The most beautiful and inspiring weave hairstyles in 2020

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Do you find thin or fuzzy hair unattractive and feel inferior? What do you think about weave hairstyles?

It’s absolutely a brilliant solution for your hair problem. At the same time, a charming look is waiting for you with weave hair extensions. Thanks to its versatility and diversity in colors, textures and lengths as well as application method, you can transform incredibly.

If you wonder which hairdos will fit you best, you should not skip this article. We promise you will find out many ideas for you tresses. Let’s together with Luxshine Hair and discover the most beautiful and inspiring weave hairstyles this year. With them, all of your anxieties about short hair, thin hair, fuzzy hair, even hair loss will be completely rejected.

weave hairstyles

1.What are weave hairstyles?

As for girls who usually use hair extensions, hair weaves are too familiar. If you are a newcomer, you should know basic things about weave hair first. In a nutshell, they are the top hair extensions which are used to enhance thickness, length as well as bring the fresh appearance to hair. Weave hair extensions are natural hair stretched and sew in long hair wefts. People apply them on cornrows of their real hair and sew or glue into hair to add more volumes they want.

Hair weave extensions are often used by women all over the world, especially African American girls who love black shot hairstyles a lot. Their hair is usually fuzzy, rigid and messy so that having weave hairstyles is exactly the ideal choice. However, Asian and Western hair can also use this type of hair extensions thanks to its diverse application methods. Obviously, long and thick hair weaves with firm sewing lines can’t be ignored. Results that they bring to are really wonderful!

weave hairstyle

2. How long does a weave last?

Commonly, a hair weave which hasn’t been used yet can last very long, even up to 2 or 3 years with high quality real human hair. Once you have applied weaves on hair to make weave hairstyles, you can still remain them quite long on hair for about some months with good care.  With this impressive you can have maintenance, you can have a lot of different hairstyles without worrying that weaves will make your hairstyle become less natural.

3. Trendy and inspiring weave hairstyles in 2020

Common! If you still haven’t chosen yourself suitable and impressive weave hairstyles yet, let Luxshinehair help you! Hereafter, we update the trendiest styles with hair weaves. Pick one and change yourself right now!

Loose curly weave hairstyle

No girl can refuse the attention of loose wavy hair style. This evergreen hairstyle has bobbing and impressive hair waves that bring to you charm, activeness and brightness everywhere. Hair weaves can also give you these results. Loose curly weave hairstyle is extremely unique and attractive. You can buy available wavy weaves in the market or buy straight weaves and then use heat to make into big waves according to your hobby. It will actually not a bad idea!

Loose wavy weave hairstyle

Long straight weave style

Instead of waiting for year to have your own long hair with weak and thin strands, why don’t you try long straight weave hairstyles? With good real human long straight hair weaves, you will get a style which nobody can resist its beauty. It brings to you both softness and maturity. More importantly, this weave hairstyle is simple but never out of fashion so you will always look wonderful with it.

Long straight weave style

Deep curly weave hairstyle

Before, this is the specific hairstyle of African American women but nowadays it is the popular hairstyle for every girl all over the world. Hair curls are very bouncy and stunning, they make hair look much more voluminous and outstanding than other hairstyles. Thanks to that, girls can freely display their energetic character, even something rebellious. You will be the brightest one in the crowd.

Deep curly weave hairstyle

Micro braid weave style

You can completely use weave hair extensions to make micro braid hair strands. The style with micro braids is extremely unique and creative that attract a lot of attentions of women at every age group. It makes young girls look full of vitality whereas its neatness make matureness and charm for ladies. You will need to spend quite long time making a perfect micro braid weave style because it requires skillfulness and carefulness to hide sewing lines of weaves and personality to make beautiful styles. Obviously, it will be a nice idea if you apply a weave style with micro braids for special occasions like prom or wedding day.

Micro braid weave hair extensions

Loose braid weave hairstyle

You love braid hairstyles but your hair is too thin and short to have a nice braids, right? A weave style with loose braids is exactly the one you need. Just apply weaves beneath the top hair and then make your favorite braid style. Don’t forget to loosen it to look more natural and you will have a wonderful weave hairstyle.

Loose braid weave hairstyle

Colorful weave style

Instead of having styles with a solid color, having a weave hairstyle with your favorite hair colors will make you look much more outstanding and self- confident. Weave hair extensions not only have every length size and texture you need but also meet all demands of colors you want such as light colors, dark colors, ombre, balayage, piano tones, etc. Let’s choose a suitable hue and have yourself an impressive weave style right on this day!

Colorful weave style

Fumi wavy weave hairstyle

The hairstyle with wavy ends is loved very much by young girls because it is the combination of both natural straight hair and rolled hair waves. Having fumi wavy weaves is a wonderful way for girls to show their soft and pure characters as well as bring freshness for themselves.

Fumi wavy weave hairstyle

4. DIY beautiful weave hairstyles

To have beautiful weave hairstyles, apart from buy hair extensions with available textures, you can completely DIY at home from simple straight hair weaves to have unique styles according to your idea.

Using hair curler

In modern life nowadays, the hair curler has become the necessary and convenient tool for women to make hairstyles like curved hair, wavy hair, curly hair, etc without coming expensive hair salons. Using this technique in making beauty for hair is extremely simple and easy.

Let’s choose to buy a hair curler from a prestigious brand to make sure that it don’t make bad effects to your hair. Especially with thin and weak hair, unsuitable heat can make it become easier to be fuzzy and break. When having chosen the safe machine, let’s be ready to make hair curls, hair waves or any other kind you want just with manipulations of twisting and keeping hair for some seconds.

Using hair curler

Using flexi rods

Despite being a manual method, using flexi rods in making styles for hair weaves is still highly appreciated. Flexi rods are specially designed for making wavy or curly hairstyles. They are heatless curling wands with the diameter from 1 to 2 centimeters and the approximate length size of 10 inches. They are plastics which can easily bended according to your idea. Thus, you can curl your hair easily and quickly with these flexi rods. The more flexi rods you apply on hair, the more hair curls you have.

flexi rods

Using them is convenient, effective, even safer than using hair curler which runs by electricity. For more details, we will show you clearly about how to use flexi rods on weave hair.

As for weave hairstyles, you can completely use flexi rods to make styles for hair. However, let’s always be careful and skillful to make sure that you won’t break sewing lines between hair cornrows and weave hair extensions as well as hurt yourself because of strong movements.

There are two popular ways to using flexi rods on weaves. They are curling hair around the whole flexi rod and curling hair around the middle part of the flexi rod.

Curling hair around the whole flexi rod

Curling hair around the whole flexi rod

Step 1: Preparation flexi rods and special gels

Applying this style will help you to have perfect deep hair curls. For this style, you need to prepare quite many flexi rods so that they can cover all hair with weaves. Don’t forget to use specialized gels or conditioners so as to keep moisture as well as help hair to cling on rods easily.

Step 2: Brushing hair and smearing gel

Let’s start with brushing hair. It is the basic step to detangle hair for easier curling hair. After brushing, you separate hair into smaller strands which are suitable with the size of curls you want. After that, you smear on hair a kind of specialized gel to give moisture to hair and make some adhesiveness.

Step 3: Using flexi rods

Putting the flexi rod on the hair strand you’re about to make style and then curl it from the root part to the top part of hair. You bend the rest part and it is done

Step 4: Completing with the other flexi rods

Doing similar acts as step 3 with the other rods. Keep them for about 1 or 2 hours and take them off, you will have a perfect curly weave hairstyle made from flexi rods.

Curling hair around the middle part of the flexi rod

Curling hair around the middle part of the flexi rod

Instead of wind hair on flexi rods along its longitude, you can wind hair on the breadth of rods. That will give you hair curls which are bigger and softer than the upper style. This method is absolutely suitable for girls with long or medium length hair, even with hair weaves. The image flexi rods bring to is wonderful!

Step 1: Preparation

With this style, the preparation is a bit simple. Of course, you always need sets of flexi rods to make curls. However, it is not necessary to use specialized gels. Instead, you can use a bit of water sprays or hair sprays to moisture hair if you feel that your hair is too rough and fuzzy.

Step 2: Dividing hair into small strands

With each strand of hair, you will combine with a flexi rod. Thus, dividing hair into smaller strands is exactly the most effective way to make a perfect loose curly style with flexi rods. Water spraying if it’s necessary for you.

Step 3: Using flexi rods

Unlike curling hair around the whole flexi rod, you need to wind hair on the middle part of the flexi rod from top to root of hair and then bend two ends of the rod to fix hair. Doing similar acts with the other rods for your whole hair and finish.

Step 4: Keeping hair overnight

Because of not using specialized gels, you need to keep flexi rods on hair longer to make sure that hair curls can exist in a long time. Remembering to cover hair with a big scarf to protect from damage in time you use flexi rods.

Step 5: Taking off flexi rods

This is the step you expect the most, right? Let’s take rods off and fix your whole hair a bit. You are ready for an impressive loose curly weave hairstyle! Let’s remove flexi rod carefully to avoid making damages for your real hair as well as hair weaves.

trendy weave style

We hope that you will have impressive weave hairstyles with these suggestions. Let’s make wonderful breakthroughs with weave styles for your 2020 right now. For more information of weave hair extensions as well as other hair products, please visit Luxshinehair store! We always willing to help you to have the most beautiful appearance. With the strength of having hair factory in Vietnam, we not only provide weave hair but also have many other types of Vietnam hair extensions available for you to choose from.

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