Top 10 most suitable hairstyles for women with square faces

Many girls with square face usually feel not self- confident because they own the shape of face which is rough and hard. However, this is also the strength of many other girls because their square faces have a lot of things that people have to envy such as high cheekbones, well-defined jaw-lines and impeccable bone structure. If you are also one of women with square faces, let’s reject bad thoughts immediately! Luxshinehair will help you to erase all worries about the square face thanks to these below suggestions of “Top 10 most suitable hairstyles for women with square faces”.

square face hairstyles

1. Loose side braids

It is not wrong when saying that hairstyles with loose side braids is suitable for all shapes of faces, especially for square faces. They are very soft and mild which can decrease the roughness of square chin as well as make the face look much more balanced and younger. It will be more beautiful and feminine if you use the loose side braid hairstyle with face framing bangs or wavy side part bangs. Let’s try and feel the wonderful effect that it brings to your face!

Loose side braids with square facec

2. Loose wavy long hairstyle

Being one of the most popular hairstyles for women’s choices, loose wavy long hair is obviously the ideal hairstyle for square faces. It looks the best when you have a side part style without bangs. Hair waves are very soft and fresh which not only make you look more beautiful and attractive but also hides the harshness of square face or high cheekbones perfectly.

With this hairstyle, you can keep the basic hair color or dye with any tones you want for the perfect appearance. It is really amazing, right?

Loose wavy long hair

3. Layered lob

Many girls like lob style because it is beautiful and unique which is not too short but not too long. Lob hair is long and voluminous enough to help girls with square faces to hide their shortcomings. Combining with hair layers with outstanding colors, it will bring to the owner the impressive charm and luxury.

Layered lob

4. Wavy Asymmetric Bob

Girls with square faces don’t usually have short hairstyles because they can make them look masculine. However, every things can be solved one way or another. Having asymmetric bob with hair waves is exactly the hairstyle we would like to mention here. The unique asymmetric bob style with soft and bright loose waves have enough strengths to make the square face look the most charming and beautiful.

Wavy Asymmetric Bob

5. Loose curly hairdo

Similar to wavy hairstyles, hair with loose curls is also very wonderful when combining with square faces. Instead of having tight curls, loose curls make hair look softer and more charming. Don’t forget to choose yourself the appropriate makeup style and hair colors, you will have an impressive appearance which can raise advantages on your square face like well-defined jaw-lines and impeccable bone structure.

Loose curly hairdo

6. Deep black curls

Square face is not only suitable for loose curls but also for deep curls. With this hairstyle, you can freely display your own personality since hair really looks very creative and outstanding. Bouncy and stunning deep curls actually give you more self- confidence thanks to their perfect beauty while black color of hair is very natural and full of vitality. You will always look perfect no matter which skin color you have and what personalities you own.

Deep black curls

7. Side swept hair with end curls

This is also an impressive hairstyle that is very suitable for women with square face. Side part hair can hide the roughness of the square face while hair curls at the end bring freshness, youth and softness for girls. Obviously, it is worth becoming the style which is very popular at outstanding events.

Side swept hair with end curls

8. Blonde short curved bob

If wavy and curly long hairstyles make you feel bored, let’s be ready for a new change with a blonde short curved bob hairstyle. With an outstanding blonde color and the side part style, the curved bob hairstyle look more impressive than ever. Not only does it look energetic and active, but it also cover unexpected shortcomings of the square face. That is so wonderful, right?

Blonde short curved bob

9. Middle part long straight hair

It sounds simple but you will actually feel surprised with things that long straight hair brings to your square face! You don’t need to dye your hair with any hair colors because black color is exactly the perfect color for natural hair. Combining with the outstanding length size and the modern middle part style, no one can deny the attractiveness of this hairstyle.

Middle part long straight hair

1o. Ponytail hair

Who dare to say that ponytail style is not suitable for square faces? With this shape of face, you have thousands of hairstyles of high ponytails and low ponytails for impressive images. You can choose yourself a soft appearance with a low wavy ponytail style, a rebellious figure with high ponytail, various styles combining bangs or not, etc. Obviously, no girl can resist the charm of ponytail hairstyles so that don’t ignore them when you need refresh changes for your hair.

Ponytail hair

Which hairstyle impresses you the most? Let’s go to the nearest salons and give yourself a completely new change for your hairstyle with square face. The suitable style will actually not make you disappointed. Moreover, if you feel that it is too difficult to have these beautiful hairstyles with thin hair, don’t hesitate to contact Luxshinehair as soon as possible. You will have the best real hair extensions with the beauty which is not different from strong natural hair.

Finding more information of hairstyles with square face and glasses, maybe you will choose suitable ones.


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