The most attractive and loveliest hairstyles for round chubby face

As for a lot of girls, having a round chubby face is a big disadvantage when choosing hairstyles. If you have an unsuitable style, your face can look very big and unbalanced. However, maybe you don’t know that there are many hairstyles that can beautify your full round face the best. Don’t regret to spend some time reading this article, Luxshinehair will introduce you the most attractive and impressive hairstyles for your lovely chubby face.

hairstyle for round chubby face

1. Side part curved bob

Talking about hairstyles with chubby face, we can’t help mentioning the side part curved bob haircut. This hairstyle embraces the face and hide shortcomings of the full round face such as jowl or chubby cheeks. Combining with side part style, your face will look smaller and attractive, especially when being seen in the bevel. Looking the image of the famous singer Selena Gomes, do you want to have a cute hairstyle like hers?

Side part curved bob

2. Haircut with vintage rolls

Don’t think that vintage style will make you become older and more rustic because this style looks very noble and charming that can attract other people’s attention right at the first sight. Without bangs, hair is side- parted and expose the forehead to make the face look brighter. Whereas, bouncy and attractive loose hair curls will hide the chubby cheeks. Thanks to that, your face will look longer and smarter. Combining with an outstanding hair color, you will actually the most enchanting woman. If you haven’t believed yet, let’s see its wonderful effect on the face of the UK singer Adele.

Haircut with vintage rolls

3. Sleek ponytail

If you own a full and chubby round face, having a ponytail hairstyle is a great way to make your face look the most balanced and luxurious. Instead of covering the chubby face with relaxed hair, this sleek high ponytail is neatly and impressively tied. It will be very useful for girls with short neck and big face thanks to the balance that it brings. Don’t forget to have yourself an appropriate makeup style and accessories, this hairstyle will make you always look young and fresh.

4. Medium length hair with fumi curls

It can be said that hairstyles with good volume is ideal for girls with round face. Obviously, a medium length hairstyle with fumi curls is also not an exception. Not only do fumi hair curls look bouncy and stunning that can make thin hair look thicker, but also they hide shortcomings of the chubby face effectively and give the more beautiful image than ever.

Medium length hair with fumi curls

5. High topknot with wispy bangs

For girls with lovely and soft characters, a neat high bun hairstyle with wispy bangs is exactly the thing you need. Don’t hurry to evaluate that this style is not suitable for the chubby face because this hairstyle is quite similar to the ponytail hairstyle. The high topknot makes your face look brighter while wispy bangs frame the round face softly. This hairstyle is really very cute that can make you look like an angel with the surprising youthful and charming appearance.

high topknot with wispy bangs

6. Long layer haircut

There will be a big mistake if we don’t talk about the long layer haircut for round face. Indeed, no matter your face is round, chubby or very fat, you will look extremely beautiful and attractive with this wonderful hairstyle. Layers of hair help to hide the big face subtly that can make it look much more balanced. You can also leave some more side part bangs for a more charming image, that will make you feel amazed!

Long layer haircut

7. Middle part long loose wavy hair

Maybe you think that middle part hairstyles are not suitable for chubby face. However, the reality is opposite. Middle part hair can make your face look longer and brighter since it not cover your forehead. In additions, long loose hair waves hide unexpected parts of chubby cheeks and fowl perfectly. You can completely feel self- confident that this hairstyle can give you the most wonderful appearance.

Middle part long loose wavy hair×4-deep-wavy-hair-dark-brown-color

8. Long side braid

With a chubby round face, you also don’t have to afraid of braid hairstyles, especially long side braid. Braiding your hair with the style you want but don’t make it too tightly. Let’s make hair braids look as naturally as possible and you will have an ideal hairstyle that can help you to hide the big face as well as bring the cuteness for your appearance.

Long side braid

For now, don’t be sad or worry about your round chubby face, there are too many choices for hairstyles to help you deal with this trouble. More importantly, let’s always feel happy and self- confident in yourself, you will see that every hairstyle can be the most suitable one.

In case you not only have a round face, but also have thin and short hair, you can ask for hair extensions to have the beautiful hairstyles you love. Don’t forget to contact Luxshinehair for these demands!

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