Take care of hair with proper hair care routine

No matter whether your hair is thick or thin, nice or bad, it can’t be in the best condition if you don’t take care of them effectively. Don’t think that taking care of hair is simple because if you do it wrong, your hair even becomes worse, weaker and easier to be damaged. Today, Luxshinehair will show you all necessary things for a proper hair care routine that help your hair never look bad.

Hair care routine

1. Know your hair type clearly

To have the best hair care routine, an essential thing is that you need to know which type your hair belongs to. To each different hair type, we have individual treatments to make hair look the most beautiful. Commonly, we can divide hair into many kinds called oily, dry, normal, wavy, straight, curly, thick and thin hair. After figuring out your hair type, you will be easier to control the status of your hair as well as find out suitable solutions for caring hair.

know your hair types clearly

2. Common hair care routine

Surprisingly, almost situations of damaged hair derive from improper common hair care routine so that if you are meeting some trouble about this, don’t ignore our useful information below!

Wash your hair properly

Many people misunderstand that washing hair is a daily hair care routine and that act is harmless even when you wash it more frequently. However, the fact must be taken you by surprise. You should only wash hair every other day or 3 times a week so as to have the best result. Hair always needs to be relaxed so that using shampoo too much will make hair become drier and easier to get tangles and damages.

In many cases that you have dirty or itchy scalp, washing hair immediately is okay. However, let’s be careful and use soft shampoos or natural hair treatment so as to make hair revise better.

wash hair properly

Wash hair with warm water

One of the top reasons that makes hair broken much is using too hot or too cold water when washing. Hair and scalp are very sensitive so that using the improper temperature of water combining with massaging scalp with finger nails makes hair become weaker, finer. Moreover, hair breakage and hair shedding can happen anytime.

Experts advise us to wash hair with warm water and moderate temperature. It is both hot enough to get rid of dirt and dead cells on the scalp and soft so as not to make unexpected hair damage. Don’t forget to massage hair mildly to have healthy and sleek hair afterwards.

Wash hair with warm water

Don’t comb wet hair and let it naturally dry

Many women have the habit of combing hair right after they have washed hair just to have straight and smooth hair immediately. However, that is really a serious mistake. Hair after being washed is very weak, wet and easy to be broken. If you comb hair, your hair will be more broken. For long time, you can meet bad problems of thin hair, even hair loss.

Let’s change this habit by softly drying hair with a thick towel and let hair dry naturally instead of using hair drier. That will make your hair be relaxed better and of course, hair is also protected better.

let hair naturally dry

3. Adding hair care routine

Trim hair

Trimming hair monthly really belongs to a healthy hair care routine for hair growth. After many time dying hair or styling with hair, split ends appear very much. Therefore, it is necessary for you to trim hair monthly so as to remove bad hair ends and help hair growth become more convenient.

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Trim your hair

Use suitable hair care products

Apart from suitable types of shampoos, you should also use at least another type of hair care product to protect hair better. Hair conditioners, hair masks and hair serums are the most popular. Nowadays, all prestigious hair care brands create these products with various useful ingredients for your different demands. You only need to choose an appropriate types of hair care products and then apply them according to the direction.

It is clear that using these hair care products needs to be compatible with your type of hair. Thus, you can have an ideal hair care routine with them. For example, you should use hair conditioner more frequently for dry hair while using it less for oily hair, etc.

hair care products

Avoid using heat methods or dyes on hair

When you make hairstyles with heat methods and hair dyes frequently, your hair will more or less be damaged due to unexpected bad chemicals. Thus, if you feel that your hair is being seriously damaged by these effects, stop styling hair and applying hair care routine for damaged hair immediately.

As mentioned at first, there are many types of hair so that there also have many compatible hair care routines. As for damaged hair, you should visit a hair salon so as to recover hair monthly. It is important that you should keep hair in the most natural and straight texture to have nice hair without unexpected hair problems. Of course, if you still want to have unique haircuts with eye- catching styles, you need to find out carefully about suitable hair care methods such as wavy hair care routine, curly hair care routine or mixed hair care routine, etc. They will actually wonderful suggestions for your hair.

keep natural straight hair

Healthy remedies

Lastly, having healthy remedies from daily diets is one of the most effective methods of natural hair care routine. For applying directly on hair, you can use olive oil, tea, coconut oil or honey to make natural hair masks. Besides, you need to have scientific and good diets including kinds of vitamins, proteins, etc to nourish hair from inside. This method is a daily hair care routine so that never ignore it!

Healthy remedies for hair

The aforementioned information of hair care routine is useful for you, right? We believe that your hair will become better and much more beautiful with these suggestions. In case your  hair problems are too bad, you can wear hair extensions like wigs, weft hair or other types of Luxshinehair’s hair extensions to transform your bad real hair into a completely new appearance just in a short time.

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