What can we do to reduce the risk of tape in extensions damage?

Would you like to have an instant solution for lengthening and thickening your natural locks or adding some color highlights? Then you can get the help of Tape in hair extensions. If you are new to the world of hair extensions, chances are you feel overwhelmed by the disconcerting stories you’re heard about them. For instance, Permanent hair extensions in general and Tape in hair extensions which use glue for installation will leave your hair damaged, broken and extremely thin. Is that true?  Keep reading on. We will help ease your mind.

What makes we love tape in hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are made of 1-inch-wide sections of hair sewn to strips of tape. They are taped into your hair about an inch away from the hairline, and a backing of the same tape is applied at the opposite, creating a sandwich-like pattern with your natural hair. No special tools, chemicals, or heat are needed. As a result, Tape-ins will do less damage to the hair than other types of extensions. Tape-ins can be applied in less than an hour, so you can drastically cut down the application time to achieve your perfect hair you always wish. Once being done well, they will naturally blend with your existing hair for a seamless look.

In addition to their ease of installation, Tape in hair extensions are among the most versatile types of hair extensions. They allow you to pull the hair back without worrying that the tapes are visible. They can even be worn while exercising or swimming thanks to the strength of the bond. If you ever decide you are ready for shorter hair again, tape in hair extensions can be easily removed without causing any damage to your natural hair.

How long does Tape in hair extensions last?

Ideally, Tape in hair extensions can stay attached to your hair for between six and eight weeks. But in fact, you will need to go back to the salon to have them reapplied in between four and six weeks. It’s because when your hair grows, the extensions will grow with them. That makes extensions start to be noticeable. At that time, you might have to adjust the tape-ins bond to the appropriate length, that’s 1/4th of an inch from the scalp.

You can use the same set of hair extensions up to three times before they need to be replaced. This means that each set will typically last between three and five months before you should consider purchasing a new set. 

Do tape in extensions damage?

Tape In Hair Extensions Damage
Tape In Hair Extensions Damage

So you want to get Tape in hair extensions? You have read every single article about different kinds of hair extensions, and now you have made up your mind. Tape in hair extensions are exactly what you are finding. However, there’s one more question that might have been bugging your mind for a while: Do tape in extensions damage?

Here is good news that should help you be 100% sure of your decision: hair extensions in general and Tape-ins in particular don’t damage hair. But they can cause damage in the wrong hands!  

Believe or not, the No.1 reason for Tape in hair extension damage comes down to application. Application must be done properly to ensure proper hold. Using a trained extension specialist is a key. In case your hairdresser has not been skilled correctly on the technique, your good hair day can slip into a foul one in a short time. Not only that, the wrong application may cause serious damage to your hair such as hair loss, bald spots, etc. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to get professional help for the correct application. 

Some common Tape in Hair extension Application Mistakes

Tape in hair extensions could glam up your hair but only if things are done right. There have been unfortunate situations where some ladies who have opted for tape-in extensions made some mistakes. For them, the results were unsightly and that’s why we are going to highlight for you some common tape-in hair extension application mistakes and how they can easily be avoided.

Improper installation technique 

When it comes to applying Tape in hair extensions, there are two distinct methods: sandwich-method and single-method. With the former one, your natural hair is put between two taped weft hair extensions. While, with single-method, one tape weft will attach to your hair.

Tape In Hair Extensions Damage 1
Tape In Hair Extensions Damage

If your hairstylist chooses the wrong method, it can be very damaging on your natural hair and cause it more prone to break. For example, if your hair is thin and fine, you should go for a single-sided method. This method is specially designed for people whose natural hair cannot carry more than two wefts. This helps to remove the possibility of the extension putting lots of weight in your thin and fine hair, then reducing the risks of hair damage.

Poor placement

This is another common mistake that people installing extensions usually make. Placement of the extension on your hair will have an influence on whether the whole installation is a success or not. Applying the extension too close to the scalp often comes with it a number of bad things.

Tape In Hair Extensions Damage
Tape In Hair Extensions Damage

One is that if they are applied too close to the root of the natural hair, there is usually no room for movement between the tape-in extension and your natural hair. This, in turn, causes buckling and tension on the hair. That means the extensions could be painful and won’t last as long. The best position to place the extension is about a quarter or half of an inch from the roots of your natural hair. This is the ideal distance for the hair to naturally fall. 

Either applying too much hair or too little

You might think that the more hair you put between tape sandwiches, the more secure the extensions have. But in fact, the opposite is actually true. Applying too much hair in between the tape wefts will prevent the tape tabs from attaching to each other, making it slip out. Again, there would be a problem when too little hair is being applied. Not only can this cause the extensions to slip out, but the weight of the extensions can damage your natural hair because it doesn’t have enough hair to support the weft. 

Tape In Hair Extensions Damage 3
Tape In Hair Extensions Damage 3

That said, Tape in hair extensions can be a life-changing solution especially for those with severe hair loss problems or naturally thin hair. The best part about them is you can get as many or as little extensions as you want, all at any length you please. Especially, Tape in hair extensions are totally damage-free if they are done right. So friends, look gorgeous with this Tape in hair extensions as you deserve it!

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