The most impressive types of bangs for girls at prom

As for many girls, hair bangs is very necessary because it helps to cover their large and high forehead as well as make their face become softer and more balanced. Instead of having a good hairstyle without bangs, why don’t you try a new style with modern and catchy types of bangs. Bangs are suitable for both curly hair  and straight hair so it will actually help you to have a wonderful appearance at the coming prom. Let’s discover the most impressive types of bangs for girls at prom right in this article with us!

1. Side swept bangs

This type of bangs is not too new with girls because it have happened for a long time. However, it not means that this style is unfashionable and unsuitable at prom. This type works well with many shapes of face so that girls always believe in it. The bangs softly embrace about three- fourths of your forehead that don’t create uncomfortable feelings. This is the ideal type of bangs for girls who want to have a more mature and charming image.

Side swept bangs

2. Wispy bangs

It can be said that these types of bangs are extremely popular and fashionable. They are loved by almost girls at different ages in a lot of countries all over the world. Especially, they often go with appearance of famous idols. Wispy bangs with thin, soft and comfortable texture can make satisfaction with any one. Thanks to them, your face can look more younger, brighter and more balanced with face. You can see these types appear everywhere like on the street, at school, at dates and prom too. They are beautiful and fit for various hairstyles so that you never have to worry about the result that they bring.


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3. Blunt bangs

Blunt bangs cuts dramatically across the face. This type looks quite bold and solid with some people but it actually the unique and impressive hair bangs. Because it cover all forehead, it helps girls with long face or high forehead to cover these shortcomings. Moreover, when combining with outstanding make- ups and hair colors, blunt bangs will make girls look strong and active enough to become the star at the party.

Blunt bangs

4. Center parted fringe

Girls who don’t want to be affected by bangs can choose themselves this type. With this type, bangs are splited into both sides and forehead is exposed. It is absolutely suitable for round face and helps it to become longer and smaller. Besides, this type is also catchy and trendy for special occasions when going with an impressive style. For example, short center parted fringe for girls with cool and pro- active image or long center parted fringe for soft and fine girls.

Center parted fringe

5. Curved bangs

These bangs frame the face and soften it up, which is flattering on almost every one. You can have these bangs with layered hairstyle or loose wavy  hair. It helps to cover big or rough face so that you can be more self- confident in displaying yourself at the prom.

Curved bangs

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6. Curly bangs

You see that straight or curved bangs is too tedious, curly bangs are exactly things you need to renew your hairstyle with bangs. They give some feelings of classical and fine but also active and fresh characters. Making curly bangs which are match with the hairstyle instead of having common bangs is a wonderful and impressive idea for prom parties.

Curly bangs

7. Asymmetrical bangs

These bangs are always listed in the most outstanding types of bangs. However, they only look good if they are done right. They blend down to the rest of the hair and are very flattering. You can use them with impressive hair colors to make a more catchy image. It exactly a good choice for taking part in rebellious parties. Asymmetrical bangs

8. Pixie bangs

It will be a big shortcoming if we don’t talk about pixie bangs in this list. These bangs is extremely suitable for short hair, especially pixie haircuts. These bangs are also shorter than other types which only cover the very top forehead. They fit for girls with oval or short face. Thanks to that, their face will look brighter and more balanced. Pixie bangs

9. Pin- up bangs

These are classic vintage style which is suitable for girls loving rebellious and active images. The pin- up bangs look stylish and impressive because they are curled and hair-sprayed to all heck. As for proms with new and awkward style, applying these bangs is actually not bad. Pin- up bangs These types of bangs are the hottest and attractive styles in recent time. We hope that they will be useful for you to look more outstanding at proms with friends and partners. If having any questions about suitable hairstyles with bangs, feel free asking us. Your happiness is our success! Find more suitable suggestions for your hair at prom in this below article of Ultimate Guides for Prom hairstyles, perhaps you like them.

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