Tomboy Haircuts – The Most Amazing And Unique Hairstyles

Hairstyle plays an important role in one’s style. Changing hair can help you change completely your appearance. If you are ready to be the soon-to-be different person, keep reading since this post is exactly for you.

Have you ever thought about getting a tomboy haircut? Start to think about it because if you are going to change yourself, unisex style should be the coolest one. Short tomboy haircuts extremely work with anyone who always has long hair or never gets a short haircut.

Therefore, in today’s post, Luxshinehair will give you a list of best tomboy haircuts that will definitely impress you. Here we go!

Short tomboy haircuts

People always think that tomboy haircuts will make you look manly and masculine which are not suitable with women. However, they are completely wrong since it really looks cool, sexy and feminine. Side-Swept Pixie Cut is one of those fancy tomboy haircuts. You can totally style by yourself because this short pixie cut can be easily swept to the longer side according to your purpose just by using hairspray and a comb.

Side Swept Pixie Cut

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Side-swept pixie cut also looks extremely cool when combining with unique color. If you really want to be outstanding and unique, why don’t you try side-swept with unique white blue color?

Side swept pixie cut with unique color

If you have a full round face, you can completely have a tomboy haircut. Don’t worry that it will make your face bigger because this short tomboy haircuts below will definitely work. Mod pixie can be seen as one the best tomboy haircuts for round faces.

Tomboy haircuts for round faces

Choppy cut is also another style for girl with round face. Combined with bangs, this tomboy hairstyle will bring you a unique look as well as make your face look more harmonious.

Choppy cut for round face


Curly pixie haircut is a perfect option for women. Curly texture brings an elegant look while short haircut creates cool appearance. Both combined harmoniously together will give you an amazing result. It’s also on top of cute tomboy haircuts list which is more and more popular in the world. With this style, no matter how color you want to dye, it still looks cool and attractive.

Curly pixie haircut

If you really want to challenge yourself and catch every single person’s eyes, let try curly pixie with undercut both side. This tomboy hairstyle is really impressive and of course will make you outstanding wherever you are.

Curly pixie with undercut both side

One of fancy tomboy haircuts is short choppy cut. This impressive hairstyle is gorgeous with hair combed to the front to create bangs above the eyebrows. We bet that no one can take their eyes off you once you rock this coolest hairstyle. You can completely color your hair in light brown or blonde color to gain the best result.

Short choppy cut tomboy hairstyles

Pixie with long bangs is an outstanding hairstyle for anyone who is having straight hair. Among tomboy haircuts for straight hair, this pixie cut ranks the first since it’s quite easy to cut and can be styled easily by your own way. Straight texture really matches with short haircut since this combination will help you look younger and cooler. Combined with a pair of sunglasses, you completely look like a real model.

Pixie with long bangs


Straight pixie cuts are also most popular tomboy short haircuts for teenage girls. Most of teenager now are falling for unisex style including both outfits and hairstyle, especially in Asian countries, Korean style is more and more popular.

Tomboy short haircuts for teenage girls

Undercut and side part hairstyle is also on top of tomboy short haircuts for teenage girls list. Taken inspiration from celebrity in the world, especially Miley Cyrus, this undercut creates a big trend all over the world and inspires almost teenagers. No one can deny the cool and attractive appearance that this haircut brings to girls.

Undercut and side part hairstyle

Tomboy haircuts are really perfect options for cool girls or anyone who wants to change completely your appearance. You really should try this amazing catchy hairstyles since we only live once, just do what we like, we enjoy. Luxshinehair believes you yourself can choose the most suitable one for the next haircut.

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