Things you need to know before donating your hair

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When your hair is long and strong, instead of cutting hair for nothing or selling it for money, why don’t you donating your hair? There are many people who can’t have beautiful hair for some bad reasons so they need donated hair extensions to change their look. For people who haven’t known about donating hair yet, let’s stay with us and see all necessary things of it!

Donate hair

1. What is the goal of donating hair?

When you donate hair, you give it for a person you don’t know for free without getting back anything. However, you and also the receiver will always feel happy and satisfied because of it. This is really a good volunteering act that you should do if possible.

The goal of donating hair is to make real human hair wigs for cancer patients. We know that the clearest sign when getting cancer is hair shedding and no one wants their nice face look awkward with a bald head without any hair. Thus, it will be so meaningful to donate hair for cancer patients. Having hair make them feel more self- confident and enjoyed with their life. Especially for kids or women, wearing hair wigs helps them to feel more comfortable and beautiful when appearing in front of others. Those will be wonderful motivations for patients to be out of depressions and see the life more colorful. 

Giving is never bad so let’s share and spread this beautiful act to people around to make our life become better!

Donate hair for cancer patients

2. Where to donate hair

Your hair donating will become meaningless if you choose a wrong destination. Thus, to make sure that your hair is sent to the person who really needs it, let’s find for trustworthy organizations. Nowadays, the best places to donate hair are prestigious hair donation organizations named “Locks of Love”,”Wigs for Kids”,”Pantene Beautiful Lengths”, “Hair We Share”, etc. Obviously, if your country also has programs like that, don’t regret to donate your hair for them!

Be Careful Where You Donate

3. Hair donation requirements

Having long hair is not the only term to donate hair. Indeed, hair donation requirements are pretty much so that the final products will be the most beautiful hair wigs. In this section, we will clarify all the most the most common questions about donated hair such as “How long does your hair have to be to donate?”, “How much hair to donate?”, “How to donate hair?”, etc. Let’s get ready!

Valid hair

– It is highly appreciated if your hair is natural which haven’t being styled or dyed yet.

– The minimum length size of hair is 8 inches. The longer, the better. 

– Natural curly and colored hair can be accepted.

– You can donate hair with any quantity you have.

– Hair which is in store for long time can be accepted on the condition that hair need to be neatly tied or braided into bulks of hair and meet above mentioned requirements. 

hair length to donate


– Hair sources which are non- remy hair, artificial hair, split ends are all unsuitable for the donation.

– Styled, bleached, dyed or colored hair is also not accepted to donate. However, you can also donate them for some organizations. These hair sources are collected to sell and make more funds for the organization.

donated hair

How to donate hair

Before cutting and donating hair, let’s make sure that your hair is washed and dried to give the best image and quality. Please don’t use any adding hair products such as hairspray, gel or mousse so as to keep hair in the most natural and comfortable status. 

Then, you can go to any hair salon near you to cut hair or cut it on your own. Obviously, we stimulate you to visit hair salons because the hairstylist can help you to have a new and nice hairstyle even when it is shorten. On the contrary, your hair after being cut can look ridiculous and make you feel upset.

The important thing is the way to send your hair to the hair donation organization. You should bring the organization’s hair-cutting guidelines, a ruler, ponytail holders, and a resealable plastic bag. Thanks to them, your hair will be cut and saved in the right way. 

Lastly, let’s note your information and send your hair package to the organization you want. You will actually feel very happy when knowing that your common hair can make somebody laugh more and live moore positively, right?

Donate hair for Love

We hope that this article of “donate hair” is useful and meaningful for you. Don’t forget to visit our Luxshinehair store and website to see much more impressive posts of hair. With the strength of having hair factory in Vietnam, we provide countless types for you to choose from.

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