Tape in hair extensions for fine thin hair

It is no exaggeration to say that hair is one of the most attractive points of women. It is so lucky if your hair is born strong, full and healthy. However not many people have this natural special gift. Some of them are born with thin hair, some got thin and weak hair due to using chemicals and heat which make hair weak and fall out. Using normal hair extensions can improve this problem, however they can cause strain to hair and even make it weaker after several weeks.

women tape-in human hair extensions - the best solution for fine thin hairTherefore, in this post, Luxshinehair would like to introduce all women tape-in human hair extensions– the best solution for fine thin hair. If you are looking for a way to deal with your fine thin hair or you are concerning about this problem, let follow us till the end.

Tape-in hair extensions

If you are completely new with hair extensions, you may wonder what tape-in hair extensions are and are they really safe to use. So, tape-in hair extensions are hair wefts, as their name, are attached with special kind of tape on the top. Those kind of hair extensions are supper easy to apply and remove, do not harm your hair, look natural and silky. One of the best advantage of human tape-in hair extensions is that the tape is soft and invisible, so no one can recognize that you are wearing hair extensions.

Unlike other kind of hair-extensions which you need to braid your hair tightly before applying and that really damages your hair from the roots to the ends, especially fine thin hair texture, tape-in hair extensions are totally safe for your hair since what you need to do is just put it on your hair.

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Attachment Method

It is super easy to attach tape-in hair extensions to your natural hair. You can do it by yourself or going to hair salon to get it done. First, you take off the white band of a tape and put it under a section of hair, then put another tape hair weft on this hair section, so your real hair will be in the middle like making a sandwich. Keep doing that all over your head.

Tape-in hair extensions attachment

The removal process is simple and doesn’t damage the hair. There is tape-in glue remover made from natural coconut oil which help you easily remove the tape in a few seconds.

tape-in hair glue removerBesides, you can completely replace the old tape by the new one to reuse tape-in human hair extensions. This process doesn’t take time and it help you save money as well.

Textures and colors of tape-in hair extensions.

Tape-in hair extensions are various in color and textures. You can choose base on your natural hair if you don’t want to change the current hairstyle. You are having fine thin hair, wavy or curly texture should be a good idea to improve your hair. Wavy or curly tape-in hair extensions helps to increase the volume of hair, make it look fuller and healthier. Besides, those kind of textures are always trendy and fashionable.

Textures and colors of tape-in hair extensions.Moreover, there is a variety of color for you to choose. You can completely create a unique hairstyle and color for yourself which help you stand out and shine up.

variety of color for you to choose tape in hair

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Hair care routine 

To keep your extensions healthy and last longer, right hair care routine is pretty important and necessary. Luxshinehair will give you some easy and useful tips which make it much easier to protect your hair. First, only wash your hair after wearing about 48 hours and try to wash your hair twice or three times a week. Don’t wash your hair too often since it will make the tape slipping. After washing hair, dry it quickly in order not to make the root wet.

Hair care routine Use a wide hair brush to comb your hair to avoid matting. One more, before sleeping, you can put your hair in high ponytail or low or two braid to avoid tangle because we often move our head when sleeping.

Tape-in hair extensions are exactly the best medicine for fine thin hair. It is not only super easy to apply, but also save money since it last long and can be reused by replacing the old tape.

Luxshinehair hopes that you already know more about tape-in hair extensions and find the most suitable one to renew your fine thin hair texture. You can consult the hair and price in our website and online store to have a closer look to our products and receive advices from us. Don’t hesitate to get one for yourself because we are women, we deserve all the best things.

Hair extensions for thinning hair

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