Let’s see how beautiful SZA looks with her impressive hairstyles!

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Solána Imani Rowe or SZA is an American singer and songwriter. She is best- known for the bombshell album “Ctrl”, which was released in 2017 with many awesome achievements. Besides, she is also the author of many hit songs of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, etc.  Not only is she famous for her own talent but she is also outstanding for her unique style and sexy body. SZA often changes her image when appearing in public. Especially, her hairstyles are very diverse and attractive. Today, let’s discover SZA hair together with Luxshinehair so as to confirm that!

1. SZA real hair

Instead of being normal straight hair, SZA natural hair is curly hair. This is the typical hairstyle of American African women and it gives hair the image which is absolutely natural and wild. SZA hair is considered black, strong and thick. These are things every woman want for their hair and then SZA has all.

However, like other girls, SZA also wanted to have her hair relaxed or at least a bit straight and look soft. She hasn’t had it until she came to college. SZA inspired hair is half- shaved hair of her friend. She also tried to change her hair with a new style, but it was frizzy hairstyle and it made her appearance look so terrible and awkward. After that, she made up her mind to shave all her hair off. However, SAZ real hair grew back with natural hair curls. She also shared that “My hair grew back super fast, and my hair was really curly—and then curly hair became really popular, and I was like, “Yes! This is awesome,” and I just ran with it”. That was really memorable experiences, weren’t it?

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SZA real hair

2. Impressive SZA hair styles

Deep curly long hair

Because SZA real hair is curly hair so that having deep curly long hairstyle is always the top choice of her. This hairdo is not only beautiful, outstanding but also displays her personality very well. Moreover, SZA is an R&B and rock singer so that curly hair is very suitable with her style. Combining unique hair curls with long hair, her appearance look absolutely more attractive than ever.

Deep curly long hair


Commonly, SZA often has this hairstyle with her natural black hair. SZA black hair is essentially beautiful and strong. Thus, it does not make deep curly hair become tedious but brings to her the image which is full of charm and energy. However, she also changes her hair colors for different events. Among them, images of SZA red hair or SZA orange hair with deep curly long hair is also extremely outstanding.

Loose curly long hair

Being a trendy women, SZA has also made other styles of curly hair for many times. Having loose curly long hair is one of the most impressive hair styles that she had. In this picture, she has brunette hair with black- brown hair color. Hair curls are big, loose, bouncy and bobbing that can make impression with others right at the first sight. Furthermore, curved bangs are suitable with this style and they make her face become fresher and much more charming.

Loose curly long hair with bangs

In another situation, she doesn’t keep bangs. Instead, she has a half up ponytail style or dyes hair with dazzling hair colors like pink or orange. We can’t deny that she looks gorgeous with all these styles.

SZA pink hair

Straight long hair

Sometimes, SZA has relaxed hair with the strange straight texture of hair. To have a perfect image with straight hair, she has to takes a lot of time to transform her hair from curly to straight. However, the result is completely amazing, right? Straight long hair gives her to have a new appearance which looks so mature and charming. Her bright smile and outstanding costumes also help her become more and more beautiful.

Curly updo

Having a high updo style with natural curly hair is actually a wise idea. SZA looks so wonderful with this appearance, doesn’t she? She has an impressive high bun. Hair curls help her hair become softer and more natural. In addition, she keeps long curly bangs so as to beautify on her charming face. Putting on hair with a lovely tiny flower and wearing a pure white dress, SZA looks so gentle and miracle!

curly updo

Kinky straight half up ponytail hair

How do you think if you have a hairstyle which looks both straight and curly? It is exactly the thing you get if you own a half up ponytail hairstyle with kinky straight texture. SZA has shown us an amazing appearance of her with this style. She still has long hair with familiar black hair color. Let’s see how kinky straight hair goes well with her face. In addition, half up ponytail is so wonderful. Combining with her available active style, SZA hair looks so beautiful and charming!

Kinky straight half up ponytail hair

Gorgeous curly hair at Met Gala 2018

At Met Gala 2018, SZA took all others by surprise with her amazing hairstyle. She really looked like a Goddess who stepped up and made all other people become faded. She still had her favorite deep curly black hair. However, she combined it with creative curly bangs and impressive braided hair strands in front so as to make her black hair look more outstanding.

Dressing on an impressive costumes and wearing an attractive halo on head, her appearance at the event became more gorgeous than ever. Of course, her long curly black hair got the most attention.

SZA at Met Gala 2018


It is not difficult to recognize that SZA often applies hair products to have curly hair with the most beautiful figure and the most impressive length size. SZA hair extensions are mainly hair weave or clip in hair extensions. They are good- looking and easy to use. Visiting Luxshinehair shop if you also have these demands of hair. With the strength of having hair factory in Vietnam, we provide countless types for you to choose from.

We hope that you will feel satisfied with these above suggestions of SZA hair. If you need something new for your appearance, let’s try changing hairstyles like the way SZA did. No matter which skin tone you have or which style you choose, you always look the most beautiful when you are proud of yourself.

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