind that you’re still gorgeous even with your worst hair day. Thanks for reading!

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