The most beautiful braid hair colors for girls in 2020

Half of 2020 has passed by, and it’s easy to realize that braid hairstyles become very popular with the young. Stop thinking about some simple braids for casual look, they can absolutely become chic and elegant with different shades. As other hairstyles, it is also covered with appropriate colors that makes the individual style for the mature and charming women. Let’s try new colorful braid hairstyles with us!

colorful braid hairstyles


Braid hair is the hairstyles suitable for gentle and soft features so hair colors also have to fit with characteristics and trends of the girl.

1. Light brown color

The first braid hair color is light brown. This is one of the most popular hair colors with girls in both Western and Eastern countries. Being a low color tone, it fits for every hairstyles, including braid hair. This color particularly reflexes on the characteristic of the girl who has it. Light brown color is quite suitable for traditional girls with soft and cute styles. Sometimes, it also shows sweet and mysterious attraction. Furthermore, although this is a simple kind of colors, it makes your skin look like brighter. This is also a safe method for girls with the weakness on their faces like tan skin.

braid hair light brown colors for girls

2. Chocolate brown color

The second beautiful color is chocolate brown. Its name has shown everything. Chocolate brown is a wonderful color for your hair. It is deeper than light brown color and has higher gloss. Like light brown, chocolate brown is not too outstanding but it still brings its own attraction. This sweet color absolutely matches with braided hairstyles.

Chocolate hair color is always loved and appreciated with every girls despite young girls or mature women,  Hair dyed with this color can make impression with others easily because of gentleness but full of fascination.

braid hair Chocolate brown colors for girls

3. Blonde hair color

If you are an creative girl, don’t mind changing with a brighter hair color such as blonde hair color. This is an original color and worth trying. Many celebrates tried this color and get good results such as Taylor Swift, Selena Gomes, Britney Spear, etc. It is said that this is the hair color for bad girls. That is just an ancient preconception. Nowadays, girls dyes this color to express a strong personality, a new fashionable hair style and a positive spirit that always thinks of beautiful things in life.

However, we can sometimes change these strong features if combining the color with braid hair and some tiny flowers attached. You will be more charming and attractive.

braid hair Blonde colors for girls

Fashionable and beautiful colors for short hairstyles

4. Smoky purple color

How about braid hair with smoky purple color? Smoky purple is an original and beautiful color. It is dreamlike but delightful. Girls with western trend, who always like changing and exploring new styles, will actually love this color. This color is used with long straight  or curly hair but it can be a good creation with braid hairstyles. Moreover, this color can make your face become brighter and more luxurious. Besides, there are some oil slick hair colors that also consider to get vibrant and trendy tress.

braid hair Smoky purple colors for girls


5. Pink or peach hair color

Furthermore, pink or peach hair color is not a bad idea with braid hairstyle. Nowadays, girls often like to dye bright colors to highlight their white skin as well as show their personality. It will not make our characters become weaker. In contrast, self- motivated feature will be displayed clearly and creatively.

On the other words, when it is a color on hair, it is no longer the color of peace and softness. It represents for individual personality and the brave to try impossible things. Let’s see how beautiful Katy Perry in pink color!

braid hair Pink or peach colors for girls

Besides, we can associate many colors for our hair which is up to our own feelings and hobbies such as rainbow color, orange and pink and so on. Different colors will make the braid hair become more impressive and attractive than others.

Colored hair extensions

6. Black braid hairstyle

Last but not least, black braid hairstyle is never unfashionable. We needn’t change hair color to show any style. A suitable braid hairstyle can make you more attractive without colors on it. Natural black hair can match with all braid hairstyles so that we can easily choose and change braid styles every time.

braid hair Black colors for girls

In short, combining braid hairstyles with various colors is a wonderful trend this year. Not only does it show attraction but also individual personality of girls in this modern century. Right now, try changing yourself with this hairstyle, you will be actually surprise.


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