When hot summer comes, there is nothing greater than hitting the beach. Although enjoying your holiday, spending hours at the beach and having fun there must be very wonderful, you should never forget the mission of taking care of your natural hair before, during and after the trip.

If you do not have the right tips to take care of your hair when going to the beach, you will have to face with long-term negative effects that are the result of your short-term trip.

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What happens to your hair in the beach?

Needless to say, summer is full of sunshine. It’s such a great thing to lie under the sun in a beach to get tan! But you know what, it will hurt your skin and hair badly. How it works? The sun exposes the heat and UV rays which contact your hair directly. They will dehydrate your hair leading to the shortage of moisture. As a result, your hair is dry and rough. If you get your hair dyed or bleached, these factors will discolor your hair soon.

Not only the sunshine, salt water in sea is a big enemy of you hair as well. Dryness, split ends and dehydration happens when you don’t rinse out the salt water thoroughly. The faded color happens when your hair contacts the water. Besides, your bleached hair may turn to greenish hues. Such a bad result!

What should you do to prevent or fix these problems? Keep reading on for some tips!

Hair care tips for beach day

Tip 1: Apply a small amount of coconut oil or olive oil to your hair before diving into salty water.

Coconut oil and olive oil are great antioxidants. They can act as a barrier between the hair follicles and some damages to the hair such as UV rays from the sun, salt and chlorine. It is necessary to pay more attention to the roots because this is the most vulnerable part of your hair. Besides, these oils, especially coconut oil. do a great work on hair care more than that. So, there is no reason for reject them out of your hair care, even in beach day.

Tip 2: Just like your skin, your hair also needs sunscreen.

Not only your natural hair but also your hair extensions (including virgin hair extensions and remy hair extensions) could be harmed by the sun. Here are some of the best hair sunscreen products: Coola Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30, Solaire Protective Summer Oil and Protective Sun Veil.

Tip 3: We know that wet hair has lower salt and chlorine absorption capacity in comparison with dry hair.

It means that your hair tends to be more sensitive to salt and chlorine when it is dry. For this reason, you had better wet your hair with clean water before sea bathing. 

A lot of clear evidence has been given to prove that wet hair has lower salt and chlorine absorption capacity in comparison with dry hair

Tip 4: Before taking a dive, you should braid your hair.

Regardless of hair length, braiding your hair can help you to avoid the difficulties in brushing out tangles and knots. Another better solution is to use swim cap. 

Tip 5: Wearing a hat is necessary if you just walk along the coast without sea bathing.

A wide-brimmed hat not only protects your natural hair from the sun’s UV rays but also prevents it from getting tangled because of sea breeze. More than that, it may add something to your beach look. Do you find it easy to take care of your hair when you go to the beach now?

Wearing a hat is necessary if you just walk along the coast without sea bathing

Tip 6: Do not forget to wash your hair after swimming for the purpose of removing absorbed salt and chlorine

There are many different types of shampoo which can help you with that. Rinsing out the salt water, chlorine and shampoo thoroughly or it will create buildup in your hair. In addition, conditioner will heal your hair and lock the moisture after swimming perfectly. Thus, don’t be lazy and skip this step or you can get damaged hair.

Tip 7: Do not comb your hair when it is still wet. Let it dry naturally.

As a matter of fact, wet hair is vulnerable . It is more likely to be brittle and weak after being exposed to the sunlight as well as sea water. Therefore, in order to minimize the damages to your hair, you had better let it dry naturally in lieu of using a hairdryer.

To take care of your hair when you go to the beach, you should follow these tips above. It may take you some time, but we strongly believe that it is worth. Don’t let bad hair wreak havoc on your wonderful holidays. If you find it useful, don’t hesitate to show it by thumbs up and comments in the section below. We will give you more and more informative details about hair care tips, hair trends and hair extensions. See you later and have a nice day.

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