Things you need to know about Luxshinehair’s bulk hair extensions

Bulk hair is the most basic type of hair extensions. From these bulk, a lot of different types of hair extensions are made to meet customers’ demands. Therefore, they are always the top choices of wholesalers and traders who want to create their own designs of hair extensions for their buyers. Luxshinehair is exactly a potential supplier of bulk hair that customers should choose.

Taking pride in being one of the most prestigious companies of exporting hair extensions in Vietnam, we can supply for you the best bulk hair extensions. No matter how the quality and quantity customers want are, Luxshinehair can also make you satisfied. In this article, let us display all things about bulk hair extensions and the reason why you should choose our company to become your partner. This will actually be useful information for your reference in the field of hair extensions.

1. What do bulk hair extensions look?

Because bulk hair is the basic type, its figure is also the simplest. Hair extensions are divided into small bundles and tightly tied with specialized twines to make sure that hair is fixed firmly and neatly. The special point of bulk hair is that it is not fixed by tips, weft or laces with various images. Bulk hair is in the most natural and original kind so that it can keep the longest size and the biggest volume.

2. How to buy good bulk hair extensions

Good bulk hair is defined not only by its figure but also by the quality of hair. Luxshinehair is exactly the supplier who can meet all criteria that you need when buying good bulk hair extensions.

Clear origin

Origin is the thing deciding whether hair can be as good enough to make different hair extensions or not. Of course, with bulk hair of Luxshinehair, you will never have to worry about its origin. All input sources of Luxshinehair have clear derivation from 100% Vietnam virgin and remy hair and they are checked thoroughly before becoming extensions. Our hair donors are girls with strong and beautiful hair without styling or using chemicals so that hair look as natural as possible.

How to buy good bulk hair extensions

High quality

Having the advantage of good hair origin, Luxshinehair is proud of making products with high quality. Of course, bulk hair extensions are one of them. Hair is checked often to make sure that there is no lice, nits, or tangles appear. Especially, Luxshine’s hair is popular since all products are 100% real human hair. It means that hair will never be mixed with synthetic hair, animal hair or any other unclear source of hair. Besides, bulk hair is processed without toxic chemicals. Modern technology and skilled workers are also important keys to make hair extensions with the best quality. Thanks to them, our bulk hair is always strong, smooth, burnished and natural so as to fit perfectly with human real hair.

Beautiful figure

Aesthetics is very necessary when you consider buying this type of hair extensions. No one want to have hair extensions with ugly and tedious images so that bulk hair’s figure is also varied with different textures, length sizes and colors to meet diverse demands of customers and partners.

Different textures

Like other types of hair extensions, bulk hair is also displayed with a lot of textures such as straight, wavy, curly, fumi, kinky, yaki and so on. Each kind has its own character that can show various images for the wearer. You can order any kinds of designs to have the perfect appearance according to your choices.

Ideal length sizes

To guarantee that every customer with different demands can have their favorite hairstyles, Luxshinehair also invests in various length sizes of hair from 6 inches to 32 inches, even longer with special orders. Thus, no matter your hair is short or long, thin or thick, bulk hair can still meet your satisfactions.

Impressive colors

Luxshinehair’s palette is various with beautiful and natural colors. Customers can choose soft and natural colors like black, jet black or tones of dark brown. With girls who love more outstanding images, tones of light brown, cold color, blonde, even red can be wonderful suggestions.

You wonder why we don’t make shining colors like pink, purple, green, etc, don’t you? Because our company supplies products with completely real human hair and without toxic chemicals, hair will not be dyed and bleached with colorful tones. However, with some light tones, you can dye into your favorite colors but do not make your hair damaged.

3. Applications of bulk hair extensions

Hair source for wholesalers

Different from other types of hair extensions which are made into fixed designs to wear easily into your hair, bulk hair is completely separate hair. Therefore, these hair extensions are more suitable for wholesalers. They will get bulk hair extensions with a large amount and then remake them into designs that they want to supply for their own customers.


In common, bulk hair extensions are ordered with long black straight texture so that wholesalers and traders can create their various hair products with many types like weft hair, clip in hair, tape hair, keratin hair, lace closure or wig. They can also remake long black straight bulk hair into different textures without worry that they will be too short or the color is not appropriate.

Off course, wholesalers can always buy bulk hair extensions with diverse textures, length sizes and colors from our company. Every demand can be met with the best hair bulks.

Using for braiding hair or applying like keratin I- tips

Although this is the popular choice for wholesalers, individuals can also buy bulk hair extensions for some specific purposes such as adding hair when braiding or making more volume like the way we apply keratin I- tips.

Bulk hair extensions for braiding

With this way, you can make your short hair into long hair only with braiding. You only need to add bulk hair when braiding and it will work perfectly. You can ask for a hairdresser to help to braid with hands or use a hair braider to make braids with your favorite image. We have every texture and color which are suitable for real human hair so that you will not meet difficulties when wearing these bulk hair extensions into your hair.

Bulk hair extensions for braiding

Bulk hair extensions for making more volume

With this method, let’s separate bulk hair extensions into small tips like keratin I- tips and apply them on real hair like the way we do with I- tips. It can take more skillfulness to apply but the result these bulk hair extensions bring is quite impressive.

All things you need is using the latch hook needle, microbeads and the pliers fluently to attack each small bulk tip on hair. Buying bulk hair extensions is cheaper than buying keratin hair extensions so that it will not be a bad idea if you both want to have more volume for your thin hair and want to save your money better. Putting and removing these hair bulks can be a bit difficult and easily make hair extensions tangled. However, if you are careful or ask for another help, this problem can be solved simply.

Bulk hair extensions for making more volume

After installing bulk hair extensions, don’t forget to brush your hair softly to keep it smooth and make hairstyles according to your hobby. We make sure that it will be very wonderful. Some interesting suggestions like curly bulk, wavy bulk or kinky bulk can be outstanding for a new appearance when installing into your hair.

4. How long do bulk hair extensions last?

If you use synthetic hair or hair with bad quality, they cannot maintain in long time. They can be fallen, shorten or cut off after a time using. Moreover, their smell will be very terrible, especially when you wash hair or let it exposed to high temperature. Bulk hair will make real hair look worse if its image and quality are not good.

However, with bulk hair extensions of Luxshinehair, these above problems will never happen. Shelf life of these bulks can be very long. You can keep them for about 2 to 3 year, even longer with good care and maintenance. Because they are 100% real human hair, hair will always be natural and beautiful. Washing or making styles for hair also doesn’t make hair get damages or tangles easily. Then you will never have to worry about weak hair, lice, shedding or severe smell with these high quality bulk hair extensions.

5. How to take care of bulk hair extensions?

As be mentioned before, bulk hair extensions are basis and simple hair products, taking care of them is not difficult. However, you still need to be careful and soft so as not to make smooth hair strands become a mess of tangles.

If you’ve not used them, you had better keep bulks tied to avoid hair being fallen out or getting tangles. Hair should be kept in dry and cool places and kept away from high temperature. Because they can make hair easily get damages. You can put them away in a glass room or hang them up and make sure that they will not be attacked by dirt or external causes. Don’t forget to wash bulk hair extensions sometimes to keep them in the cleanest figure.

How to take care of bulk hair extensions?

In case using them immediately or remaking into other types of hair extensions, you should guarantee to keep them smooth and in the right direction to make hairstyles easily without making tangles, knots or shedding. Washing and hanging also need skillfulness to avoid making unexpected bad effects.

6. How much do bulk hair extensions cost?

Bulk hair extension is the most traditional and basic hair type of our company so that their cost is also the cheapest. It is only 73 dollars per kilogram of straight bulk with the shortest length size . The price variation is not too big between different length sizes and textures. You can completely order at least 100 grams if your demand is not too much.

More important, high quality products and good price may be all things you need, right? Our price of hair extensions is absolutely reasonable. It is not too expensive or too cheap according to customers’ reviews. For now, you don’t need to worry that you can buy fake products with the very cheap cost or cannot invest in expensive products. Thus, don’t ignore the above useful information!

7. Where to buy bulk hair extensions?

Bulk hair extensions are the simple products that suppliers in almost countries can cater. Therefore you can have a lot of different choices to buy them. China and India can be considered the two largest countries which are well known for importing and exporting bulk hair. Beside, suppliers in Vietnam, Brazil and Russian are also not bad. You can find this hair extensions with high quality and impressive quantity from these prestigious partners.

You can find for them via Internet, Facebook or any other global network. Technologies nowadays are very modern for you to contact your favorite partners regardless of being wholesalers or retailers. Don’t mind finding suggestions from hair salons or some shops nearby your accommodation. They can sell these hair bulks or help you to find a suitable wholesaler for your demands of hair.

Luxshinehair’s extensions

Luxshinehair is one of the most famous and prestigious hair suppliers in Vietnam. Thus, we can guarantee that the quantity and quality of our hair extensions are extremely wonderful. Although our band cannot as large as that of India or China, a lot of global customers believe in and choose our product for their new image of hair. Indian hair is be a bit rough and big while Chinese hair is slim and small. Thus, Vietnamese hair can be the better choice. We bring to you hair extensions with 100% Vietnam virgin and remy hair which are very strong, beautiful, smooth and suitable for many people no matter where they are.

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We hope that all the aforementioned information will help you to a more comprehensive look about bulk hair in general and Luxshinehair’s bulk hair extensions in particular. Coming to us, you will never have to worry about any things about quality of hair extensions. Everything is ready for your choices. Therefore, if having demand, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately!

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