The best Brown Balayage Hair Color Ideas

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It can’t be denied that hair color trends come and go before you can acquire your ideal pigments. However, there is still exception which is balayage. The hair color became popular in 2014 and then remains to this day. There are tons of balayage shade such as blonde, black or brown. If you are looking for something modern but natural, balayage brown is definitely your answer. With the smoothly combination, brown balayage will help you stand out from the crowd. Let’s find out what is special about the color and what shade of balayage brown is appropriate for your style.

Brown Balayage Hair

1. What should you know about Balayage Brown?

Balayage is a French word which means paint, so this is a dyeing hair method inspired by an artist’s coloring gestures. Taking about balayage hair, the beauty of balayage brown is the ideal hair color for you. It can be said that this hair color is vivid and eye-catching. The combination of an array of light and dark colors brings impressive and natural hair color. The subtle transition of brown creates an incredible look. Moreover, this color is suitable for variety hairstyles either straight or curly hair. What are you still looking for? Let balayage brown inspire your hair color ideas this season.

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Balayage Brown

2. Gorgeous waves with dark brown balayage

It is important that hair color matches with girl’s skin tone, facial structure and personality. Speaking of hair color ideas, balayage dark brown is a classic hairstyle that works perfect on different hairdos. Rather than simply dyeing your hair with a dark brown shade, the color will add depth to natural brown and enhance hair beauty.

Take a look at Izabel Goulart. She is so charming in this shade. The combination of soft waves and gorgeous dark brown balayage color brings Izabel Goulart sexy and attractive appearance. Nobody can’t take their eyes off the beautiful girl like that.

dark brown balayage

3. Balayage on brown hair

If you own a brunette hair, don’t worry because there are various shades of balayage can emphasize your glamorous look. Are you interested in light or dark pigment? If you are a big fan of light pigment such as blonde, why don’t you try blonde balayage on brown hair? With this mixture, you no longer give up your brown hair but still obtain gorgeous look. Let’s unleash your creativity with different hair color.

Balayage on brown hair

Are you ready to try balayage on your brown hair? The truth is that there are numerous celebrities falling in love with this hair color and one of the typical example is Beyonce. How gorgeous balayage it is. The famous singer looks outstanding due to vibrant balayage waves and natural makeup.

Balayage on brown hair

4. Stunning ash brown balayage ideas

Not only blonde but also ash brown balayage color is the cool hue today. Having said that this balayage shade help you gain a new look and stand out of the crowd. It is a perfect way to get in on the trend without destroying your naturally dark hair. The best thing of this color is that the color is versatile which can be adapted to different skin tones and makeup. It means that every girl has a chance to obtain the glamorous hair color.

ash brown balayage

5. Beautiful light brown balayage

We all know that style and fashion always change with time. However, if you are looking for one of the most hair color trending currently, light brown balayage will meet your expectation. Either you have long or short hair, the hair color emphasizes girl’s charming look and blends perfectly with their skin tone. When you have dark brown hair in natural color but want to try out something different, then it is your answer. This color is absolutely cool and graceful. Therefore, it is an easy way to transform your appearance and balayage shade promises to bring girls stylish, trendy and unique look at the same time.

light brown balayage

What shade of balayage are you looking for this year? Having said that brown balayage is quite trendy right now and your dream of unique will become true thank to brown balayage. The right tone has ability to light up your appearance, so be ready to transform your look with the gorgeous hair color. Do you enjoy this post? Follow us and give the comment below to share your idea.

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