African American hair weave’s popularity

The truth about African American hair weave’s popularity. The topic of hair extensions can be quite controversial. Especially so when it comes to the African American community. We felt like there is still a certain stigma and reservations when it comes to hair weaves and sometimes we simply have to accept the state of the situation. 

A lot of people who are newbies to the weave hair extensions might not understand why hair weaves are so prevalent in the black community. People who might not know might find it hard to wrap their head around all the different types of hair weaves out there.

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African American Hair Weave

As a dedicated hair supplier, LuxshineHair feels we should shed some light on this matter. Today, let us explore the vital role hair extension plays in the African American culture as well as some tips to pick out the best kinds of African American hair weave.

Black women love their weaves

Hair extensions have been popular for several decades or more. Ask any hairstylist who has a big African American client base, and they will tell you how African American hair weave have experienced a risen prevalence in the black community. In the last decade, the demand for extra hair has skyrocketed. This is also supported by the fact that African Americans go to hair salons much more often than other demographics and people of color in other countries.

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African american hair weave Luxshinehair

Not only do more and more women utilizing weaves, the type of women who find them useful have also expanded. Women in their 40s or 60s, as well as teenage girls, have seen great benefits when adding hair weaves to their repertoire for many different reasons. This proves that the demands for Afro hair weaves are huge and sustainable. Definitely not a come-and-go hyped-up trend. 

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The reason behind popularity among African American hair weave ladies

There is not a single reason solely behind this phenomenon. African American hair weave has been a cultural mainstay because of many different reasons. You can even think of the climate, societal, physiological, and many other reasons. However, we will discuss some main reasons why black women choose to wear weaves.

Because that‘s what women want

Many black women rock full lace wigs, weaves, and hair extensions because that’s their heart’s desire. And this is not limited to only black cultures. Women from all kinds of backgrounds have found weaves as the best way to show their beauty to the world. Black women wear weaves for the same reason any women wear weaves. They want to look different from their normal hair situation.

Trying out different hair textures, hair color and hair length can be so much fun. This doesn’t mean that black women want to be Caucasian-like. They just like to mix up their look. Talking to any black queen or getting to know them intimately, you will understand that black hair routine and hairstyles are something black women take great pride in.

Women wear weaves as protective styles

Afro hair grows in a helix pattern, this is different from Caucasian or Asian hair. This means that if women want to wear long straight hair, they would have to use a relaxer. Now there is nothing wrong with using a relaxer as there is nothing wrong with wearing weaves. You can still have healthy relaxed hair as long as you know how to take care of your tresses.

However, some women just can’t be bothered to subject their hair to chemicals every 8 weeks. This is where wigs and weaves come in so handy. Women can start wearing weaves as a protective measure. This alternative method protects the hair from breakage issues and other types of maneuver.

Overcoming black hair prone to breakage 

The spiral pattern of black hair means that it is quite difficult for women to grow out their hair. This type of hair is much more likely to experience breakage due to its inability to hold moisture. This doesn’t mean that there is no way black queen can grow their hair long.

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Keeping their hair moisturized and staying away from damaging chemicals are the top methods to stimulate hair growth. However, even with extreme measures, some hair can not be grown past a certain point. For women who want to chart this new territory, hair weaves become a natural choice.

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Weave liberate black women’s time

Believe it or not? Weaves are not there to chain women to some euro-centric beauty standards, they liberate them from being a slave to the perfect natural hairstyles. They are just sheer convenience. Hair extensions significantly reduce the time women spend to make their natural hair look perfect every morning.

Weave allows black women to go to work, run errands, and to attend social events without reserving a specific amount of time to ready their hair before heading out. If you belong to this group of women who always need to be up and running, then weave is a huge time-saver. Besides saving time, hair extensions can even save money. Natural hair care and upkeep can be just as expensive as your weaves.

What is the best type of African American Hair Weave?

The best types of hair weave are the kind of hair that fits perfectly to the hairstyles you pick and your current lifestyles and habits. So in a way, there will be no right answer when it comes to hairstyles for black women. The answer has to start with you. After all, your hair is your hair and you are the one who has the ultimate say in this matter. Whether your hair is real or fake, it should still be treated as your own.

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It’s always important to consider a hair extension method that matches how you live out your day. If you are the kind of girl who is willing to put in 10 extra minutes every morning to get the perfect hair, then we think you are the perfect candidate for weave and tape-in. If you cannot fathom the idea of putting in too much work, then something else that requires less maintenance like human hair wigs might be a better choice.

At, we always respect women’s choices. As a top manufacturer of Vietnamese natural hair extensions, we design products with great zeal and passion. Whatever we produce is meant to blend perfectly with your tresses. Whether your hair is straight, kinky, or curly, we‘ve got what you need.

Having strived to satisfy African American women’s hair needs in the past two decades, we felt like the accumulated experiences make us the perfect companion on your beauty journey. Whichever type of hair extensions you choose, you should feel confident, competent, and happy with your choice. Contact us through our chat widget and kickstart your transformation.

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