The best hair brushes for your gorgeous hair

What do you think about spending hours on drying and styling your hair? If you are looking for a simple method for your gorgeous hair, take a look at your hair brush. It is easy to buy it, but have you ever thought about the effect of hair brush on your hair? Choosing the right hair brush helps minimize static and smooth cuticle of hair. Take a look to know potential hair brush for your hair quickly and effectively.

hair brush

1. Why is brushing important?

It can be said that brushing is an important step to make your hair strong and healthy. This process not only promote hair shine, but also clean out impurities on your scalp. The hair brush allows to make hair dry quickly and pass though hair easily, so your hair will be soft and shiny. Hair brush can also massage your scalp which help to stimulate hair growth. Different brushes are designed for a certain type of hair and create various look. Therefore, let’s find out the best hair brush for your hair.

kinds of hair brush

2. Things you need to know about a basic brush

A suitable hair brush can help you to create a gorgeous hairstyle, so here are few important features to consider when you select your hair brush

Round brush

The truth is that a round brush is able to make your hair more volume than a paddle brush. Made with 100% natural wood, round hair suitable for thin, thick, straight, curvy, wet, or dry hair. The high-quality brush brings you comfortable feeling and untangle hair quickly.

Round brush

Boar hair brush

The brush handles are made from natural wood and high-quality wild boar bristles. The brush works with all hair types and helps to restore natural shine for split and frizzy hair. It also can be selected as a gift for birthday.

Boar hair brush

Wet Brush

If you are looking for a basic brush which helps you to get out of tangles without pain, wet brush is everything you need. The universal brush is suitable with all hair types and textures.

Wet Brush

3. Three best hair-straightening brushes

Do you believe in a hot tool that is able to straighten your hair? In fact, the special brush has ability to make your hair look sleek and get rid of wild curls. It can be said that hair-straightening brush is absolutely easy to use and still keep your voluminous hair. So, here are top three ceramic brushes for you.

#1. MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Straightening Brush

One of the strong point of the MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Straightening Brush is that it is suitable for any type of hair from straight to curly hair. Known as double ionic generator, you can keep your hair in shape and nourish the moisture that is lost with heat tool. Enjoy your day with straight and smooth hair all the time. 

MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Straightening Brush

#2. The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush    

Are you looking for a straightening iron and paddle brush in one? If your answer is yes, The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush will be a good choice for you. The heat of flat-iron will help you remove frizz hair and create smooth look. Please remember to avoid skin contact with the heated area when you are using this one.

The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush

#3. SwanMyst Ceramic Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

With 12 temperature setting, the tool will allow you to customize the maximum heat level for straightening hair. With this brush, you never feel worry about the temperature changing due to its auto-lock system. It also shuts off after 30 minutes, so you are definitely able to feel secure about your straight hair. Having said that, the hair-straightening kind is the best choice with the most reasonable price.

SwanMyst Ceramic Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

4. Hair brush for curly hair

Do you know that wet hair is weak, so brushing is recommended on dry hair only? Curly hair is exceptional. Brushing dry looks can destroy curl patterns. This one is specifically designed as a detangling tool for curly hair.

Hair brush for curly hair

5. Hair Dryer Brush for sleek style

Hair dryer is considered an excellent choice for girls because they can style and dry their hair at once. The bristles allow girls detangle their hair and heat levels are flexible for hair styling. This innovative brush allows you to smooth your hair easily and create voluminous styles.

Hair Dryer Brush for sleek style

So, which hair brush will you try first? For more articles like this, be sure to visit our Luxshinehair website which posts all the tips and tricks for hair care are available.

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