The most creative and impressive low ponytail hairstyles

If you think that having low ponytail hairstyles is so tedious and boring, you are completely wrong! There are thousands styles of low ponytails which are extremely beautiful and trendy. They can bring to you wonderful appearances on any conditions and occasions. If you are still wondering, don’t ignore this article. We will introduce you the most creative and impressive low ponytails.

low ponytail

1. Classic low ponytail with ribbon

You shouldn’t thinks that a classic  ponytail style is not beautiful and attractive. If you know how to transform its simpleness into a strength, you will have a wonderful ponytail hairstyles.

One of the best ways to make highlight for hair is a ponytail with soft loose curls and a cute bow made from a ribbon. Perhaps, this style is too familiar with girls no matter how old they are and what hair length they have. This ponytail is suitable for every shape of face and makes girls look feminine and good- natured. However, it still displays special charm and attractiveness of the modern girls. More importantly, you can freely do every activity without feeling hot or looking tousling with this hairstyle.

Having this style is absolutely simple, you only need to have a loose curly hairstyle you want before. Hair color is up to your hobby to make the most comfort and self- confidence. Tie all of your hair with a ribbon and make it into a lovely bow. You should bulge your hair a bit to look more natural and attractive. Having a little of suitable bangs is also a good idea for a creative image.

Classic low ponytail with ribbon

2. Diagonal Twisted Low Ponytail

With such an unique name, the image that it gives is obviously very beautiful and impressive. You don’t need to make more fastidious styles with hair curls or hair waves because a ponytail with diagonal twists is charming enough to make your hair look outstanding even with simple straight hair.

However, you also don’t need to worry since the way to make it is not as difficult as you think. This is exactly the reason why we call it the art of simplicity. All thing you need to do is twisting your hair in a bevel to make a diagonal line from a side of your ear to the nape part of the other side. Complete this style with a tiny bow and then bulge the whole hair to make it look mild and natural. We make sure that this won’t be a bad idea for an impressive prom occasions. Try it and you will feel satisfied!

Diagonal Twisted Low Ponytail

3. Fishtail embellished ponytail

There will be big mistake if we don’t talk about low ponytail hairstyles with braids. One of the most outstanding styles is fishtail embellished ponytail. All things you need to know is the way to braid fishtail hairstyle.

Let’s be careful to braid two small parts of your hair on both sides of head from the crown to the nape with fishtail style and then tie them with the other relaxed part of hair. The impressive braid part will make the best highlight for your hairstyle with a low ponytail. Of course, don’t forget to keep it in the most natural state and avoid making tangles. Combining it with light hair waves and you will have a wonderful style.

Fishtail embellished ponytail

4. Topsy tail pony

Making hair with topsy tail is always an ideal way with hairstylists. Obviously, ponytail hairstyle with topsy tail also can’t create difficulties for them. Topsy tail style is very diverse so that you can also have many ponytail hairstyles with impressive topsy tail.

You can search a suitable style of topsy tail and do it yourself. The easiest way is twist hair at both sides, fix it with a small elastic and roll it over. Do it with continuous layers if you and and you will have perfect styles of  ponytail hairstyles with topsy tail. It will be more outstanding with soft hair waves and curls.

low ponytail topsy tail

5. Low side ponytail

We make sure that you will always feel the most self- confident with this style of ponytail. It brings to you mature and and charming but extremely young and creative. You can have this hairstyle with every meeting, prom or even wedding. Combining it with some tiny ornaments and mild makeup style, you are exactly the most beautiful Princess!

With this low side ponytail hairstyle, you’d better make hair curls or hair waves before to make softness and naturalness for hair. Leave all hair on a side of shoulders and tie with a small strand of hair or any kind of elastic that you want. That sounds simple but pretty, right?

low side ponytail

We hope that these amazing low ponytails will make you satisfy. You can completely feel secure since they are extremely safe and soft without making bad effect on hair like some tight hairdos. For now, don’t continue hesitating, let’s have yourself a low ponytail hairstyle for the wonderful dating occasion!

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