Surprising Reasons Why You Have Greasy Hair

Is there anything more terrible than greasy hair happening right after a sleep or a hair wash? Starting your new day with such bad hair will definitely lose your mood.

So, if you hate oily hair or greasy hair, or want to find out more about the reasons as well as the solutions to get rid of it, then here are several important things about greasy hair Luxshinehair want to share with you.

What Is Greasy Hair

What Is Greasy Hair?

Regarding its meaning, the term “greasy”, also known as “oily”, refers to amount of natural oil that is produced and visible on the hair. Even though it is good to your hair to have these protective oils, they cause a bad look considering as week-off-wash hairstyle. The oils themselves are sticky so that they weigh your hair down, make it flattened and create dirty tress.

Greasy hair is a very popular problem that can happen to every girl. Especially, those with oily skin tend to get it seriously even when they have just shampooed their hair.

What Are Effects Of Greasy Hair?

Effects of Greasy Hair 2

What does greasy hair look like? We guess that you have ever got greasy hair many times in your life, haven’t you? You will never forget the uncomfortable feeling it causes. How terrible it is! Your hair looks limp, smells funky and you find it blowing awfully in the wind. Many people must say that “I personally can’t bear oily hair, especially when it blows in the wind and gets stuck to my face”. Absolutely, you cannot be self-confident with this hair trouble when going out.

In addition, greasy hair is also a sign of underneath health problems that you can’t miss. When the greasy hair gets out of control, it is time for you to meet a doctor for checking out.

What Causes Greasy Hair And How To Solve It?

To be honest, greasy hair is super annoying and extremely uncomfortable. But it occurs for several surprising reasons that you might never think about. So why does hair get greasy? Now, we will discover right away! Below are some popular things you often do every day but in fact they are the main causes and some methods of how to get rid of greasy hair.

1. Wash Your Hair Too Much

Maybe you thought that washing your hair everyday will help to remove grease. But, it is totally counterproductive when making the greasy situation of hair more serious. It is explained that daily shampooing can take away natural oils on your scalp. Then, more oils are produced in a bid to replace them. The more washing you make, the more grease your scalp produces.

“How many times I should wash my hair a week?” might be a hard question of many people who are facing the greasy problem of hair. It is better to reduce shampooing your hair every two days or sometimes 2-3 times per week.

Wash your hair too much

2. Use Too Hot Water For Washing

Doctors say that if you use too hot water to wash your hair, it can make scalp skin dry and cause overproduction of oil to restore. Hence, it is better to use medium-warm water during showering instead of increasing the heat. It is advised that your final rinse should be carried out with cold water since it helps your cuticles close naturally, which prevents the breakage and dehydration.

3. Condition Your Hair Incorrectly

As we know, conditioning is a way to keep your hair healthy and moisturized. However, if you have oily hair, it is unnecessary to condition your hair too much, according to Danusia Wnek, GH Beauty Lab chemist. In addition, avoid the thick conditioners because they, in fact, weigh your hair down and lose its natural beauty. Thus, be cautious with conditioner!

As a matter of fact, the scalp can produce natural oils by itself. For this reason, you don’t need to add any conditioner to your roots. It is advised to just focus conditioner on the ends and the lower half of strands. More importantly, always wash it out thoroughly and properly.

4. Brush Your Hair Too Often

Brushing hair is a daily habit of everyone. But making this action too much per day can cause greasy hair. Actually, over-brushing contributes to stimulate oil production. So, it is said that you should cut down on your hair brushing. At the same time, you should not touch your hair with your hands. The hands themselves carry dirt, bacteria, etc. which makes greasy hair go worse. After finishing your styling, just leave your hair alone. Give up this go-to-nervous habit!

Brush your hair too much

5. Constantly Wear A Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles are one of the most beloved hairdos of many girls because it looks cool and keeps their hair neat. However, you might not know that this hairdo that requires less maintenance can make your hair greasier at the roots. As Zeichne, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, said that oil and dirt accumulation on the scalp can be caused by tying hair back in a ponytail. At that time, your scalp seems not be “breathing” and simultaneously oil also can’t spread through other areas, especially the hair shaft. That is the reason why your roots become greasy than others. In brief, you ought not to wear a ponytail too often, let your hair down as much as possible to stop accumulation of oils and dirt.

Constantly wear a ponytail

6. Use The Wrong Products

It is the fact that everyone has different types of hair that need a different balance of ingredients. Therefore, you have to choose the products really compatible with your hair type.  Using the wrong hair care or styling products can stimulate the buildup of product at the roots, causing greasy hair. Always choose good shampoo for greasy hair as well as other products.

How to choose correct products? It is recommended that you should purchase styling products which have lightweight formulas and absorb thoroughly into the hair strands. If your hair is oily, remember to avoid ones that are advertised to shine and moisture hair because they are only suitable to dry and dull hair types. Besides, a clarifying shampoo can also be used once per week because it will help to gently remove any product buildup as well as pollution buildup from your hair. In a nutshell, you have to put much attention when choosing products to avoid choosing wrong ones that can cause unwanted damages to your hair including greasy hair.

You can also read other best shampoos without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS) at here.

Best shampoos for greasy hair


Luxshinehair has shown you surprising causes of greasy hair or oily hair as well as a few of helpful solutions to deal with this problem. Now, do you have any questions about greasy hair problem, contact us to get the best advice.

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